[network-manager-openvpn] Created tag 0.9-rc3

The signed tag '0.9-rc3' was created.

Tagger: Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com>
Date: Thu Jul 7 10:57:07 2011 -0500

    Tag 0.9-rc3

Changes since the last tag '0.9-rc2':

Antonio Fernandes C. Neto (1):
      Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation

Dan Williams (2):
      auth-dialog: ensure saved secrets are passed back to NM
      release: bump version to 0.8.9997 (0.9-rc3)

Daniel Mustieles (1):
      Updated Spanish translation

JiÅÃ KlimeÅ (1):
      auth-dialog: use gtk_box_new() instead of gtk_(h/v)box_new()

Mario BlÃttermann (1):
      [l10n] Updated German translation

Matej UrbanÄiÄ (1):
      Updated Slovenian translation

Michael Kotsarinis (1):
      l10n: Updated Greek translation for network-manager-openvpn

Olivier Lambert (1):
      core: add RSA-MD4 HMAC digest algorithm

Piotr DrÄg (1):
      Updated Polish translation

Yuri Kozlov (1):
      Updated Russian translation

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