[clutter/msvc-support] (15 commits) ...Merge branch 'master' into msvc-support

Summary of changes:

  8e38051... build: check COGL_HAS_GLES2 to check for gles2 support (*)
  5ab10e0... glx-tfp: Don't include glx.h (*)
  d65161a... build: fix Makefile.am to build glx tfp code on x11 platfor (*)
  e9a42f2... Deprecate mallum's add() macros for Group and Stage (*)
  037138d... clutter-text: Always update cursor positions when painting (*)
  2544e87... clutter-media: mention the asynchronous behavior of set_pla (*)
  87f35a3... build: Fix the path to the tslib event source (*)
  29dc9bd... po: Fix the location of a translatable file (*)
  fa1350b... po: Fix the name of the translatable file (*)
  aa05b66... tests: Add performance tracking framework (*)
  c1e113c... build: Clean up the cally test Makefile.am (*)
  2fc8fa8... build: Fix up the tarball target used when releasing (*)
  79f21a9... Release Clutter 1.7.4 (snapshot) (*)
  805d27f... Post-release version bump to 1.7.5 (*)
  18e7154... Merge branch 'master' into msvc-support

(*) This commit already existed in another branch; no separate mail sent

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