[libsoup] Created tag LIBSOUP_2_35_3

The unsigned tag 'LIBSOUP_2_35_3' was created.

Tagger: Dan Winship <danw gnome org>
Date: Mon Jul 4 21:46:46 2011 -0400


Changes since the last tag 'LIBSOUP_2_34_1':

Dan Winship (7):
      Post-branch version bump to 2.35.0
      Fix docs build for pickier linkers
      docs: fix typo in client-howto
      SoupContentDecoder: deal with broken apache Content-Encoding
      COPYING: update to a version with the correct mailing address
      Revert "soup-message-io: clear connection from queue items when IDLE status is set"

Jens Georg (1):
      soup-message-io.c: Fix integer overflow on 32bit

Milan Crha (1):
      Fix few memory leaks

Sergio Villar Senin (11):
      soup-session.c: always send the "Keep-Alive" header
      soup-cache: do not store hop-by-hop headers.
      soup-message-io: clear connection from queue items when IDLE status is set
      soup-cache: update state of SoupMessages when returning data from the cache
      soup-cache: fix several leaks.
      soup-cache: removed a g_debug statement
      soup-session.c: reference leak in soup_session_prepare_for_uri
      soup-cache: Add versioning support to SoupCache
      soup-cache: keep track of the HTTP status code to use it for cache responses
      soup-cache.c: Replaced the type of some SoupCacheEntry fields.
      soup-cache: fix a use after free

Xan Lopez (2):
      soup-cache: free params hash list
      soup-request-file: plug leak

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