[clutter] Created tag 1.7.4

The signed tag '1.7.4' was created.

Tagger: Emmanuele Bassi <ebassi linux intel com>
Date: Mon Jul 4 22:23:30 2011 +0100

    Clutter 1.7.4 (snapshot)

Changes since the last tag '1.7.2':

Colin Walters (1):
      ClutterModifierType: Port fix from GDK to clutter's GDK copy

Daniel Mustieles (1):
      Updated Spanish translation

Emmanuele Bassi (42):
      Post-release version bump to 1.7.3
      docs: Add symbols index for 1.8
      glx: Remove unused Atom members from ClutterBackendGLX
      build: Disable deprecated symbols during development cycles
      glx: Ignore ensuring context on NULL stages
      backend: Do not call ensure_context() with NULL stage
      stage: Ignore do_update() on unrealized stages
      Do not include clutter-egl.h unconditionally
      Update the location of the cex100 header in the ignore file
      build: Replace AC_HELP_STRING with AS_HELP_STRING
      Remove usage of clutter_group_add()
      tests/cally: Remove last uses of clutter_group_add()
      Remove an unused variable
      keysyms: Update the key symbols
      stage: Make per-actor motion event delivery accessors public
      stage: Maintain the motion event delivery invariants
      build: Update the API reference build
      build: Use tar-ustar and dist-xz to dist tarballs
      docs: Fix up the API reference
      stage: Allow tracking dragged actors
      drag-action: Use the dragged actor private API
      drag-action: Remove the drag handle on destruction
      Add ClutterDropAction
      docs: Document ClutterDropAction
      Fix the deprecation guard for ClutterGLXTexturePixmap
      build: Build the GLX symbols
      docs: Fix duplicate symbol in the sections list
      docs: Add the Deprecate tag to Behaviours
      docs: Add the (now deprecated) GLX texture-pixmap
      docs: Fix up labels in the constraint example image
      docs: Fix deprecation notice for ClutterBehaviour
      docs: Fix the GLX section
      docs: Remove the in-tree cogl fixxref option
      build: Create and install clutter-glx pkg-config file
      Bump up the Cogl dependency
      Deprecate mallum's add() macros for Group and Stage
      build: Fix the path to the tslib event source
      po: Fix the location of a translatable file
      po: Fix the name of the translatable file
      build: Clean up the cally test Makefile.am
      build: Fix up the tarball target used when releasing
      Release Clutter 1.7.4 (snapshot)

Jasper St. Pierre (1):
      clutter-text: Always update cursor positions when painting

Neil Roberts (4):
      clutter-stage: Don't override the user's perspective matrix
      clutter-actor: Add a debug flag for disabling offscreen redirect
      actor: Don't use propagated_one_redraw to determine effect dirty state
      doc/RELEASING: Fix the check for diffs from origin/master

Peter Ward (3):
      Support multiple pointers in ClutterDragAction.
      Annotate ClutterTexture::load-finished with the correct type for error.
      Arrays in parameters were not correctly annotated.

Robert Bragg (25):
      egl: fix args to cogl_onscreen_x11_set_foreign_window_xid
      unify egl and glx backends as "cogl" backend
      build: Adds missing clutter-egl-headers.h
      build: Adds missing clutter-glx.h
      backend-cogl: fix s/egl/cogl/ naming left-over
      make some parts of the stage-window interface optional
      clutter-stage: Allow a wider range of visible z values
      paint-volumes: remove alignment constraint for completion
      paint-volumes: avoid trashing is_static state
      paint-volumes: remove alignment constraint for _set_origin
      paint-volumes: fix unioning with empty volumes
      paint-volumes: avoid is_complete assert in _axis_align
      paint-volumes: remove is_axis_aligned assert for _union
      debug: avoid visualization code during picking
      debug: disable culling with CLUTTER_PAINT=paint-volumes
      debug: Use cogl_primitive api for paint-volume visualization
      group: Handle list modification while destroying children
      actor: review use of _apply_modelview_transform_recursive
      actor: documents _get/apply_relative_transform_matrix
      win32: use typesafe cogl_win32_renderer_handle_event
      backend-cogl: update in line with Cogl API change
      paint-volume: remove more is_axis_aligned assertions
      build: check COGL_HAS_GLES2 to check for gles2 support
      glx-tfp: Don't include glx.h
      build: fix Makefile.am to build glx tfp code on x11 platforms

Samuel Degrande (1):
      clutter-media: mention the asynchronous behavior of set_playing() in the doc.

Ãyvind KolÃs (1):
      tests: Add performance tracking framework

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