[gnome-contacts] Created tag 0.1.1

The signed tag '0.1.1' was created.

Tagger: Alexander Larsson <alexl redhat com>
Date: Fri Jul 1 15:30:46 2011 +0200

    Release 0.1.1

Changes since the last tag '0.1.0':

Alexander Larsson (81):
      Update to latest vala types
      Unowned makes no sense for pointer types
      Always clear old widgets when contact changes
      Fix up im type name
      Track phone status on im presence
      Automatically filter out pure keyfile personas
      Don't show the user as a contact
      Filter out link local xmpp contacts
      Sync entry text with gnome-shell overview search
      Fix size of contacts frame
      Add colors to presence widgets
      Remove Alias from details
      Don't immediately search, wait 300msec first
      Add clear icon for the entry
      Show notification when copying address to clipboard
      Move tracking of presence to Contact
      Change autoconf req to 2.67
      Require valac 0.13
      Fix display of "empty" postal addresses
      Initial work at edit mode
      Revert accidental commit of test code
      Make sure we create the desktop file in configure
      Show persona display name on image when editing
      Clean up edit display code
      Extract field type sets into its own file
      TypeSet: Break out data lookup from display name generation
      Initial work on TypeCombo widget
      Remove unused code
      New field sort order (not yet done)
      Display more of the edit ui
      Reindent contacts store code
      Add all custom labels seen to the TypeSet
      Add helper to get first item in a container
      clean up typeset handling
      Reuse the generic InitData
      Move TypeCombo to end of source file
      Initial cut at editing emails and phone nrs
      Implement type editing
      Fix up issues with OTHER and custom types
      Make the TypeCombo expand properl
      Document the entry sizeing
      Slightly better list pane sizing, still not as per mockup though
      Better sizeing of window
      Less wide index column
      Ellipsize more contacts details
      Make full name larger
      Add row separation to list pane
      Fix up layout of image frame in panel
      Fix up contact button rendering
      Fix up framing of contacts in listview
      Show fallback avatar in contact pane too
      Make edit image button nicer and have fallback avatar
      Fix up colors of entry images
      Put the avatar frames in grids so that the frame doesn't expand
      Make add button wider
      Implement a new cell renderer to use for the listview
      Nicer im presence in the list pane
      Display (via phone) darker when selected
      Remove placeholder text from search entry
      Add presence colors to im buttons
      Properly remove style classes when presence state changes
      Initial setup for nicer link text for known uris
      Move the aggregator into the contacts store
      Move store to app and pass down to list and contact panes
      Save the store in the Contact
      Initial cut at saving the notes
      Implement remove for contacts details
      Support editing urls
      Make not yet working remove buttons insensitive
      Add Utils.add_menu_item
      Add Utils.grid_insert_row_after
      Support saving and loading state in a layout object
      Support adding details
      Fix some unhandled exception warnings
      Add static member for the global app instance
      Initial cut at new contact
      Initial cut at name editing
      Grab focus on the name entry when creating a new user
      update POTFILES.*
      Update NEWS for release
      Bump version to 0.1.1

Andika Triwidada (1):
      Added Indonesian translation

Aron Xu (1):
      Add Simplified Chinese translation.

Aurimas Äernius (1):
      Added Lithuanian translation.

Daniel Mustieles (2):
      Added Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation

Daniel Nylander (3):
      Updated Swedish translation
      Updated Swedish translation
      Updated Swedish translation

Fran DiÃguez (1):
      Added galician translations

Kjartan Maraas (3):
      Add Norwegian bokmÃl translation
      Add nb
      Updated Norwegian bokmÃl translation

Kristjan SCHMIDT (1):
      Add Esperanto translation

Mario BlÃttermann (1):
      [l10n] Added German translation

Matej UrbanÄiÄ (3):
      Added Slovenian translation
      Added sl for Slovenian translation
      Updated Slovenian translation

Matthias Clasen (1):
      Add an desktop file

Muhammet Kara (2):
      Added Turkish translation
      Updated Turkish translation file header

Philip Withnall (1):
      Minor translatable string fixes

Travis Reitter (2):
      Don't assume Tpf.Personas always contain a TpContact.
      Don't crash if a contact has no client types.

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