[cogl] ext-functions: Don't assume GLchar typedef

commit b2964b6910fe053fa5e4e22aee886c0a800f5e16
Author: Robert Bragg <robert linux intel com>
Date:   Thu Aug 4 14:32:23 2011 +0100

    ext-functions: Don't assume GLchar typedef
    We shouldn't assume the GLchar is a valid typedef with all GL headers
    when declaring all the symbols in cogl-ext-functions.h to lookup. GLchar
    may not be avilable with gles1 for example so we were seeing build
    failures. The patch simply replaces occurrences of GLchar with char.
    Reviewed-by: Neil Roberts <neil linux intel com>

 cogl/cogl-ext-functions.h |   10 +++++-----
 1 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)
diff --git a/cogl/cogl-ext-functions.h b/cogl/cogl-ext-functions.h
index 54b6938..47d5192 100644
--- a/cogl/cogl-ext-functions.h
+++ b/cogl/cogl-ext-functions.h
@@ -381,7 +381,7 @@ COGL_EXT_FUNCTION (GLuint, glCreateShader,
 COGL_EXT_FUNCTION (void, glShaderSource,
                    (GLuint                shader,
                     GLsizei               count,
-                    const GLchar        **string,
+                    const char          **string,
                     const GLint          *length))
 COGL_EXT_FUNCTION (void, glCompileShader,
                    (GLuint                shader))
@@ -396,14 +396,14 @@ COGL_EXT_FUNCTION (void, glUseProgram,
                    (GLuint                program))
 COGL_EXT_FUNCTION (GLint, glGetUniformLocation,
                    (GLuint                program,
-                    const GLchar         *name))
+                    const char           *name))
 COGL_EXT_FUNCTION (void, glDeleteProgram,
                    (GLuint                program))
 COGL_EXT_FUNCTION (void, glGetShaderInfoLog,
                    (GLuint                shader,
                     GLsizei               maxLength,
                     GLsizei              *length,
-                    GLchar               *infoLog))
+                    char                 *infoLog))
 COGL_EXT_FUNCTION (void, glGetShaderiv,
                    (GLuint                shader,
                     GLenum                pname,
@@ -514,13 +514,13 @@ COGL_EXT_FUNCTION (void, glGetProgramInfoLog,
                    (GLuint                program,
                     GLsizei               bufSize,
                     GLsizei              *length,
-                    GLchar               *infoLog))
+                    char                 *infoLog))
 COGL_EXT_FUNCTION (void, glVertexAttrib4f,
                    (GLuint index, GLfloat x, GLfloat y, GLfloat z, GLfloat w))
 COGL_EXT_FUNCTION (GLint, glGetAttribLocation,
-                   (GLuint program, const GLchar *name))
+                   (GLuint program, const char *name))

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