[glibmm] Created tag 2.27.1

The unsigned tag '2.27.1' was created.

Tagger: Murray Cumming <murrayc murrayc com>
Date: Tue Oct 26 09:35:49 2010 +0200


Changes since the last tag '2.25.4':

Armin Burgmeier (1):
      Add MSVC 2010 project files and 64 bit support to MSVC projects

José Alburquerque (17):
      giomm: DBus: Add watch/unwatch_name().
      giomm: DBus: watch_name(): Add DBusConnection implementation.
      giomm: Add initial DBusProxy implementation.
      giomm: DBusProxy: Add constructors and create methods.
      giomm: Add D-Bus Introspection Data classes.
      giomm: DBusProxy: Correct the use of DBusInterfaceInfo class.
      giomm: DBus Introspection Data Classes: Add const methods.
      giomm: DBus: Wrap D-Bus Utilities and GDBusError C functions.
      giomm: Add various unwrapped methods.
      giomm: DBusServer: Corrected parameter order of constructor.
      giomm: DBusConnection: Wrap async constructors and create methods.
      Correct the ChangeLog entry of the last commit.
      glibmm: ustring: Restore last block removed by #ifdef removal script.
      AsyncInitable: Add create_finish() wrapping an unwrapped function.
      DBusProxy: Wrap properites and signals.
      Variant: Remove floating reference on creation.
      DBusProxy: Wrap call(), call_finish() and call_sync() methods.

Murray Cumming (20):
      giomm: Added Proxy, ProxyAddress and ProxyResolver.
      giomm: Added remaining Proxy and ProxyResolver methods.
      gmmproc: Fix the annoying warnings about documentation.
      Variant: Added some methods.
      VariantBase: Added a byte/guchar specialization.
      Added VariantIter.
      Add VariantIter include to glibmm.h.
      DBusMessage: Added methods.
      Added VariantIter source files that I forget to git add before.
      giomm: Added some DBusMessage and NetworkAddress methods.
      DBusConnection: Fix some (useful) compilation warnings.
      Settings: Comment out get_destroyed() to avoid a linker error.
      Marked the branch.
      2.25.5 changes from glibmm-2-26 branch.
      Depend on glib 2.27.0, because we need GApplication.
      Added missing file, on advice from Armin
      Almost ready for 2.27.0 release
      Fix the build with the latest glib API.
      Added get_system_data_dirs() and get_system_config_dirs().

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