[folks] Created tag FOLKS_0_2_1

The unsigned tag 'FOLKS_0_2_1' was created.

Tagger: Travis Reitter <travis reitter collabora co uk>
Date: Mon Oct 25 15:13:26 2010 -0700

    Tag version 0.2.1

Changes since the last tag 'FOLKS_0_2_0':

Philip Withnall (4):
      Post-release version bump
      Fix @since line for IMable.normalise_im_address()
      Retrospectively update NEWS file
      Ensure Individuals are added before they're removed

Travis Reitter (6):
      Fetch TpContact avatar information upon creation.
      Don't assume Personas all have a corresponding Individual in the link map.
      Ensure Individuals replaced due to re-linking emit removed().
      Use a dummy relationships file for Tp tests.
      Distribute the dummy relationships file to fix distcheck.
      Release version 0.2.1

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