[gtk+] Created tag 2.91.2

The unsigned tag '2.91.2' was created.

Tagger: Matthias Clasen <mclasen redhat com>
Date: Mon Oct 25 18:23:43 2010 -0400

    GTK+ 2.91.2

Changes since the last tag '2.91.1':

=Christian Persch (1):
      Use g_ascii_strto[u]ll instead of strto[u]l

Alberto Garcia (1):
      Assign all g_signal_connect() and friends to gulong variables

Benjamin Otte (12):
      widget: Remove special case in gtk_widget_queue_draw_area()
      x11: Set GDK_PIXBUF_ENABLE_BACKEND before including files
      notebook: Hi, I can't get my function prototypes right
      selection: Hi, I can't get my code right
      print: Make things compile again
      cups: Add hack to work around gcc warning
      gtk: Add gtk_widget_queue_draw_region()
      socket: Fix compiler issues
      progressbar: Remove declaration of nonexisting function
      entry: No, you can not haz ununused variables
      configure: Enable silent rules by default
      container: Fix typo that caused madness

Carlos Garnacho (9):
      Add GdkRGBA struct to supersede GdkColor
      GdkWindow: Add gdk_window_set_background_rgba()
      GtkCellView: Add gtk_cell_view_set_background_rgba()
      Make gtk_icon_info_load_symbolic() Take GdkRGBA colors.
      GtkColorSelection: Add API to deal with GdkRGBA.
      GtkColorButton: Add API to deal with GdkRGBA.
      GtkCellRenderer: Add ::cell-background-rgba property
      GtkCellRendererText: Add [foreground|background]-rgba properties
      GtkBuilder: Prepare for parsing GdkRGBA types.

Christian Dywan (5):
      Add gtk_combo_box_{get,set}_popup_fixed_width to gtk.symbols
      Don't use old GtkComboBoxEntry in gail
      Use new GtkComboBoxEntry in all tests
      comboboxtext: Add gtk_combo_box_text_remove_all()
      Don't declare various unused variables in gtk_grid_set_orientation

Christian Persch (2):
      Add gtk_recent_info_get_gicon()
      recent-chooser: Use gtk_recent_info_get_gicon()

Colin Walters (1):
      introspection: Filter out all headers ending in "private"

Emmanuele Bassi (8):
      settings: Move setting property registration in gtksettings.c
      build: Do not install gtkprivate.h
      Split off gtkprivate.h
      Re-add copyright notice
      recent-manager: Move the file under XDG_USER_DATA
      recent-manager: Add RecentInfo.create_app_info()
      recent-manager: Fix the documentation
      recent-manager: Coalesce multiple changes

Fran Diéguez (1):
      Updated Galician translations

Ignacio Casal Quinteiro (1):
      Fix typo.

Javier Jardón (17):
      docs: Remove template about deprecated GtkItemFactory
      configure.ac: Update Glib required version to 2.27.1
      docs: Update templates
      Completely remove gtk_widget_hide_all
      gtkapplication: fix docs
      gtk.symbols: Add missing GtkApplication api
      docs: Add gtk-doc notation
      GtkExpander: avoid use of gtk_get_event_widget()
      gtktreestore: Move documentation to inline comments
      gtktreeviewcolumn: Move documentation to inline comments
      gtktreesortable: Move documentation to inline comments
      gtktreeselection: Move documentation to inline comments
      gtktreemodelfilter: Move documentation to inline comments
      gtkscrollbar: Move documentation to inline comments
      gtkadjustment: Move documentation to inline comments
      docs: Some fixes in GtkComboboxText notations
      docs: GtkComboBoxText: more fixes

Jorge González (4):
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation

Khaled Hosny (1):
      Updated Arabic translation

Kjartan Maraas (1):
      Updated Norwegian bokmål translation

Kristian Rietveld (7):
      Use cairo_surface_destroy instead of g_object_unref
      Fix typo in docs
      Implement gtk_drag_set_icon_surface in gtkdnd-quartz
      Icon view must layout before the draw handler is called
      dnd-quartz: take hot spot into account when setting up drag
      dnd-quartz: get hot spot from device offset for surface and use this
      Make gdk_pixbuf_get_from_surface() accept negative src_x,y coordinates

Matthias Clasen (39):
      Bump version to 2.91.2
      Fix some GtkComboBoxText problems
      Fix some GtkComboBoxText problems
      Don't add a second cell renderer
      Remove the outdated faq
      Add padding to class structs
      Remove gtk_widget_hide_all()
      Remove GtkComboBoxEntry and the combo box text api
      Properly propagate expand flags
      Make GtkProgressBar a no-window widget
      Make GtkSpinButton a no-window widget
      Make GtkEntry a no-window widget
      Fix a typo
      Make the docs build
      Add GtkGrid
      Remove child flipping from GtkGrid
      Discourage use of GtkMisc and GtkAlignment
      Move min-display-width/height to GtkScrolledWindow
      Remove GtkScrollablePolicy again
      Remove some warnings
      Point to GtkGrid from the GtkBox and GtkTable docs
      Add a way to associate numeric ids with combobox values
      NEWS for 2.91.2
      Fix distcheck
      Revert the id-column patch
      Fix doc build
      Some GtkApplication cleanups
      Add a unique->GtkApplication migration guide
      Fix up docs
      Fill out the bug section
      Bring back lost functionality
      GtkCalendar: turn into a no-window widget
      Support resetting cell renderer colors with NULL again
      Add some GdkRGBA tests
      Add tests for GdkRGBA serialization
      Add new GdkRGBA api to symbol list
      Add new GdkRGBA apis to gtk.symbols
      More updates
      Include gdkrgba.h

Michael Natterer (11):
      gdk: change signature of gdk_device_get_history() back to what it used to be
      tests: gdk_device_get_history() takes "gint *n_events" again, not guint
      gtk: clean up GtkWidget signals
      gdk: add alpha to the offscreen window's surface if its visual is RGBA
      gtk: change GtkIconView to "support" actual trees
      gtk: add gtk_entry_get_text_area() and gtk_entry_get_icon_area()
      gtk: return 0 not NULL from functions returning gint
      gtk: fix tool palette scroll adjustment setting
      gtk: use the new scrollable API to get scroll adjustments
      gtk: use the new scrollable API to get to the scroll adjustments
      gtk: undef DISABLE_DEPRECATED around including our own header

Richard Hughes (3):
      Do not install the hello-world and window-default example programs
      Fix make dist now that gtkcomboboxentry does not exist
      Fix make distcheck as gtkcomboboxentry does not exist anymore

Ryan Lortie (5):
      Gdk X11: Add setter for startup notify ID
      GtkApplication rewrite
      GtkApplication: add gtk_application_get_windows()
      GtkIMContextSimple: avoid gdk_window_get_user_data
      GtkButton: avoid use of gtk_get_event_widget()

Tadej Borovšak (1):
      Add GtkScrollable interface

Takayuki KUSANO (1):
      Updated Japanese translation

Tristan Van Berkom (5):
      Allow GtkComboBox popup to be wider than the combo itself.
      Enhanced GtkWidget documentation with regards to height-for-width geometry management.
      Fixed problems with combination of height-for-width apis and     alignment/margin vfuncs adjust_size_request/allocation
      Fixed push/pop_recursion_check() to not fire warnings for expected code.
      Fixed fallout from GtkScrollable patches.

Yaron Shahrabani (1):
      Updated Hebrew translation.

krishnababu k (1):
      Updated Telugu Translations

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