[gnome-games] sudoku: Remove unused translatable tooltip strings (Bug #628161)

commit 3a7bdcdb2de40045e4b813d8de278dd9c9305c61
Author: Robert Ancell <robert ancell canonical com>
Date:   Fri Oct 22 16:33:20 2010 +1100

    sudoku: Remove unused translatable tooltip strings (Bug #628161)

 gnome-sudoku/src/lib/main.py |   14 +++++++-------
 1 files changed, 7 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)
diff --git a/gnome-sudoku/src/lib/main.py b/gnome-sudoku/src/lib/main.py
index c6fc586..e81321a 100644
--- a/gnome-sudoku/src/lib/main.py
+++ b/gnome-sudoku/src/lib/main.py
@@ -231,26 +231,26 @@ class UI (gconf_wrapper.GConfWrapper):
             ('Game', None, _('_Game')),
             ('New', gtk.STOCK_NEW, None, '<Control>n', _('New game'), self.new_cb),
             ('Reset', gtk.STOCK_CLEAR, _('_Reset'), '<Control>b',
-             _("Reset current grid(do-over)"), self.game_reset_cb),
+             None, self.game_reset_cb),
             ('Undo', gtk.STOCK_UNDO, _('_Undo'), '<Control>z',
              _('Undo last action'), self.stop_dancer),
             ('Redo', gtk.STOCK_REDO, _('_Redo'), '<Shift><Control>z',
              _('Redo last action')),
             ('PuzzleInfo', gtk.STOCK_ABOUT, _('Puzzle _Statistics...'), None,
-             _('Show statistics about current puzzle'), self.show_info_cb),
-            ('Print', gtk.STOCK_PRINT, _('_Print...'), '<Control>p', _('Print current game'), self.print_game),
+             None, self.show_info_cb),
+            ('Print', gtk.STOCK_PRINT, _('_Print...'), '<Control>p', None, self.print_game),
             ('PrintMany', gtk.STOCK_PRINT, _('Print _Multiple Sudokus...'), None,
-             _('Print more than one sudoku at a time.'), self.print_multiple_games),
-            ('Close', gtk.STOCK_CLOSE, None, '<Control>w', _('Close Sudoku'), self.quit_cb),
+             None, self.print_multiple_games),
+            ('Close', gtk.STOCK_CLOSE, None, '<Control>w', None, self.quit_cb),
             ('Settings', None, _('_Settings')),
             ('FullScreen', gtk.STOCK_FULLSCREEN, None, 'F11', None, self.full_screen_cb),
             ('Tools', None, _('_Tools')),
             ('ShowPossible', gtk.STOCK_DIALOG_INFO, _('_Hint'), '<Control>h',
              _('Show a square that is easy to fill.'), self.show_hint_cb),
             ('ClearTopNotes', None, _('Clear _Top Notes'), '<Control>j',
-             _("Clear all of the top notes"), self.clear_top_notes_cb),
+             None, self.clear_top_notes_cb),
             ('ClearBottomNotes', None, _('Clear _Bottom Notes'), '<Control>k',
-             _("Clear all of the bottom notes"), self.clear_bottom_notes_cb),
+             None, self.clear_bottom_notes_cb),
             ('Help', None, _('_Help'), None, None, None),
             ('ShowHelp', gtk.STOCK_HELP, _('_Contents'), 'F1', None, self.show_help),
             ('About', gtk.STOCK_ABOUT, None, None, None, self.show_about),

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