[tracker] (14 commits) Created branch miner-fs-refactor-multi-insert

The branch 'miner-fs-refactor-multi-insert' was created.

Summary of new commits:

  c2745c2... libtracker-miner: New processing pool out of the TrackerMin
  117f2e8... libtracker-miner: Integrate the new processing pool
  e84dd97... libtracker-miner: documented how the processing pool works
  1ee4644... libtracker-miner: Fix queue looping in processing pool
  e60323c... libtracker-miner: Fix deallocation of tasks when stopping t
  0179a7c... libtracker-miner: When QUEUE_WAIT, force a processing pool 
  a462409... tracker-miner-fs: Max 10 files extracting, and 100 files pr
  6f96d08... libtracker-miner: Split internal PROCESS queue into two: RE
  1772f43... libtracker-miner: simplify array creation as we know the si
  ce0984b... libtracker-miner: Use tracker prefix in the processing pool
  ebc9461... libtracker-miner: set processing pool logs as traces enable
  8931932... libtracker-miner: Try to avoid some unneeded heap allocatio
  a0590b3... libtracker-miner: fix task status enumeration so that first
  e239407... libtracker-miner: Minor coding style change

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