[libnotify] Created tag 0.7.0

The unsigned tag '0.7.0' was created.

Tagger: William Jon McCann <jmccann redhat com>
Date: Sat Oct 16 22:11:49 2010 -0400

    Tagged for release

Changes since the last tag '0.6.0':

Christian Persch (1):
      Port to gdbus

William Jon McCann (14):
      Add a test for the persistence server capability
      Remove the ability to attach to a status icon
      Remove the ability to attach notifications to widgets or positions
      Add a macro for determining the version of the library
      Don't need to fuss with gtk symbols since we don't use gtk at all anymore
      Port to gtk3 for the tests
      Use notify-features.h instead of features.h
      Replace missing AC_SUBST to fix .pc file
      Oops forgot to post release version bump
      Use a less hacky way to get a stock pixbuf
      use the non-deprecated api in the test
      Remove silly old dbus version comments in the docs
      Bump version and .so number
      Add news

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