[folks] Created tag FOLKS_0_3_1

The unsigned tag 'FOLKS_0_3_1' was created.

Tagger: Travis Reitter <travis reitter collabora co uk>
Date: Fri Oct 15 14:17:35 2010 -0700

    Tag release 0.3.1

Changes since the last tag 'FOLKS_0_3_0':

Jonny Lamb (2):
      configure: depend on new tp-glib
      tpf-persona-store: add the client types feature to all new TpContacts

Travis Reitter (33):
      Post-release version bump.
      Bump telepathy-glib requirement to ensure proper g-i.
      Include the contact ID in the TestContactDetails for the Tp test library.
      Make the TpTest CM emit alias and presence updates.
      Expose the TpTestContactListConnection's manager.
      Add a test for Tpf.Persona alias changing (through the Tp backend itself)
      Simplify the tests Makefile.
      React to alias changes coming from Telepathy. Fixes bgo#630431.
      Relocate Folks.TestCase as a separate library
      Fix the CLEANFILES for the Tp tests.
      Update NEWS for bug fix.
      Simplify the Tp test Makefile further.
      Clarify that the TpContacts have specific features, not necessarily values.
      Don't assume Personas all have a corresponding Individual in the link map.
      Fix the organization of the new section in NEWS
      Expose the publish and subscribe group flags in the test CM.
      Add the MaybeBool type.
      Add the PersonaStore:can-add-personas property.
      Add the PersonaStore:can-remove-personas property.
      Add the PersonaStore:can-alias-personas property.
      Add the PersonaStore:can-group-personas property.
      Update the NEWS for the PersonaStore capabilities.
      Rename the contact-retrieval test.
      Rename the contact-properties test.
      Actually include all the LDADD flags for our tests.
      Use a dummy relationships file for Tp tests.
      Set up tests with ENVIRONMENT, not wrapper scripts.
      Alphabetize the test definitions.
      Make Individual implement IMable.
      Make the NEWS file a little more uniform.
      Bump the .so version.
      Distribute the dummy relationships file to fix distcheck.
      Release 0.3.1

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