[epiphany] Created tag 2.30.4

The unsigned tag '2.30.4' was created.

Tagger: Diego Escalante Urrelo <descalante igalia com>
Date: Mon Aug 30 16:27:37 2010 -0500


Changes since the last tag '2.30.3':

Carlos Garcia Campos (1):
      lib/widgets: use cairo_fill() instead of cairo_paint()

Dan Winship (1):
      Install introspection files in our own prefix, not g-i's

Diego Escalante Urrelo (20):
      ephy-embed-single: remove add_sidebar signal
      ephy-find-toolbar: remove useless ephy_find_toolbar_set_selection
      ephy-find-toolbar: simplify find next/prev functions
      ephy-find-toolbar: rename EphyEmbedFindResult to EphyFindResult
      ephy-find-toolbar: remove ephy_find_toolbar_find_again
      ephy-find-toolbar: highlight matches on find_again
      ephy-location-action: don't request EXTRA_COL
      ephy-file-helpers: use g_mkstemp instead of mkstemp
      tests: fix wrong variable name in Makefile
      ephy-embed: clean up confirm_action_from_mime
      ephy-embed: don't create Save As button manually
      ephy-gui: remove ephy_gui_connect_checkbutton_to_gconf
      lib/widgets: use cairo for drawing widgets
      ephy-favicon-cache: remove legacy EPHY_NODE_FAVICON_PROP_CHECKOLD
      ephy-favicon-cache: remove invalid files on get
      ephy-favicon-cache: don't store invalid icon types
      ephy-favicon-cache: remove failed download files
      lib/egg: update scripts
      lib/egg: update to libegg master

Frédéric Péters (1):
      Fixed detected feed URL for relative URIs

Gustavo Noronha Silva (4):
      Allow attaching/detaching the inspector in Epiphany's window
      Only show/hide the inspector window when it is detached
      Bring inspector window to front when the inspector requests a show
      Make the inspector window bigger

Javier Jardón (1):
      Do not access im_context GtkEntry element directly

Jorge Kalmbach (1):
      Defaults to ALL FILES on save_as dialogs

Josselin Mouette (1):
      Set Accept-Language header correctly

Sergio Villar Senin (1):
      Do not consider dots in directory names when looking for the extension of a file name

Xan Lopez (11):
      Update copyright string
      ephy-web-view: remove dom-content-loaded signal
      configure.ac: enable GSEAL in maintainer mode
      ephy-gui: remove unused method
      Use accessor functions when possible
      pdm-dialog: nasty hack to compile with GSEAL enabled
      pdm-dialog: plug leak
      configure.ac: update required GTK+ version
      popup-commands: remove unneeded include
      about.ini: reality check
      downloader-view.c: do not overwrite timeout ID

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