[nautilus-actions] Created tag NAUTILUS_ACTIONS_2_99_4

The signed tag 'NAUTILUS_ACTIONS_2_99_4' was created.

Tagger: Pierre Wieser <pwieser trychlos org>
Date: Mon Aug 23 16:45:45 2010 +0200

    Releasing Nautilus-Actions 2.99.4

Changes since the last tag 'NAUTILUS_ACTIONS_2_99_3':

Andrej ŽnidarÅ¡iÄ? (1):
      Updated Slovenian translation

Bryan Alberto Baron Chinchilla (1):
      Updated Spanish translation

Pierre Wieser (30):
      Bump version number after unstable release
      Fix PDF build
      Only try to split non-null command
      Accepts null or empty input string or output pointers
      Replace GtkLabel vith GtkTextView in import and export assistants
      Cleanup code
      Fix default int value when reading null string
      Path+parameters are splitted whatever be the I/O importer
      Do not warn about malformed .desktop file when importing an URI
      Let a node available for a second reading
      Converts '%d/%f' to '%f'
      Improve pre-v2 to v3 conversions
      Fix typos in sample actions
      Fix mimetypes and folders selection
      Fix basename check when matchcase is false
      Update TODO
      Fix conversion of '%d/%f' to '%f' when there are other parameters
      Do not overexpand the example label
      Fix PDF distribution
      Address each occurrence of selected instead of just the first one
      Revert regression on is_candidate_for_schemes()
      Fix headers for single inclusion
      replace glib-object.h with glib.h inclusion when possible
      Take care of possibly NULL mimetype
      Revert GLib inclusion to glib-object.h
      Include glib-object.h
      Do not try to deal with malformed URIs
      Improve robustness of tokens parsing
      Make the error message translatable
      Update NEWS before unstable release

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