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The unsigned tag 'GNOME_ICON_THEME_SYMBOLIC_2_30_0' was created.

Tagger: Jakub Steiner <jimmac gmail com>
Date: Wed Apr 28 19:04:45 2010 +0200



Bastien Nocera (1):
      Add DOAP file

Hylke Bons (15):
      tweak speaker
      move waves 1px left
      rotate batteries
      signal strength
      sharpen up bluetooth icon
      add transparent waves to volume icons
      Remove crosses. They're too tiny to be visible.
      crosses experiment
      Lock icon.
      Tweak and rename lock to network-encrypted.
      vpn try
      Bunch of new icons for a11y-symbolic

Jakub Steiner (52):
      basic set of OSD icons
      show battery status for when charging as well. Replace plug with a spark.
      some primitive instructions
      go with 16x16 for the base size
      rename stuff & touch up volume icons
      sharper ends on the volume waves
      tweaks to batteries
      clean up the render system
      cut the x into battery. sharpen corners on volume-muted
      rounded button on the battery
      charging icons
      fix up README slightly.
      better shapes for charging, based on hbon's work.
      use lapo's suggestions for the 0 level signal and volume icons.
      critical battery status more of a warning
      camera and microphone (for empathy)
      acquiring IP on wifi
      cellular connction types
      type icons in shapes.
      wired connections
      do some renaming. after some discussion, going to install this where the gnome-icon-theme lives. We need to make sure scalable size has Size=16, rather than the usual 48.
      update naming on the sheet as well
      adding Hylke to the implementors section
      Some info on use for the symbolic stuff
      Unlock the title layer so it doesn't get exported. Re-export everything.
      clean up the metadata in the master source file. Now somebody needs to take the time to re-crop everything again ;)
      Use CCBYSA3. Explain what we consider under attribution.
      add two more states for power management. battery-empty* is to be used only for extended devices or batteries, not the main power.
      fix color cast
      We shouldn't name the icons based on what they depict, but rather what the metaphor represents. Let's avoid the stock_* trap.
      initial universal access icon. Very fuzzy
      improved accessibility icon
      vpn through the 'cloud'
      lock, lock, lock
      cleanup, renders
      sync metaphor with gnome-icon-theme
      cleanup broken path to outline.
      clean up hylke's stuff. make sure the contexts are in separate layers. fix up the weight of the stencils. move the unfinished stuff to gnome-stencils-hbons.svg. render the added stencils.
      new icons by luca
      software-update symbols
      move the howto to the README
      add a paragraph about recoloring
      adjust to what the gtk theme actually uses
      remove duplicate render. probably a moblin leftover
      get rid of the bounding rectangle. addresses bug #616868
      Add color classes to some of the icons. Sadly this means we can't save the plain SVG as it strips out the class attributes. Maybe we want to do a fill color >> class replacement at export time. The plain SVGs are really much tidier and better.
      two more action icons (for totem).
      ease a bit with the colors.
      prepare for a first release

Lapo Calamandrei (23):
      I'm not there, but I'm watching you :-)
      Added waves to audio-volume-muted. Added experiments to test layer.
      Fixed device names, added cellular-acquiring, network-wired-acquiring, tweaked battery-missing, refreshed renderings and rendered missing stuff.
      Better icons name and network-wireless-acquiring tweaks.
      Media action icons added.
      Media action icons added.
      Added myself to AUTHORS.
      Added more network statusses.
      media-playlist-* icons added.
      Refreshed audio-volume-*.svg to reflect latest changes.
      New network status icons using g-i-t metaphores. Tweaks to media-playlist-* icons.
      Security level icons added.
      Correctly rendered media-playlist-shuffle.
      Made audio-volume-muted all 25% alpha, not only the waves.
      Trivial fixes to rendering script. Added window-close.
      Cleaned up the house colorwise (gray to be used #bebebe), window-close added.
      Recreated the svg and fixed slight misalignment issues, snapping works again now.
      Added back the small X's without obscuring the icons, added changes-{allow,prevent}, small fixes here and there, re-rendered the whole batch.
      network-cellular-signal tweaks.
      accessories-text-editor and help-browser added.
      Navigation icons added.
      Colorized some icons.
      Made network-error sign bigger.

William Jon McCann (2):
      Switch to a more standard build system
      Add fancy gitignore framework from Pango

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