[vala] Created tag 0.9.6

The signed tag '0.9.6' was created.

Tagger: Jürg Billeter <j bitron ch>
Date: Wed Aug 18 13:15:34 2010 +0200


Changes since the last tag '0.9.5':

Evan Nemerson (2):
      vapigen: support for setting exception types in metadata files
      gedit-2.20: Make Window.create_tab_from_uri.encoding nullable.

Jürg Billeter (17):
      vala-gen-introspect: Fix script with version suffix
      Drop deprecated support for assigning to construct-only properties
      Use emit instead of accept and accept_children in code generator
      Append temporary variables in order of declaration
      Fix generic classes with GObject constructors
      Remove unused local from member access module
      Do not create CCodeLineDirective objects if not needed
      Do not create array lists where not necessary
      codegen: Drop CCodeModule
      codegen: Add EmitContext class
      codegen: Small refactoring in property accessor generation
      codegen: Small refactoring in method generation
      Fix Symbol.get_cheader_filenames
      Fix dbus-glib support
      gtk+-2.0, gtk+-3.0: Fix gtk_widget_new binding
      girparser: Fix hidden parameters at the end of the parameter list
      Release 0.9.6

Maciej Piechotka (1):
      libdaemon: Use correct type for PID in fork and pid_file_is_running.

Marc-André Lureau (2):
      readline.vapi: include stdio.h before readline.h
      codegen: check delegate type has_target in object creation expr

Philip Withnall (1):
      girparser: Add support for parsing error domains

Ralf Michl (1):
      dova: Fix generated main function

Rumen Zarev (1):
      poppler-glib: Make PopplerAction* be structs without type id.

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