[orca] Created tag ORCA_2_26_3

The unsigned tag 'ORCA_2_26_3' was created.

Tagger: Willie Walker <william walker sun com>
Date: Mon Jun 29 11:52:32 2009 -0400

    Tag for Orca v2.26.3

Changes since the last tag 'ORCA_2_26_2':

Joanmarie Diggs (11):
      Fix for bgo bug #574221.
      Fix for bgo #577900
      Fix for bgo bug #511468
      Removing a debugging change that accidentally snuck in
      Fix for bgo bug #530784
      Tweak to the fix for bgo bug #511468
      Tweak to the fix for bug 530784.
      Fix for bug #583811
      Partial fix for bug 568658
      Rest of the fix for bug 568658
      Fix for bug 584837

Lucas Lommer (1):
      Updated cs translation

Willie Walker (5):
      Make sure new files are in POTFILES
      Fix for bgo#582028 - Character pronunciations are not used when navigating by line
      Fix for bgo#586890 - Orca 2.27.3 and earlier will crash if liblouis 1.6.2 python bindings are installed
      Revert fix for bgo#582028 and provide limited fix for bgo#575614
      Prep for Orca v2.26.3

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