[vala] Created tag 0.7.4

The signed tag '0.7.4' was created.

Tagger: Jürg Billeter <j bitron ch>
Date: Sun Jun 28 22:35:28 2009 +0200


Changes since the last tag '0.7.3':

Didier 'Ptitjes (5):
      posix: Add pseudo terminal functions
      GAsync: Add empty statement after labels
      Fix unreachable catch clause detection
      Propagate uncaught errors in try statements
      GAsync: Fix missing cast when creating GSimpleAsyncResult object

Frederik Sdun (1):
      D-Bus: Fix using static methods as async callbacks

Frédéric-Emmanuel PICCA (1):
      gsl: Fix gsl_multiroot_function binding

Jaap A. Haitsma (3):
      x, y are output parameter in get_tooltip_context methods
      Add .doap file
      Gst.Navigation requires Gst.Element

Jukka-Pekka Iivonen (1):
      Add postgres bindings

Jürg Billeter (54):
      Post-release version bump
      D-Bus: Do not crash when calling methods after disconnecting from bus
      GAsync: Include gio/gio.h when needed
      Fix handling of non-ASCII characters in comments
      Declare types used in implicit casts
      D-Bus: Fix memory leaks in servers
      gdk-x11-2.0: Regenerate bindings with new x11 bindings
      D-Bus: Fix array freeing in servers
      glib-2.0: Revert GLib.KeyFile.to_data change
      gee: Fix memory leak in HashMap.remove and HashSet.remove
      gio-2.0: Fix g_file_hash binding
      Add initial support for generic methods
      Add initial support for static methods in generic types
      Check compatibility of generic type arguments
      gio-2.0: Fix g_file_monitor_directory binding
      GValue: Add support for implicit and explicit casts
      Use result variable in C for method results
      Support postconditions in normal methods
      Report error when declaring private fields in compact classes
      Convert while loops into simple loops
      Convert do loops into simple loops
      Convert for loops into simple loops
      Report error for recursive value types
      Fix type checking for ref and out arguments
      Fix error handling of inner object creation expressions
      GAsync: Fix freeing of return value
      gstreamer-0.10: Fix gst_tag_list_get_date* bindings
      gtksourceview-2.0: Regenerated with GtkSourceView 2.7.1
      gtk+-2.0: Fix GtkWidget.window binding
      Support array properties
      Fix abstract and virtual array properties
      D-Bus: Support array properties in servers
      Fix implicit casts involving Gst.Value
      Generate C89 compatible code for string switch statements
      Fix type checks for virtual and abstract properties
      Fix notify warning for array properties
      D-Bus: Fix memory leaks in server properties
      D-Bus: Support array properties in clients
      D-Bus: Test properties
      D-Bus: Test arrays
      gtk+-2.0: Add gtk_tree_view_row_expanded binding
      D-Bus: Fix variable conflict with server properties
      D-Bus: Check ownership for property getters in clients
      Treat casts of C constants as constants
      POSIX: Do not accept `construct' in parser
      Inherit ref_function_void CCode attribute
      Fix use of nullable GLib.Value
      Fix type declaration for static fields
      Add parenthesis to macro substitutions where necessary
      vapigen: Use GObject profile
      D-Bus: Support registering objects with low-level connections
      webkit-1.0: Update to WebKitGTK+ 1.1.10
      Fix GStrv properties in bindings
      Release 0.7.4

Mark Lee (4):
      GIR writer: Remove GLib.Regex reference
      gnome-desktop-2.0: Fix gnome_desktop_item_{get,set}_strings bindings
      gnome-vfs-2.0: GnomeVFS.FileSize binding fixes
      gnome-vfs-2.0: Fix GnomeVFS.MimeApplication bindings

Matias De la Puente (4):
      gtksourceview-2.0: Fix SourcePrintCompositor binding
      gio-2.0: Fix g_file_replace_contents{,_finish} bindings
      gtk+-2.0: Fix gtk_file_chooser_get_files binding
      gtksourceview-2.0: Fix gtk_source_language_manager binding

Michael B. Trausch (2):
      x11: Enhance X11 bindings and fix some cnames
      posix: Fix getpgid binding

Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal (3):
      gstreamer-0.10: Replace deprecated # syntax by owned
      gstreamer-pbutils-0.10: Fix gst_install_plugins_async binding
      gstreamer-0.10: Fix gst_iterator_fold binding

Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) (2):
      gtk+-2.0: GtkTreeRowReference should be immutable
      gtk+-2.0: Fix gtk_file_chooser_get_{filenames,uris} bindings

lariamat (1):
      gio-2.0: Fix g_data_input_stream_read_*_finish bindings

Å?ukasz Pankowski (1):
      glib-2.0: Fix g_key_file_load_from_* bindings

ХаÑ?ин Роман (1):
      cairo: Fix enum bindings

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