[gnome-keyring] (9 commits) ...Merge branch 'gnome-2-26'

Summary of changes:

  6889729... Updated Hindi Translation on behalf of Rajesh Ranjan (*)
  6086364... Added entries for Hindi Translation updated by Rajesh Ranja (*)
  f62e1ef... Updated Bengali India Translations (*)
  ae87daa... Ignore more built files (*)
  0c5d330... Use proper functions to free secure memory. (*)
  41a1e02... Add missing header. (*)
  6ddb14e... Fix linking problem on FreeBSD. (*)
  bea1715... Fixed problem with RSA key sizes that were not a multiple o (*)
  1166aab... Merge branch 'gnome-2-26'

(*) This commit already existed in another branch; no separate mail sent

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