[jhbuild/release-team-commands] (16 commits) ...Merge branch 'master' into release-team-commands

Summary of changes:

  66a7d93... [perl] the install phase must depend on the build phase (GN (*)
  343452b... [git] support for 'git branch' that doesn't return any acti (*)
  8e77f73... remove traces of DeviceKit-disks (GNOME bug 581515) (*)
  746c389... [devel] sync gnome-disk-utility dependencies with 2.28 (*)
  21b3c40... [po] remove deleted jhbuild.glade from POTFILES.in (*)
  ed6b2f5... [release] 2.27.3 (*)
  0b38bb5... [release] post-release bump to 2.27.4 (*)
  70f1ea9... Updated Swedish translation (*)
  a777b8e... [2.28] update WebKit to 1.1.10 (*)
  3fe848c... [2.28] force --disable-gtk on pixman, so it doesn't link to (*)
  880e671... [2.28] libsoup is now required for WebKit (*)
  e098dbb... Switch dl.sourceforge.net to mirror redirector (*)
  fc1f312... [config] add jhbuild relative path to XCURSOR_PATH (GNOME b (*)
  d4922b0... [autotools] Make .desktop file translatable and installable (*)
  c24c125... Fixed POTFILES.in so damned-lies can update the translation (*)
  9577342... Merge branch 'master' into release-team-commands

(*) This commit already existed in another branch; no separate mail sent

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