[gobject-introspection] Created tag GOBJECT_INTROSPECTION_0_6_3

The signed tag 'GOBJECT_INTROSPECTION_0_6_3' was created.

Tagger: Johan Dahlin <johan gnome org>
Date: Mon Jun 22 16:37:19 2009 -0300


Changes since the last tag 'GOBJECT_INTROSPECTION_0_6_2':

Andreas Rottmann (15):
      Bug 573306 â?? Relax callback grouping detection rules
      Additions to "Everything" test namespace
      Add --all option to g-ir-generate
      Introduce documentation-block options
      Bug 573332 - Allow annotation of enums as bitfields
      Bug 574139 â?? There is no way to identify 'user_data' arguments in the callback signature
      Bug 556475 â?? support Shadows: annotation
      Some small cosmetic tweaks
      Bug 574284 - Add support for a 'closure' and 'destroy' annotations
      Add several GLib annotations
      Additions to the 'Everything' namespace
      Remove spurious addition of 'GSList *handlers' in last commit
      Bug 576605 - Get rid of GI_SCOPE_TYPE_OBJECT
      A few transfer-related tests for "Everything"
      Everything: add a boxed property to TestObj

C. Scott Ananian (16):
      Remove orphan text, left over from parent document.
      Allow the use of the "Rename To" annotation for literal method renaming.
      Enable the utf8 tests in the everything module.
      Fix annotations for GList and GSList tests.
      Everything: more tests for integer array parameters.
      Fix the list comparison assertions.
      Add GHash tests to Everything test GI library.
      Update doc comments.
      Better handle classes with non-standard to_underscore names.
      Annotations for g_option_context_parse.
      Bug 581685: Parse parameterized types (using <>) in annotations.
      Bug 585374: Fix misspelling of 'infinite'.
      Bug 585584: Fix warnings in girparser backtrace functionality and compiler.c
      Bug 585373: Add annotations for g_spawn_* functions.
      Bug 585579: Update Everything-1.0-expected.gir to match recent array/strv changes.
      Bug 585579: actually check Everything-1.0-expected.gir

Chris Rivera (1):
      Fix pep8.py and its invocation.

Colin Walters (69):
      Use correct pkg-config arguments for each gir
      Skip over both g_object_get_type and g_initially_unowned_get_type
      Bug 563469 â?? Arrays not treated correctly in struct offset calculation
      Bug 569408, Bug 568680 - Scanner misses fields (at least in GObject.Object)
      Bug 555960 - nested structs and unions
      Bug 555960 - Nested structs and unions (generation portion)
      Remove outstanding FIXMEs for nested struct/union
      girnode.c: Fix copy & paste error
      Bug 561604 - Add test case for skipping va_list
      Bug 561360 - If we can't resolve parent class, use GObject
      Bug 551738 - Associate classes with their structs
      Remove extra space from foo-1.0-expected.tgir
      Make .tgir diffs fail the check
      Bug 571248 - Ignore unknown elements in girparser
      Bug 567906 - Put pkg-config dependencies in .gir files
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://walters git gnome org/git/gobject-introspection
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://walters git gnome org/git/gobject-introspection
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh://walters git gnome org/git/gobject-introspection
      Bug 571483 - Sort toplevel .gir entries
      Followup to bug 567906 - Redo option filtering logic to be a bit cleaner
      Various gtk-doc fixes: only require 1.11, remove generated files, add docs to SUBDIRS
      Remove generated tmpl/ directory; we will use inline section comments
      gtk-doc fixes: Require 1.10, fix --name-space argument typo, change Typelib section title
      Fix SUBDIRS order, call gnome-autogen.sh with COMMON_DOC_BUILD
      Bug 571373 - Move typelib docs from typelib-format.txt into girepository.h
      Bug 571373 - Consistently use sizeof () inside gtypelib and girmodule
      Bug 571373 - Remove hardcoded offsets in ginfo.c
      Bug 571373 - Remove hardcoded sizes/offsets in girnode.c
      Bug 571373 - Add padding to typelib objects
      Fix bad merge introduced in commit b006d50
      Bug 563382 - Define PATH_MAX if not available
      Further cleanup for commented-out Union discriminator handling
      Remove gtk-doc.m4, should be installed by autogen
      giscanner: Set Python exceptions on type errors instead of g_assert
      Bug 572423 - Support --c-include argument for specifying C headers
      typelib building: Compress 5 arguments for g_ir_node_build_typelib
      shave fix: Patch gtk-doc.make if we don't have it yet
      Punt on building with older gtk-doc; version skew in gtk-doc.make makes patching hard
      Bug 561604 - Don't fail on va_list*
      Bug 572790 - Don't register #defines from .c files as constants
      Handle multiple arguments for $CC
      Bug 555964 - Parse floating-point #defines
      Bug 572434 - Associate interfaces with their C structures
      Bug 557383 - Virtual function support
      Merge branch 'bug557383-vfuncs'
      Revert "Bug 557383 - Virtual function support"
      Add a parent parmeter to g_ir_node_build_typelib
      Remove hand-written .gir files, move PEP-8 inquisition into top Makefile.am
      Keep TestStructA as simple by moving GObject member to a new structure
      Bug 571548 - Generic attributes
      Add XTrapezoid to xlib-2.0.gir
      Add XftGlyphSpec to xft-2.0.gir
      Bug 557383 - Virtual method support
      Bug 574501 - Install giscanner Python module to private directory
      Bug 565147 - Add (type) annotation to override the C type definition
      Substitute g-ir-scanner in Makefile, not in configure.ac
      Bug 575613 - Enum stripping with common prefix, also use "_" consistently
      Bug 564016 - Add c:prefix to .gir
      Bug 564016 - Include c:prefix in typelib, use it to optimize find_by_gtype
      Avoid writing out empty array if we have no _get_type functions
      Remove (out) annotation for now from Everything structs
      Add an Everything-1.0-expected.gir, test Everything versus it
      Move Everything into gir/, since it's a public library
      Add a test_strv_out which is unannotated, rename current to test_strv_out_container
      Bug 584453 - Handle char ** correctly (and const variation)
      Bug 577534 - Use rename to write new typelibs, instead of in-place overwrite
      Bug 577546 - More annotations for GLib, GObject, Gio
      Don't fail if no --output option is specified
      Update annotation expected "tgir" for previous commit

Dan Winship (3):
      Misc warning fixes
      handle the special case for GObject, whose glib:get-type is listed as
      Fix 'Could not find GIR file ...' error to use right filename.

David Ignacio (1):
      Add allow-none for operation in g_mount_volume

Didier 'Ptitjes (1):
      Bug 576323 - Fix inner constant parsing Signed-off-by: Didier 'Ptitjes <ptitjes free fr>

Emmanuele Bassi (1):
      Add GLclampf to the GL GIR

Holger Hans Peter Freyther (1):
      Make g-ir-compiler find files installed by make install

Johan Bilien (6):
      add missing with_voidp
      Bug 572965 â?? Allow generic marshaller to be called without parameters
      Add a test signal with an argument flagged as G_SIGNAL_TYPE_STATIC_SCOPE
      Include g-ir-scanner.in in the distribution
      Annotate g_get_system_*_dirs ()
      Make sure the scanner and compiler are able to find libeverything.so.1

Johan Dahlin (47):
      Post-release version bump
      Add an enum param test function
      Only unref the repository if it's actually set.
      Remove trailing whitespace
      Add a couple of callback tests.
      Remove shared-library which removes the build time dependency on mesa.
      Remove shared-library tags for these too.
      Add utility functions for invocing closures given a GICallableInfo using
      Rename namespace to namespace_ to make the header compilable with a C++ compiler
      Remove trailing whitespace
      Update release-tag target
      Add missing self parameter
      Add a .gitignore file
      Rename ChangeLog to ChangeLog.pre-git
      Push the tags to the remote host when doing the release
      Add an empty ChangeLog to make autogen.sh quiet
      Add gtk-doc support
      Begin to document the GIR format
      Bug 571182 â?? introspection.m4 issues
      Avoid a couple of gtk-doc warnings
      Merge commit 'origin'
      Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH for girepository-1.0
      Add missing tab
      Merge commit 'origin'
      Add a simple invokation example
      Unref the GIBaseInfo after usage
      Add a hall of shame comment
      Improve type checking
      Send in an empty list instead of None.
      Use shave to reduce compiling output
      Update .gitignore for gtk-doc
      Disable a UTF-8 warning per default
      Reformat the output to fit shave
      Mention that we're generating a GIR
      Be less verbose
      Fix warnings pointed out by GCC
      Handle the return value to fwrite properly
      Do not include yyoutput in the generated lexer
      Fix a typo, reel -> real
      Merge commit 'origin'
      Don't assume _pkgconfig_packages is set.
      Disable more of the build if gtk-doc is disabled
      Add GObject-2.0.xpath to EXTRA_DIST
      Dist m4 files
      Add srcdir, so distcheck passes
      Annotate g_filename_completer_get_completions
      Update NEWS

Marco Pesenti Gritti (1):
      Fix distcheck. A couple of files was missing from EXTRA_DIST.

Marina Zhurakhinskaya (1):
      Add element type annotations for GList arguments

Mark Lee (1):
      Bug 584423 â?? Add short/ushort support

Owen Taylor (1):
      Add KeySym and KeyCode to xlib-2.0.gir.

Owen W. Taylor (3):
      Add more types to GL-1.0.gir
      Parse doc-comment tags case-insensitive
      Bug 572075 - Make the scanner work with static and convenience libraries

Rober Carr (1):
      Bug 569633 â?? Typelib compiler fails with vararg callbacks

Robert Carr (5):
      Add cairo_path_t to cairo-1.0.gir, required for building clutter 0.9 gir
      post_filter_varargs_functions should also filter callbacks. Add tests of
      Add xmlTextWriterPtr to libxml2-2.0 GIR.
      Undo revision 1075
      Fix build

Simon van der Linden (2):
      Bug 585081 - Correct everything linkage
      Bug 585328 - Only set zero_terminated flag for types we know are

Tomeu Vizoso (2):
      Add an interface to Everything
      Fix typo in the TestInterface gtype name

Xan Lopez (2):
      g-ir-scanner.1: add information about include paths for source files.
      Forgot to update ChangeLog.

root (1):
      Remove duplicate typelib installation rules

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