[gnumeric] Created tag GNUMERIC_1_9_9

The unsigned tag 'GNUMERIC_1_9_9' was created.

Tagger: Morten Welinder <terra gnome org>
Date: Sat Jun 20 09:46:33 2009 -0400


Changes since the last tag 'GNUMERIC_1_9_8':

Andreas J. Guelzow (67):
      Handle more formatting in ODF export
      switch to ODF 1.1 and export dates and time styles
      Export some data formats to ODF
      export some more styles to ODF
      replace GSF_ODF_VERSION with gsf_odf_version
      replace xl_styles GSList with a GHashTable
      try to export conditional formats to ODF
      Move GOFormat ODF handling into goffice.
      Fix comment export to ODF
      Fix loading of simple comments #584073
      Remove distinction between label and filled rectangle
      Add superscipt and subscript buttons [#583327]
      Reduce the size of sub and superscripts (75%)
      Handle super and subscript style export to ODF
      trying to handle our conditional formats in ODF export
      Fix date import from ODF
      handle elapsed times
      read fraction styles from ODF
      Provide a choice of whether to use foreign elements in ODF or not
      improve number style import to ODF
      Handle currencies. percentages and scientific numbers
      Handle conditional number formats
      Accept font weights in numerical form too.
      use older PANGO terms
      handle more general conditional formats
      Import [Red] and others in data formats from ODF
      make sure dates and times imported from ODF are formatted that way
      fix style leak
      distinguish  <> from <
      update the rank & percentiles tool
      Fix #584771
      Improve 2 factor ANOVA tool
      Improve Fourier transform tool
      add tests for independence and homogeneity
      spelling correction
      fix gnm_sheet_get_max_* (NULL)
      Make imported manual page breaks work
      store page breaks if requested
      Bug 585176 â?? gnm_page_breaks_set_break criticals
      some soft page break handling
      change how "no print area set" is stored
      adjust range_clip_to_finite
      Improve print area handling and export to ODF
      Fix scolling via mouse wheels [#533051]
      Ignore whole sheet print areas when loading xls files
      Let the sort dialog guess whether there is a header
      speed up writing of odf files
      speed up writing of odf files and shrink those files
      Fix xls import of sheet labels [#586066]
      Fix html export [#586028]
      Don't make the ODF files grow
      Import cell comments from ODF
      disable/enable printarea menu items as needed
      Start with function name adjustments on ODF export
      Some function name adjustments in ODF import/export
      Make sure that we are looking for the right styles
      Allow for rigth and left alignment
      some readability improvements
      Handle ODF import/export of FORMULA and CHISQINV
      Handle ODF function CHISQDIST
      Avoid analysis tool crashes if required plugins are not loaded
      We need to give a scope to function placeholders (why?)
      Handle CEILING import/export from and to ODF
      simplify the expression created for general ODF ceiling
      Handle differences in FLOOR between us and ODF
      Handle missing A1 argument in ADDRESS in old OOo files

J.H.M. Dassen (Ray) (1):
      Updated debianisation

Jody Goldberg (5):
      [slicers] some basic steps
      add some sample files
      2009-06-08  Jody Goldberg <jody gnome org>
      2009-06-09  Jody Goldberg <jody gnome org>
      2009-06-09  Jody Goldberg <jody gnome org>

Jorge Gonzalez (1):
      Updated Spanish translation

Mark Krapivner (1):
      Updated Hebrew translation

Morten Welinder (67):
      Post-release bump
      Search: add facility to search for numbers regardless of formatting.
      Search: add facility to search for numbers regardless of formatting.
      Search: accept a small range when searching for numbers.
      Search: fix search for negative number.
      Dependents: fix crash.
      Grammer police at work.
      GUI: Fix format-as-currency.  Eliminate use of go_format_builtins.
      GUI: Honour geometry also when starting with a blank sheet.
      Test: fix complaint about go_format_unref.
      GOFormat: deal with goffice changes.
      NEWS: add inc/dec precision fix.
      SheetSize: fix NULL error.
      Tests: update after metadata change.
      Editing: fix critical when overwritiin array formula.  [#584746]
      Complaltion: fix str.h related problems.
      PO: propagate new files.
      Cleanup: remove outdated and unused file.
      Debug: improve error message for missing styles.
      Style optimizer: allow turning it off.
      gnm_style_dup: handle pango attributes better.
      Sheet styles: fix style confusion caused by auto-colours.
      NPER: handler rates (-100%; 0%) too.
      Functions: implement COT and ACOT.
      GCD: fix case of non-integer first argument.
      go-string: fix a prototype.
      go-string: cast cleanup.
      Compilation: don't include goffice detail files.
      Parsing: Change x^y^z into x^(y^z).
      Parser: more handling of x^y^z.
      Parsing: Make '^' left-associative in ODF files.
      STF: Fix GUI problem with missing columns.
      Compilation: don't use internal copy of GtkNotebook if GTK+>=2.17.1
      AutoFormat: Make sorting function public.
      XML read: Fix minor problem with old .gnumeric files.
      New-from-template: initial implementation.
      Functions: add new GD function.
      GOString: move to goffice.
      FIXED: fix.
      Slicer: fix ABW.
      Tests: update to reflect print area changes.
      sstest: explicitly defined Print_Area for ins/del col/row tests.
      MStyle: check that empty styles' hash values are zero.
      Debug: silence some debug code.
      Docs: Start introducing external references for function docs.
      Docs: more external references.
      Function selector: handle external references.
      Excel: quiet debug code.
      Excel: quiet more debug stuff.
      Function selector: fix criticals on function switch.
      Function selector: simplify.
      FISHER, FISHERINV: Simplify.
      COTH, ACOTH: Implement for completeness.
      PERIODOGRAM: fix crash.
      IF: Fix problem with empty and array results.
      IF: fix more border cases for empty results.
      Regression test: add a few IF tests.
      Criteria: cleanup.
      tsa: fix another crash.
      tsa: remove escaped debug code,
      PO: add missing files here and there.

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