[gnome-bluetooth] Created tag GNOMEBT_V_2_27_6

The unsigned tag 'GNOMEBT_V_2_27_6' was created.

Tagger: Bastien Nocera <hadess hadess net>
Date: Wed Jun 17 10:50:41 2009 +0100


Changes since the last tag 'GNOMEBT_V_2_27_5':

A S Alam (2):
      Add Punjabi (Gurmukhi) Translation
      Adding language Punjabi to LINGUAS

Akom C (2):
      Added Thai translation.
      Updated Thai translation.

Baptiste Mille-Mathias (1):
      Bug 584857 - Support notification deamon without actions capabilities

Bastien Nocera (118):
      Transform the UUIDs to their Bluetooth names
      Update the minimum dbus-glib reqs
      Add PANU and NAP to the recognised UUIDs
      Fix memleaks of the Services hashtable data
      Bug 583626 â?? Remove or remote?
      Bug 583651 â?? Pin code for Sony CMT-DH5BT too long
      Fix another g_str_has_prefix() usage
      And fix the display of the short pin code
      Use a better tooltip than "Bluetooth Manager" for the applet
      Bug 578989 â?? Allow going through when name isn't resolved if pin is fixed
      Bug 578146 â?? Shouldn't be able to step back in the middle of pairing
      Bug 583516 â?? When restarting bluetoothd, page doesn't go to adapter
      Bug 575333 â?? Add a note in the first step to make the remote device discoverable
      Bug 511324 â?? Add "Send File..." to the applet's menu
      Some code cleanups
      Use add_menu_item() helper
      Fix typo in the API docs
      Add enums types, and mark some as skipped
      Generate headers and sources for enum classes
      Export arbitrary columns through _get_selected_info()
      Don't stuff empty UUIDs in the model
      Add test case for _get_selected_device_info()
      Remove use of device-selected- properties
      Update git ignore file
      Bug 573143 â?? Fix exported symbols
      Add the start of a plugin system
      Don't install the test plugin
      Add some code to the test plugin
      Make sure a shared library plugin is created
      Export the BluetoothClient type function as well
      Implement bluetooth_plugin_manager_get_widgets()
      Use the new plugin infrastructure
      Bug 584218 â?? applet is crashing when setting my adapter up
      Add a --dump-devices option to the properties
      Emit both the signal and property notify when row changes
      Remove unused functions
      Fix assertions when removing and adding a device
      Don't add the Audio service, when there's no headset or sink
      Simplify code in the menu building
      Allow submenus without a connect item
      Add menu items to call kbd and mouse prefs
      Add separator in sub-menus
      Bug 584937 â?? Bug#531892 Gtk-CRITICAL when sending an empty file
      Remove red labels in sendto
      Export the LegacyPairing property for devices
      Bug 584141 â?? Add delete function
      Add support for SSP devices without a display
      Rename common/ dir to lib/
      Bug 585203 â?? BluetoothClientConnectFunc should pass BluetoothClient
      Fix connecting to services after setup
      Add another check in bluetooth_verify_address()
      Add public bluetooth_uuid_to_string()
      Work-around MS Wireless presenter bugs
      Add success parameter to the connect function callback
      Add a few more UUIDs
      Remove obex-data-server support from sendto
      Update to put my name at the top
      Don't hang when querying for the transfer properties
      Simplify get_device_name()
      Simplify get_iter_from_proxy()
      Fix small memleak
      Bug 573738 â?? Make sendto call pass --name
      Update NEWS for impending release
      Update strings in the applet's popups
      Display passkey for simple pairing
      Remove impossible OOM cases
      Fix compile time warning
      Move AgentError to the shared BluetoothAgent
      Add a few more UUIDs
      Make legacypairing property an int
      Another pass at Simple Pairing support in the wizard
      Clean up when notification daemon doesn't support actions
      Some more simplification of the agent code
      Add the start of a UUID filter to the chooser
      Bug 585153 â?? g_strnfill() usage might be wrong
      Fix the agent dialogue test
      Rework UI for passkey dialog
      Rework UI for confirm dialogue
      Rework UI for authorisation dialog
      Update for applet changes
      Fix missing variable declaration
      Change the "Search" button to a label with a spinner
      Use the chooser's discovery methods in the wizard
      Update show-search property
      Add example PINs to the passkey pages
      Remove double-usage labels
      Fix small compile warning in the test plugin
      Fix plugin loading from the source tree
      Bit more spacing between label and spinner
      More messing about with the wizard workflow
      Add doc with wizard test procedure
      Don't hardcode the header image size
      Cut down on the repeated code with a simple define
      Remove "finished" case in cancel callback
      Add "Restart setup" button to failure page
      Bug 575352 â?? Offer to retry pairing when pairing fails
      When on the passkey page, hide everything but the cancel button
      Move match/does not match buttons to the action area
      Clean up code
      Clean up old state when restarting pairing
      Zero the context on SSP pairing buttons
      Small string changes
      Export the spinner as well
      Add "Connecting" page for SSP
      Fix some function prototypes
      Fix handling of legacy pairing devices with fixed PIN
      More churn, kill label_setup
      Avoid crashes when spinner is NULL
      Add finishing page
      Remove debug
      Fix the display_callback case
      Update NEWS
      Remove some dead code and sync strings
      Mark a few wizard strings to wrap
      Add applet UI files to the dist
      Add symbols file to the dist
      Add generated enum helpers to be removed on clean

Christian Persch (1):
      Update libgconf-bridge from master

Claude Paroz (5):
      Removed empty translations
      Delete unexistent languages from LINGUAS
      Remove markup from translatable strings
      Updated French translation
      Ignore POT files

Daniel Nylander (1):
      Updated sv translation (Daniel Nylander)

Fran Diéguez (1):
      Added Galician Translation.

Gabor Kelemen (1):
      Hungarian translation updated

Jorge Gonzalez (11):
      Added es to DOC_LINGUAS
      Added initial Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation

Leonid Kanter (3):
      Updated Russian translation
      Updated Russian translation
      Updated Russian translation

Mario Blättermann (6):
      Updated German translation
      Updated German translation
      Updated German translation
      Updated German translation
      Updated German translation
      Updated German doc translation

Sandeep Shedmake (5):
      Updated Marathi Translations
      Updated Marathi Translations
      Updated Marathi Translations
      Updated Marathi Translations
      Updated Marathi Translations

Shankar Prasad (4):
      Updated Kannada translations
      Updated Kannada translations
      Added kn to LINGUAS file
      Updated Kannada translations

Sweta Kothari (1):
      Committed gu.po file and Added LINGUAS

Timo Jyrinki (1):
      Updated Finnish translation

Tomasz Dominikowski (2):
      Updated Polish translation
      Updated Polish translation

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