[gnote] Created tag 0.5.0

The signed tag '0.5.0' was created.

Tagger: Hubert Figuiere <hub figuiere net>
Date: Tue Jun 16 23:44:52 2009 -0400

    0.5.0 release

Changes since the last tag '0.4.0':

A S Alam (1):
      Adding Punjabi (pa) Translation and Update LINGUAS file

Claude Paroz (1):
      Updated French translation

Daniel Nylander (1):
      sv/figures/*: Removed old screenshots

Gilles Dartiguelongue (1):
      Fix automagic libpanelappletmm dependency. (Closes #584158)

Hubert Figuiere (40):
      Remove libxml++ TextReader. Should fix both bug #579292 and bug #579316.
      remove a runtime warning caused by glib.
      remove one more warning
      Remove more libxml++: DomParser for the note tags.
      remove libxml++, at last
      update .gitignore
      bump version to 0.5.0
      validate formats at build time.
      mention the removal of lixml++
      don't link "sharp" modules into plugins.
      Sticky Notes import addin.
      use Glib::build_filename where applicable
      don't use doc->children. Call xmlDocGetRootElement() instead.
      Last fixes since I integrated stickynotes.
      update NEWS file
      sanitize the use of Gnote::conf_dir();
      Fix a race condition causing a crash (Closes #584183)
      Don't open the start note if it is an applet. (Closes #584583)
      update NEWS file
      Fix bug in URL parsing causing file link when not appropriate.
      fix format
      NoteUrlWatcher now use PCRE
      include boost/checked_delete.hpp explicitely.
      WikiWord regexp now use PCRE. This also support Unicode (Closes #581495)
      sharp::string_* use PCRE now
      The last bits of replacement with PCRE.
      Allow using Boost TR1 implementation if really needed.
      Fix a couple of warnings popped by gcc 3.4
      Enable/disable spellchecking when the preferences are changed. (Closes #582242)
      Fix a bug where we'd mistakenly get other gconf notifications.
      update NEWS file
      Fix a bug in printing date/time values with 0 micro-second (Closes #581844)
      Import from Tomboy on first startup. (Closes #578981)
      Make the stickynote import an import addin.
      Don't import sticky notes of Tomboy has already done it.
      update NEWS reading for release
      Local pref storage for addins.
      actually commit changes to the GKeyFile
      remove the stickynote import from gconf schema
      update NEWS and README for the release.

Jorge Gonzalez (4):
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation

Khaled Hosny (1):
      Updated Arabic translation.

Mario Blättermann (2):
      Updated German translation
      Updated German translation

Priit Laes (1):
      Update boost.m4 to latest version from http://repo.or.cz/w/boost.m4.git

Sandeep Shedmake (3):
      Added Marathi Translations
      Added Marathi [mr] locale
      Updated Marathi Translations

Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay (2):
      Submitting updated Bengali India Translations
      Updated Bengali India Translations

Takeshi AIHANA (1):
      Updated Japanese translation.

Tony Manco (2):
      No longer reference Tomboy in the help screenshot (Closes #581195)
      Created new delete-notebook image to be consistent with add-notebook-search

Yves Junqueira (1):
      Hotkeys changes not being taken into account until restart.  (Closes #582789)

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