[gtk+] Created tag 2.17.2

The unsigned tag '2.17.2' was created.

Tagger: Matthias Clasen <mclasen redhat com>
Date: Mon Jun 15 21:47:28 2009 -0400

    GTK+ 2.17.2

Changes since the last tag '2.17.1':

Ask H. Larsen (1):
      Updated Danish translation

Benjamin Gramlich (2):
      Add load/save functions for the sort column order in GtkFileChooserSettings
      bgo#484922 - Remember the sort column and order in the file chooser

Björn Lindqvist (1):
      Halt configure if selected cairo backend is missing, fixes Bug 565998

Brian Cameron (1):
      Improve Solaris Xinerama configure detection

Caolan McNamara (1):
      Plug a memory leak in Xrandr code

Christian Persch (1):
      Fix "srdcir" typo

Cody Russell (1):
      Improve GtkEntry handling of invalid stock ids

Daniel Elstner (1):
      Terminate case with break in switch statement

Davyd Madeley (3):
      Testcase for GtkOrientable
      Support GtkOrientable for GtkButtonBox
      Merge branch 'button-box-orientable-584598'

Denis Chertykov (1):
      bgo#327152 - Ellipsize long directory names in GtkPathBar, and better layout for the pathbar

Federico Mena Quintero (4):
      Fix compiler warnings
      Add an --initial-filename option to testfilechooser.c
      Add an --initial-folder option to testfilechooser.c
      bgo#580560 - Make Backspace work in the file chooser to to to the parent directory

Ivar Smolin (1):
      Updating Estonian translation

Jorge Gonzalez (3):
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation

Kjartan Maraas (1):
      Updated Norwegian bokmål translation.

Manoj Kumar Giri (3):
      Updated Oriya Translation
      Updated Hindi Translation on behalf of Rajesh Ranjan
      Added entries for Hindi Translation updated by Rajesh Ranjan

Marek Kasik (2):
      Print in correct order when printing 4 pages per sheet to landscape
      Add ability to print selection

Matthias Clasen (24):
      Bump version to 2.17.2
      Avoid assertions due to invalid page sequence
      Improve GtkMenuPositionFunc docs
      Add a message area widget
      Update NEWS for GtkInfoBar
      Don't unselect when resizing
      Avoid warnings in atom conversion
      Remove nonworking conditionals
      Don't grab the keyboard during DND
      Update docs to match actual API
      Add a long description for GtkSettings
      Add a missing newline
      Add entry about xdg user dir icons
      Bug 565317 - Resulting image of GtkCellRendererPixbuf depends on order of set properties
      Deprecate get_cell_renderers implementations
      Add some more font sizes
      Fix the docs for gtk_recent_info_get_application_info()
      Cleanup some translation handling
      Properly export gtk_info_bar_response
      Fix docs build
      Don't export a private function
      Add missing GtkInfoBar functions to the docs
      Update NEWS

Mattias Põldaru (1):
      Updating Estonian translation

Milan Bouchet-Valat (4):
      bgo#486839 - The path bar's area shouldn't change vertical size to avoid the browse widgets jumping
      bgo#355851 - Hide backup files in the file chooser
      bgo#171416 - Don't create a folder with the default name 'Type name of new folder'
      bgo#562579 - Don't show errors when the initial folder does not exist

Og Maciel (1):
      Updated Brazilian Portuguese translaiton. Fixes b.g.o. #584922

Praveen Arimbrathodiyil (1):
      important transltion fixes to undo, redo and about

Runa Bhattacharjee (1):
      Updated Bengali India Translations

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