[empathy] (8 commits) ...Merge commit 'jtellier/call-window-video-preview'

Summary of changes:

  62ed123... When no video is received or sent we show contacts' avatars
  d9a8b7a... Implemented the call window's "View -> Video preview" optio
  c5c09d7... Not creating the video preview if we don't want to show it 
  c65de38... Better implemented empathy_tp_call_is_receiving_video and e
  3719c62... Added an early return in empathy_call_window_setup_video_pr
  1a2da85... Corrected code style in empathy_call_window_setup_video_pre
  e5989d0... The video preview is no longer hidden when we get connected
  909f3e3... Merge commit 'jtellier/call-window-video-preview'

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