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Tagger: Tambet Ingo <tambet gmail com>
Date: Thu Jun 11 16:53:12 2009 +0300

    Release 1.0


Tambet Ingo (79):
      Initial import.
      More work on NetworkManager code.
      Keep the connection states (connected/disconnected) up to date.
      Remove connections from the list when they disappear.
      Implement connect and disconnect.
      Add third connection state "connecting" to give better indication that
      Put pieces together.
      Hook up the pane toggle buttons.
      Add the beginnings of the new connection dialog.
      Implement WiFi list widget for the new connection dialog.
      Import (slightly modified to work here) wireless security dialogs from nm-applet.
      Move the settings stores to CarrickAppelt.
      Implement CarrickNMData class and use it everywhere in place of NMClient.
      Use the abstract NMExportedConnection everywhere.
      Get the wireless security dialog hooked up and fully working.
      Get rid of glade dependecy, port everything to GtkBuilder.
      Fix compilation warnings.
      Change the created WiFi network name.
      Try to share the main GtkPlug with main dialog and new connection dialog.
      Keep the Ethernet connection icon up to date.
      Remove some debug spew.
      Fix the wifi list item icons.
      Fix the segfault when connecting to a new wireless network.
      Filter APs in the "new dialog" window to not show the configured ones.
      Add some more filtering for the wireless AP list.
      Get rid og GtkBuilder warnings.
      Fix reference counting leaks.
      Revert the Gtk+ 2.16 requirement from glade files.
      Implement "Remove" button for existing WiFi connections.
      Add icons and autostart .desktop file.
      Add a hack to hide the main window when requesting secrets.
      Close the "add new connection" dialog when a new connection is requested.
      Set the 3G modem status and keep it updated when things change.
      Don't force moblin theme.
      Push the container a little harder to force itself to redraw.
      Populate the networks list in "add new connection" page.
      Finish 3G support.
      Remove all device connections when a device is removed.
      Don't list the ethernet connection when the cable is unplugged.
      Disconnect the signal handlers when the Ethernet item is disposed.
      Disconnect the signal handlers when the Wifi item is disposed.
      Disconnect the signal handlers when the Serial item is disposed.
      Fix secrets request on new wifi connection creation.
      Hopefully fix the network list drawing issues.
      Don't reset item icons if the new value is the same as previous.
      Add icon cache, so that we don't recreate pixbufs every time wireless signals
      Populate the main networks list when it's first shown.
      Replace GtkToggleButtons with MuxLightSwitches.
      Add TODO file.
      Add target for blames and complaints.
      Add the doap file.
      The great rename, part 1.
      The great rename, part 2.
      Add device handlers to keep the lists sync with NM data.
      Update TODO.
      Disconnect signal handlers when a device handler is disposed.
      Fix the reparenting issues on wireless security dialogs.
      Remove mux dependency.
      Add 3G and ethernet state getters/setters/signals to the main state object.
      Hook up 3G enable/disable button.
      Add a new signal "delete" to list items to differentiate between deletion and
      Remove deleted GConf connections from user settings list.
      Disallow 3G connection creation when 3G is disabled.
      Fix the active connection updating for the case when there's no ACs.
      Don't require error argument for gconf connection updates.
      Set the 'autoconnect' property off when ethernet connection is disconnected.
      Set the 'autoconnect' property off when wifi connection is disconnected.
      Implement Ethernet enabling/disabling.
      Rename the name and exec line in the autostart file too, missed that eariler.
      Don't unref icon theme when it changes.
      Add padding to the expanded window, just like other mutter "popdowns".
      Add icons for status icon.
      Rewrite status icon.
      Fix some typos in icon names.
      Inherit list items from GtkEventBox so that they'd have a GdkWindow.
      Sort the lists.
      Update the mobile providers parser to parse the format "2.0".
      Implement "Advanced" expander.
      Implement support for hidden APs.

tambet (1):
      Release version 1.0.

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