[empathy] Created tag EMPATHY_2_25_90

The unsigned tag 'EMPATHY_2_25_90' was created.

Tagger: Xavier Claessens <xclaesse gmail com>
Date: Tue Feb 3 11:09:19 2009 +0100

    Tagged for release 2.25.90.

Changes since the last tag 'EMPATHY_2_25_4':

Sjoerd Simons (34):
      Initial port from telepathy-stream-engine to telepathy-farsight
      Add Stub call factor and call handler objects
      Switch to calling CallFactory to make calls
      Toss out the old EmpathyCallWindow initialise the CallFactory and hook into its signals
      Add audio/video sink and source abstractions
      Don't start the call from the message dialog, the handler will take care of it
      Add functionality to call CreateChannels and look up (simple) channel classes
      Move the TpFarsight code from TpCall to CallHandler
      Start of a simple ui
      Update python bindings
      Add a getter for the main window widget
      Don't double-free the EmpathyTpCallStreams
      Add a empathy_sound_play_full function
      Let the event-manager manage the sounds
      Show a dialog when the user clicks on a incoming call
      Add ability to start a call for an incoming channel
      Close ongoing calls at dispose time
      sink the videosink so we can hold a ref to it
      Don't return the handler, so we can unref it after signalling
      stop the pipeline and unref everything when the window goes away
      Remove dead code
      Also unref the tf channel
      add a sidebar abstraction taken from emerillion
      Add minimum width and height properties
      Put in new VOIP UI
      Request only audio in the initial request
      Add some more content to the menus
      Rename DTFM to Dailpad
      Start streaming video when webcam icon is clicked
      Rename statusbar is to statusbar
      Add information in the statusbar
      Remove some dead code
      Update python bindings
      Clean up some brokeness after the rebase

chliao (1):
      Updated zh_HK zhTW translation (Chao-Hsiung Liao).

cwryu (1):
      Updated ko translation.

dnylande (2):
      Updated sv translation (Daniel Nylander)
      Updated sv translation (Daniel Nylander)

fpeters (3):
      Reuse, and properly destroy, the avatar file chooser dialog.
      Added a new empathy_account_manager_get_count function, to get the number of
      disable chat history menu item when there is no account.

gforcada (2):
      ps was missing in LINGUAS
      Updated ca translation (Gil Forcada)

hendrikr (1):
      2009-01-16  Hendrik Richter  <hendrikr gnome org>

jorgegonz (7):
      Updated es translation (Jorge Gonzalez)
      Updated es translation (Jorge Gonzalez)
      Updated es translation (Jorge Gonzalez)
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated es translation (Jorge Gonzalez)
      Updated Spanish translation

jwendell (1):
      Updated pt_BR translation (Michel Recondo and myself)

kelemeng (3):
      Updated Hungarian translation
      Updated Hungarian translation
      Small update

kmaraas (3):
      Updated Norwegian bokmål translation.
      Remove accidentall addition
      Updated Norwegian bokmål translation.

mateju (1):
      Updated Slovenian translation

simos (4):
      Updated gr translation (Marios Zindilis).
      Updated gr translation (Marios Zindilis).
      Added Greek translation (Marios Zindilis)
      Updated Greek translation (Marios Zindilis)

tkaroonb (1):
      Updated th translation (Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).

xclaesse (248):
      Bump version to 2.25.5
      Set initial value for sound pref checkboxes.
      Add a comment that tells to keep EmpathySound enum sync with sound_entries array.
      Port EmpathyContactFactory to the new singleton policy.
      Port EmpathyIdle to the new singleton policy.
      Port EmpathyLogManager to the new singleton policy.
      Port EmpathySmileyManager to the new singleton policy.
      Port EmpathyEventManager to the new singleton policy.
      Port EmpathyFTManager to the new singleton policy.
      Update python bindings.
      Port to the new singleton API.
      Port EmpathyContactManager to the new singleton policy.
      Set the right weak pointer.
      Update Python bindings.
      dispatcher_tubes_new_tube_cb: add some tube handling debug messages
      use tabs because everyone love tabs
      Add empathy_contact_call_when_ready
      Add id field to save the message id as received the CM
      Improve API of tp-chat
      Port to the new EmpathyTpChat API
      Start reworking the dispatcher
      Use the new dispatcher api to request text channels
      Initial port to the new dispatcher
      Add an optional properties hash to the RequestData struct
      Recognise file transfers
      Add support for dispatching file transfers
      Use new API to request file transfers
      Enabled dispatching of file tranfers
      Enable approving of file transfers
      Make existing contact FT capable when the CM supports it
      Add a function to explicitly close File channels
      Explicitly close file channels when removing them from the FT manager
      Wait untill the TpChat object is ready before going into pending state
      Add request muc channels to the dispatcher
      Remove custom channel requesting functionality, this should go through the dispatcher
      Use new dispatcher API to get muc channels
      Remove the tp-channel property, it's unused and useless
      Disconnect signal handlers from the head of the queue before destroying the queue
      Act as an observer
      Let a EmpathyChatroomManager observe the dispatcher
      Add new StreamTube spec
      Update to new stream tube spec
      New style tubes don't have ides
      Call emp_cli_init in empathy_init
      Remove tube ID parameter, it's not used in the new tubes spec
      Remove the id parameter, it's no longer used
      Make empathy_tp_tube_accept_stream_tube more like underlying dbus function and hand errors to the caller
      Add EmpathyTubeDispatcher as a helper for dispatching tubes
      Add support for approving tubes
      Report errors when there is no tube handler or poking it fails
      Add a function to explicitly close EmpathyTpCall
      Add support for approving video channels
      Initialize with a EmpathyTpCall instead of a TpChannel and explicitly close the
      DIspatch streamed media channels
      Add code to request a streamed media channel
      Add a function to explicitly set the remote candidate on outgoing calls instead of relying on the group interface
      Add a utility function to start a call to a contact
      Use the new call utility function to start calls
      Remove dead code
      Completely move to Telepathy coding style
      Fix coding style, user the right unique name
      Make coding style consistent with the rest of the file
      More style fixes
      Don't initialise variables by calling functions when declaring them
      Style fixes
      Style fixes
      Style fixes
      No need to call empathy_run_until_ready, the DispatchOperation already ensured it's ready
      Always check if the passed operation is actually a dispatch operation
      Use gulongs to save signal handler ids
      Also free the approvals list
      Move the dispatcher to the new singleton policy
      Remove some dead code
      Don't close channels as a side-effect of disposing wrapper objects
      Add empathy-tube-dispatch to POTFILES.in
      Convert EmpathyChatroomManager to the new singleton convention
      Initialise the chatroom manager from empathy itself
      Don't unref the TpGroup twice
      Make the dispatch operation _get_ functions not return a ref
      Let a chatroom keep a reference to a its TpChat if applicable
      Add weak object, destroy notify and error reporting to empathy_contact_call_when_ready
      Free ready callbacks in finalize
      Make the error in the call_when_ready callback const
      Port to the new empathy_call_when_ready api
      Correctly define the invalidated signal
      Remove approvals when the underlying operation got invalidated
      Ignore approval that happen after the operation was approved
      Add extension for new-style DBus tubes
      Add support for DBus tubes
      Handle Dbus Tubes and ignore non p2p channels
      Don't use the old style TpTubeType
      Only show pending messages after the log and explain why show_pending_messages is there when tp-chat gets set
      Update the python bindings
      Ignore requested channels we didn't request except for text channels, also ignore deprecated channels types and channels for which it doesn't make sense to handle them unless they were requested
      empathy_tube_dispatch_show_error: give a format to gtk_message_dialog_new to make compiler happy
      Only unref things in dispose
      Update API doc.
      Update pyhton binding
      Correctly align \ characters
      Correct little coding style
      Remove dead code
      Fix some errors made when rebasing on master
      Do not generate marshallers in src/, it is not needed.
      Update gitignore
      Use tp_channel_borrow_connection instead of g_object_get. This fix a leak.
      Add a FIXME telling that there is a leak, not sure how to plug it, that code will be removed soon anyway.
      mission_control_get_tpconnection returns a new ref, don't forget to unref the connection.
      If channel is invalidated before being ready, the error is handled in invalidated_cb, so we can return directly in ready_cb.
      Remove useless goto
      Remove useless spaces in message.
      Clean some coding style
      Bump needed version of telepathy-glib to 0.7.19
      Remove useless include of empathy-tp-group.h
      Remove some usage of EmpathyTpGroup from EmpathyTpChat
      EmpathyContact keeps a ref to the factory.
      Remove usage of EmpathyTpGroup from EmpathyTpCall.
      Do not unref the channel when closing it, wait for the invalidated signal.
      When sending files, make sure the connection is ready before making sure the contact is ready.
      EmpathyDispatcher: make style somewhat more consistent.
      empathy_mission_control_new -> dup_singleton.
      Update python bindings.
      Fix building, there were a missing _new ->_dup_singleton.
      Removed extensions.h inclusion in public API.
      EmpathyDispatcher: Handle File channels that we didn't request.
      Add a source field to specify the name of the account source. (Stephane Wirtel)
      Removed trailing space. Fixes bug #566549 (Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle)
      Do not translate "gtk-ok", "gtk-cancel" etc. Fixes bug #566676 (Lucas Lommer).
      Update the user documentation (Milo Casagrande).
      Renamed G_STR_EMPTY to EMP_STR_EMPTY.
      Removed unused G_STR_EMPTY from empathy-ui-utils.h.
      Replace G_STR_EMPTY in newly added code too.
      accounts_dialog_button_create_clicked_cb: if, for some reason, mc_account_create failed, early return instead of crashing
      \n is also a delimiter for URLs.
      Also accept sftp as URL scheme.
      Update gitignore
      add libnotify configure check
      initialize libnotify
      show notification on new event
      add notify uninit
      generify notification; add idle activation of event
      uninit linotify after unrefing status icon
      mimic tooltip and icon notifications; unref any outstanding notification
      Use PACKAGE_NAME instead of hardcoding "empathy" on notify_init ().
      Require latest libnotify. Don't crash when clicking the notification.
      Adapt the status icon message to the new API.
      Insert an image in the notify baloon.
      Fix indentation.
      Split the event description into header and message body.
      If the notification is not dismissed by the user, do not display other notifications for new incoming messages.
      Add a preference UI for notifications.
      Modify code to handle new preferences.
      Implement a logic for disabling notifications when away.
      Don't update the event if the notification can't be shown.
      W.I.P. for notifications on chat window.
      Break after the event has been found.
      Make notifications for unfocused chat windows work properly.
      Add a convenience function to avoid hacks when getting the pixbuf from the icon name.
      Fix indentation.
      Initialize GError to NULL before using it.
      Make possible to use libnotify 0.4.4, to not force the usage of too recent distributions.
      Add libnotify dep to src/ only.
      Fix coding style.
      Move empathy_notification_is_enabled () to src/
      Fix order or params in chat_window_show_or_update_notification ().
      Escape message body with g_markup_escape_text before pushing it to the notification.
      Unref the notification after it has been closed.
      Add an enum to define notification close reason.
      Use the avatar for all the events with a contact.
      Update the pixbuf when we receive an event update.
      Always check if notifications are enabled when we update them.
      Factor out some common code.
      Add a comment explaining why we activate the event in an idle.
      Prefix "Empathy" to the notification enum.
      We skip .5 and go directly to .90
      Allow the dispatcher to be freed once a request is finished.
      Use g_list_prepend instead of g_list_append.
      update Makefile.am
      add selector .c and .h files
      update copyright and authors
      update authors
      fix initial active contact problem; add blank contact, hide on popup, remove on selection and re-add on removal of active; generalise get_iter_for_contact
      fix widget sensitivity
      do not add blank when popup showing; add blank when popup becomes hidden and nothing active
      use EmpathyContactListStore directly
      include empathy-contact-list-store.h in empathy-contact-selector.h
      include config.h
      fix contact list store sorting
      improve function to find iter for blank contact
      add unset blank contact function
      move get blank iter function
      consolidate blank contact management
      consolidate sensitivity management
      add function to find number of online contacts; fix sensitivity management
      unref contact list store on dispose
      remove finalize function
      unref store once only
      conform to GET_PRIV style
      update libempathy-gtk.types
      rename set and unset functions
      add translation function call
      remove redundant flag
      Added argument checking to non-static functions.
      Added Elliot's empetit test program.
      Small coding style and name changes.
      Use the new _dup_singleton function instead of _new.
      Updated empetit to use the new dispatcher.
      Remove unnecessary casts and macros.
      Use dispose_run in EmpathyContactSelector.
      Use gtk_tree_model_get_iter_first instead of going through GtkTreePath.
      Don't get a cast to EmpathyContactSelector when it's not needed.
      Reorganize the constructor to avoid some casts and to avoid complex inline initializations.
      Move public methods at the bottom.
      Explicit check.
      Use gtk_main_quit as the destroy callback.
      Make empathy_contact_selector_new return a GtkWidget* to conform to GTK+.
      Use gtk_tree_store_insert_with_values.
      Simplified loops in contact_selector_get_{number_online_contacts,iter_for_blank_contact}.
      Unref the temp contact appropriately.
      Use g_signal_connect_swapped and remove useless functions.
      Use empathy_gtk_init.
      Don't call a function in a variable declaration.
      Removed old FIXME.
      Pass an EmpathyContactList to _new and create the store from that.
      Removed dispatcher dup as it's been fixed.
      Rename _get_selected to _dup_selected and make sure the contact is unrefed.
      Use contact-list property and create the store in the constructor.
      Add a message format for gtk_message_dialog_new
      Fix dispatching of tubes: stream tubes vs D-Bus tubes
      Postprocess the pyempathygtk.defs
      regenerated pyempathy.defs
      Postprocess so interfaces won't get defined as objects
      Add empathy-contact-selector to POTFILES.in.
      Re-add "--version" option from command line.
      More work on the help, thanks to Milo Casagrande.
      Allow Empathy to be built from outside the source tree.
      Fix some i18n issues in main().
      Update python binding
      Bump LT version
      Update NEWS
      Fix authors of fixed bugs
      Update NEWS
      Add needed modules check
      Add a space between the function name and the (void)
      Update doc
      Fix naming of macros to be consistent with the class name
      Update python bindings

yairhr (1):
      updated hebrew translation

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