[brasero] Created tag BRASERO_2_27_4

The signed tag 'BRASERO_2_27_4' was created.

Tagger: Luis Medinas <lmedinas gnome org>
Date: Tue Jul 14 02:45:28 2009 +0100

    Tagged for 2.27.4 release

Changes since the last tag 'BRASERO_2_27_2':

Chao-Hsiung Liao (1):
      Updated Traditional Chinese translation(Hong Kong and Taiwan)

Claude Paroz (1):
      Updated French translation

Daniel Nylander (3):
      Updated sv translation (Daniel Nylander)
      Updated Swedish translation
      Updated Swedish translation

Jorge Gonzalez (6):
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation

Jorge González (2):
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation

Luis Medinas (4):
      Update release to 2.27.3 and write NEWS.
      Add libbrasero-burn.pc to make it installable.
      Update NEWS for 2.27.4 release
      Add mention to libbrasero-media bump for packagers

Mario Blättermann (1):
      Updated German translation

Mark Krapivner (1):
      Updated Hebrew translation

Mattias Põldaru (4):
      Updating Estonian translation
      Updating Estonian translation
      Updating Estonian translation
      Updating Estonian translation

Maxim V. Dziumanenko (1):
      Updated Ukrainian translation

Philippe Rouquier (128):
      Fix a crash when there is no medium inserted
      Fix a crash when there is no error
      Display the size that would be used by the data to burn in the combo box
      Fix image format retrieval which failed after several images had been selected
      Fix #582519 â?? In nautilus copy disc should have a disc as default target instead of an iso file
      Improvements to medium choosing combo
      Convert brasero-drive-properties to use BraseroBurnSession directly
      Fix #554201 â?? Project size graph in stat
      Fix #583458 â?? brasero configure switches only disables options
      Hide the combo box in the side pane if there is just one item (this hides the close button as well)
      Fix for #583649 â?? Wrong translatable strings in burn-job.c
      Add NetBSD support to libbrasero-media
      Properly scale background images when printing
      Fix function not returning the number of available formats
      Remove joliet option from the burn option dialog (except for nautilus extension) and ask the user in the data project if he wants joliet or not
      Fix #584538 â?? Make time unit formatting completely translatable
      Make the joliet request into a dialog not a single message included in the app as this is critical
      Make results returned by BraseroIO be serialized for each objects
      Create gitignore files and included gtk.mk in the tree to automatically generate them
      Fix build of nautilus burn extension
      First commit
      Second Attempt
      Remove joliet option from the burn option dialog (except for nautilus extension) and ask the user in the data project if he wants joliet or not
      Remove the oversize signal from BraseroDataSession and others as it's now handled by BraseroSessionCfg
      Removed BraseroBurnOptions use
      Make the selection combo lock automatically if MERGE/APPEND flags are set
      Moved video project to use a BraseroSessionCfg instead of its own treemodel
      Fix a wrong signal use
      Allow to add the video files from a directory
      Fix project type switching
      Fix a memory leak
      Ported audio project to use the same GtkTreeModel backend as video project
      New layout for the UI:
      Fix build for nautilus extension
      make the Clear project button work again
      Fix progress bar when it is not possible to determine the position in the stream while transcoding a video
      Detach Video project from session (disconnect the signals handlers) when it's not the active project in use
      Disconnect signal handlers from session when audio project is not the current one
      Quiet some warnings with video project
      Fix the default name for a video project (that appeared with the default AUDIO project name)
      Fix several warnings
      Make burn button appear for images
      Make image type selection actually work when writing an image
      Avoid having error after reprobing which was caused by the disc selection widget
      Remove unnecessary function and set image filter active when choosing an icon for the image
      Fix for building nautilus extension
      Fix for building brasero after last merge
      Last fix for building
      Fix a warning and don't ask the user about saving the project if it was the last saved project
      Don't show expanders for loading nodes in data project
      Try to improve progress reporting when transcoding
      Remove some dead code and make sure the help widget is shown when emptying a data project
      Update POTFILES.in
      Unref the session object when project type changes
      Unref session in name display widget
      Fix project loading/saving
      Don't add a file to the first folder if nothing is selected
      Fix #582261 â?? brasero shows 0% done, while continues burning disc
      Don't set DAO for DVDs
      Add checks for disc flags
      Make the widget to select discs the same size as the button on the right
      Fix use of functions that were only in brasero not in nautilus extension
      Fix a few strings
      Fix double unref in nautilus extension
      Make the icon selection appear in the GtkEntry with nautilus extension
      Fix 582513 â?? Bogus VIDEO_TS directory error if AUDIO_TS directory present
      Fix #573805 â?? "Increase compatibility with Windows systems"?
      Fix #585190 â?? remove 0 from 03 % status
      Fix #586744 â?? Use AS_HELP_STRING for configure switches
      Fix build that had been broken by a former patch
      Fix #584793 â?? Poor language in warning dialog when attempting to burn an audio CD onto a CDRW
      Fix #580617 â?? Brasero floods .xsession-errors log with "Unknown (or already deleted) monitored directory" warnings
      Fix #563501 â?? Brasero burning window shouldn't try to show drive speed while is converting audio files
      Fix #485719 â?? Burn dialog CD icon
      Try to use Gdrive as much as possible as a first step to move away from HAL
      Remove dead code
      Fix a problem with displaying the amount of free space on DVD+R (and probably all kinds of blank media)
      Fix memleak
      Fix memleak
      Fix memleak with growisofs
      Fix memleak
      Change height of GtkEntry to match the ones of the selector and button below it
      Fix #585481 â?? Deep hierarchy warning
      Fix #554070 â?? The need of a "replace all" and "replace non" button
      Fix a warning
      Fix #582461 â?? Brasero hangs at normalizing tracks
      Fix for a possible crash with an unitialized variable
      Fix #587284 â?? nautilus hangs every time
      Display data project contents when a new empty directory is created while help is being shown
      Try to fix a couple of problems between libisofs and symlinks
      Fix #574093 â?? Caret visible in instructions for project creation
      Add video options back to the options dialog when we burn to a disc
      Don't show autodetect in image type chooser when it's representing the output of the image the user wants to create
      When burning a video image don't let the user choose between cue, iso image but between SVCD, VCD or DVD video image which is probably clearer
      Set focus on the disc name entry by default
      Improve alignment of image type widget with all other widget from GtkFileChooser
      Killed some warnings
      Properly load video project
      Make sure the BraseroImageProperties respect the video image type that is set in the session
      Make the Image option dialog behave like the Drive option dialog (read hide main window)
      Don't use udi anymore when creating or scanning for drives but a GDrive instead
      Add a way to check whether a medium can be blanked through MMC commands
      Remove brasero_drive_new () as we don't need it
      Use MMC command to get the drive capabilities instead of HAL
      Remove useless private API
      Remove use of HAL from the medium monitor
      lock/unlock drive tray through MMC commands and not HAL
      Fix #581742 â?? port from HAL to DeviceKit-disks
      Don't use udi anymore when creating or scanning for drives but a GDrive instead
      Remove brasero_drive_new () as we don't need it
      Remove unneeded files
      Have BraseroTrackDataCfg tell that something has changed when the contents of a previous session is being merged
      Fix previous session loading and unloading in data project
      Fix #573801 â?? Bad error message when burning empty burn:///
      Patch to address some of the string issues raised in #573486 â?? Various i18n and string issues
      Fix #573486 â?? Various i18n and string issues for good
      Fix license headers for all files that could be linked to an application (that is all files included in a brasero library)
      Fix #587399 â?? License clarification
      Fix #587554 â?? Unclear meaning of text
      Fix #582979 â?? brasero should not include Categories in mime handler .desktop files
      Fix #586040 â?? duplicated command listed in open-with dialog
      Remove the labels in front of the name widget and the medium selector
      Make extra sure the image type selection widget is not shown
      Updated version number for release
      Update library version to reflect changes in libbrasero-media
      Update forgotten version number
      Updated NEWS
      Remove plural to make strings more coherent

Runa Bhattacharjee (1):
      Merged the Bengali India Translations

Tomasz Dominikowski (1):
      Updated Polish translation

Vincent Untz (1):
      Fix uninitialized variable

drtvasudevan (5):
      Updated Tamil translation
      Updated Tamil translation
      Updated Tamil translation
      Updated Tamil translation
      Updated Tamil translation

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