[orca] Created tag ORCA_2_27_4

The unsigned tag 'ORCA_2_27_4' was created.

Tagger: Willie Walker <william walker sun com>
Date: Mon Jul 13 14:08:49 2009 -0400

    Tag for Orca v2.27.4

Changes since the last tag 'ORCA_2_27_3':

Francisco Javier Dorado Martinez (tiflolinux) (1):
      Updated Spanish translation

Gabor Kelemen (2):
      Hungarian translation updated by Attila Hammer
      Hungarian translation updated

Joanmarie Diggs (13):
      Remainder of the fix for bug 574720
      Fix for bug #583811
      Fix for bug 585871.
      Partial fix for bug 568658
      Rest of the fix for bug 568658
      Fix for bug 586580 - Orca repeats the coordinates of Calc cells.
      Fix for bug 584837
      Fix for bug 587794
      Fix for bug 584263
      Fix for bug 588344 - Missed text on a page in Firefox
      New regression test.
      Fix for bug 584540 - Orca should not duplicate images and lines of text on facebook
      Fix for RFE/Bug 588403 - Implement ability to route the mouse pointer without clicking

Lucas Lommer (1):
      Updated cs translation

Maxim V. Dziumanenko (1):
      Updated Ukrainian translation

Mesar Hameed (17):
      applying patch 0.1
      Work on 570658, all for speechGenerator has been implemented. The regression tests would fail in some instances where we have diffrences in spacing. Not actually tested, just theory.
      fixing typo.
      committing Wills patch, 134461
      fixed problems with modified altspeechgenerator,, now giving 'speech' as first arg to every call.
      associating funcs with acss
      adding in _getTutorial in altspeechgenerator, works fine :)
      overriding the dict.update, for our formatting.py, because we need to murge trees.
      Delt with gnome-window-properties's speech_generator.
      Updated planner script to use formatting, and modified speech_generator to match.
      updated evolution script, speech_generator, added in formatting.py.
      Revert "updated evolution script, speech_generator, added in formatting.py."
      Updated evolution script, added formatting.py and updated speech_generator.py.
      updated gcalctool speech_generator.
      corrections and updates.
      Simplified evolution formatting and speech_generator.
      Moved _overrideRole and _restoreRole into speechGenerator class, to allow the scripts easy access.

Willie Walker (104):
      Remove forceRole stuff in favor of just keeping a 'role' in the args.
      Remove the 'format' field from args - it's no longer needed.
      Fix syntax errors.  No runtime checking yet.
      Anal retentive \ checking.
      Continue work on embedding ACSS in the speech results.
      Embed 'voice', 'obj', and 'role' in the globals for interpreting format.
      Temporarily tie in speaking the alternate speech with ACSS's
      Move us over to the new speech generator, eliminating the old one.
      Remove already_focused as an explicit parameter to getSpeech
      Change file permissions back.
      Change permissions back.
      Add in speech context as part of formatting and speech generation.
      Add _getRealTableCell to clean the code up some.  Also add "blank" for empty cells.
      Treat tree tables like tables
      Un-DOSify (i.e., remove ^M's) and pylint
      Simplify planner script
      Work on rhythmbox speech generator
      Prevent headers from being spoken twice when you traverse them
      Change permissions back
      Fix issue with no speech when changing combobox values
      Fix issue with where am I referring to an old method
      Update regression tests up to role_radio_button.py
      More work on migrating regression tests to new speech generator
      Fix formatting.py to only output relevant changed information for table cells
      Finish migration of regression tests to new speech generator
      Migrate pidgin script to new speech generator
      Begin porting Gecko's speech generator
      Actually hook the Gecko formatting module up (duh).
      Don't output information for non-ARIA tables
      Fix speaking of combo boxes
      Work on Gecko "link image" presention for speech
      Add ROLE_ENTRY format
      Get line_nav_bugzilla_search.py running w/o failures
      More work on Gecko regression tests
      Back out mistaken commit that forces application to firefox
      Only use uppercase voice if the word is longer than 1 character
      More work on image links
      Migrate tests to new speech generator
      Handle case where parent == None
      Work on Gecko flat review and say all tests
      Add special formatting for link to avoid selected text being spoken
      Move getRoleName from Gecko to default area
      More work on Gecko tests
      Retrieve role name as a string and not an array
      Fix getting the label for XUL combo boxes
      Migrate Gecko's XUL tests to the new speech generator
      Allow progress bar interval to go to 0
      Allow the getting the rolename to be forced
      Migrate the moz_* tests of the Gecko regression tests
      Force speech generator to give us a list item role
      Port html tests for Gecko to the new speech generator
      Provide a line of debug to let us know why we printed the stack
      Get most of the ARIA regression tests working
      Treat dialogs like alerts
      Don't ever speak a role of 'unknown'
      Finish porting the ARIA tests
      Port Java script to the new speech generator
      Port Thunderbird speech generator to new speech generator
      Make speech generator files be speech_generator.py for consistency
      More speechgenerator.py -> speech_generator.py work
      Do a deep copy of the static dictionary in formatting.py
      Initial pass on OOo speech generator
      Fix speaking of spreadsheet cell contents
      Add docs to speech_formatting.py
      Update docs to reflect some more WDW thoughts
      Move _getVoice logic to _presentObject and make it work better with
      Merge branch 'master' into 570658
      Split ../keystrokes/oocalc/bug_363804 into two tests
      Fix for bgo#561452 - Factor out included "louis" C extension
      Prevent stack trace when contracted braille is being used
      Fix for bgo#586123 - remove src/louis/constants.py.in from POTFILES.in
      Patch for bgo#585870 - Gecko's clumpUtterances method probably can be removed
      Use obj.parent as fallback for computing position in a list
      Fix for bgo#586385 - When I using where am I function with Openoffice.org Calc, the spoken row and column information are not marked for translation
      Fix for bgo#Bug 568696 - locus of focus changes when updating list of files in nautilus
      Fix for bgo#584796 - Invoking the application specific preferences for Orca when in the Orca Quit dialog freezes speech
      Fix for bgo#585103 - Inconsistent behavior of flat review
      Adjust test for pauses added before mnemonics
      More work on bgo#575614 - Please add speakable characters: â?? and â??
      Catch error where speech_generator method was being called the old way
      Fix for bgo#585897 - Pronunciation substitution can miss words due to word delimiters
      Merge branch 'master' into 570658
      Make a generator.py:Generator superclass for the generators
      Make a generator.py:Generator superclass for the generators
      Work on bgo#491756 - Performance Metabug
      Work on bgo#491756 - Performance Metabug
      Pylinting via a machine where pylint doesn't crash
      Merge branch 'master' into 570658
      Merge branch 'master' into 570658
      Cache keybinding info in the generator cache
      Move some strings to settings.py; move some speech_generator.py methods to generator.py
      Mark as Orca v2.27.4pre so as not to confuse some people building from source
      Fix for doo#9676 - Orca fails to launch
      Ignore typical output files obtained when running the tests
      Merge braille generator refactor (bgo#570658)
      Honor settings.enableBrailleContext (work on bgo#570658)
      Handle situation where users customized indicators incorrectly
      Fix for bgo#583199 - orca should not hang itself, or the desktop when brltty is killed
      Allow certain roles to be displayed even in brief braille mode
      Latent work for bgo#400729 - Orca should provide support for general audio
      Provisional work on bgo#585417 - Allow pauses to be inserted in speech output
      Enable Attila's prosody patch by default to allow more user testing
      Prep for Orca v2.27.4

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