[glibmm] Created tag glibmm-2.21.2

The signed tag 'glibmm-2.21.2' was created.

Tagger: Jonathon Jongsma <jonathon quotidian org>
Date: Mon Jul 13 11:32:37 2009 -0500

    glibmm release 2.21.2

Changes since the last tag 'glibmm-2.21.1':

Daniel Elstner (3):
      Treat empty Glib::spawn*() working dir as unset
      Remove stray semicolons
      Remove dead --enable-fulldocs option

Jonathon Jongsma (11):
      Fix build with glib from master
      wrap a couple added GDrive methods
      Wrap g_drive_eject_with_operation() and related functions
      implement GDrive::stop-button signal
      implement Gio::InetAddress::get_native_size()
      Implement Gio::Mount::mount/eject_with_operation()
      implement Gio::Volume::eject_with_operation()
      fix accidental bug in Gio::Drive::eject() that the compiler warned me about
      implement Gio::VolumeMonitor::drive-stop-button
      Bumped version / NEWS for release 2.21.2
      fix release targets in makefile for git transition

José Alburquerque (1):
      Use references to store casts in glibmm_valuearray test.

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