[epiphany-extensions] Created tag 2.27.4

The unsigned tag '2.27.4' was created.

Tagger: Xan Lopez <xan gnome org>
Date: Mon Jul 13 00:36:05 2009 +0300


Changes since the last tag 'GNOME_2_22_BRANCHPOINT':

Alexander Shopov (1):
      Updated Bulgarian translation by Yavor Doganov <yavor gnu org>

Alp Toker (2):
      Port Greasemonkey extension to WebKit
      Make auto-scroller extension work with WebKit

Amitakhya Phukan (2):
      Added as to LINGUAS and adding Assamese translations.
      Adding Assamese file

Changwoo Ryu (1):
      Updated Korean translation

Christian Persch (13):
      Post branching version update
      Allow building with xr 1.9
      Don't use internal strings on xr 1.9.
      Exorcise gecko.
      Adapt to new epiphany/epiphany.h header inclusion policy.
      Fix distcheck with intltool 0.40.0
      Remove po/ChangeLog, and depend on intltool 0.40.4 for svn builds
      Dist the old help/ChangeLog file
      Enable maintainer mode by default
      Version update
      Typo fix
      Dist the .glade, not the generated .ui file

Claude Paroz (2):
      Improved French translation.
      Various typos and syntax corrections. Added fr to DOC_LINGUAS. Added

Clytie Siddall (1):
      Updated Vietnamese translation

Cosimo Cecchi (3):
      Use gtk_bin_get_child () to get the GtkMozEmbed.
      Use gtk_bin_get_child () to get the GtkMozEmbed. Bug #521880.
      Use and enforce single header includes for GTK+ and GLib.

Daniel Nylander (1):
      Updated sv translation (Daniel Nylander)

Diego Escalante Urrelo (10):
      Fix changelog generation to consider only the current branch.
      Remove gnomevfs dep from favicon extension
      Reindent to 4 spaces like it should beâ?¢.
      Style fixes and tidying
      Don't show the CC eventbox on extension load
      Check for a license on extension load
      Avoid a corner case for _load_status_cb
      Initialize content_type to -1 before evaluating it
      Don't do single includes for GTK+
      actions: fix usage of format_secondary_text

Djihed Afifi (2):
      Updated Arabic Translation by Djihed Afifi.
      Updated Arabic Translation by Djihed Afifi.

Duarte Loreto (1):
      2009-03-01  Duarte Loreto <happyguy_pt hotmail com> Updated Portuguese translation by António Lima <amrlima gmail com>

Funda Wang (2):
      Updated zh_CN translation.
      Updated zh_CN translation.

Gabor Keleman (1):
      Hungarian translation updated

Gabor Kelemen (3):
      Translation updated
      Translation updated.
      Translation updated.

Gil Forcada Codinachs (1):
      Updated Catalan translation by David  Planella

Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio (2):
      Deleted repeated entries: sk, sq, sr, sr Latn and sv. Added 'eu' (Basque)
      Updated Basque translation.

Jorge Gonzalez Gonzalez (4):
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation
      Updated Spanish translation by Daniel Mustieles
      Updated Spanish translation by Daniel Mustieles

Kostas Papadimas (1):
      Updated Greek translation by Giannis Katsapiris

Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle (1):
      reviwed by: Diego Escalante Urrelo

Luca Ferretti (5):
      Import updated translation from 2.22 branch
      Update version and required epiphany version to 2.25. (Bug #562719)
      Single GTK+ includes for auto-reload extension. (Bug #562720)
      Single GTK+ includes for permissions extension. (Bug #562721)
      Single GTK+ includes for rss extension. (Bug #562722)

Mario Blättermann (4):
      Translation updated.
      Added German translation Added de to DOC_LINGUAS
      Translation updated. Translation updated. Screenshots added.
      Updated German Translation

Nikos Charonitakis (2):
      Added Greek translation by Giannis Katsampirhs <juankatsampirhs gmail com>
      Added Greek translation by Giannis Katsampirhs <juankatsampirhs gmail com>

Paul Cutler (1):
      Fixed documentation XML validity issue.

Per _Magnus_ Therning (1):
      Adding diigo backend.

Petr KováÅ? (1):
      po/POTFILES.in: Removed non-existing "extensions/sample-mozilla/sample-mozilla.ephy-extension.in.in". po/cs.po: Updated Czech translation by Lucas Lommer.

Philip Withnall (1):
      Updated British English translation by Jen Ockwell

Reinout van Schouwen (1):
      2008-07-28 Reinout van Schouwen <reinouts gnome org>

Runa Bhattacharjee (4):
      Added partially complete Bengali India Translations
      Added Bengali India (bn_IN) to the list of languages
      Updated Bengali India Translations
      Updated Bengali India Translations

Sandeep Shedmake (2):
      Updated Marathi Translations
      Added mr to LINGUAS

Shankar Prasad (2):
      Added Kannada translation and updated LINGUAS
      Updated Kannada translation

Sweta Kothari (2):
      Committed gujarati translation and added LINGUAS
      Comitted gu.po file

Takeshi AIHANA (1):
      Updated Japanese translation.

Theppitak Karoonboonyanan (1):
      Merged Thai translation from gnome-2-22 branch.

Xan Lopez (18):
      Port extensions-manager-ui to GtkBuilder.
      auto-reload, adblock: use WebKit API to reload, the embed API is gone.
      adblock: port to GtkBuilder.
      adblock: port to GRegex.
      Use ephy_gui_help instead of ephy_gui_help_with_doc_id, which is gone.
      Remove 'sample-mozilla' extension.
      favicon: remove backend variable, it's unused (and the function to get it is gone).
      POTFILES.skip: add .ui files.
      Add Pulse support.
      configure.ac: remove greasemonkey from default extensions.
      ephy-auto-scroller: adapt to new epiphany API.
      greasemonkey: port to GRegex from pcre.
      Update some extensions to new APIs.
      Adapt sidebar extension to new API.
      Remove python extensions.
      Add initial version of SoupFly.
      ephy-soup-fly-extension: fix compiler warning.
      Prepare for 2.27.4 release.

Yair Hershkovitz (1):
      updated hebrew translation

ifelix (2):
      Tamil translation updated
      Tamil translation updated

krishnababu k (2):
      Added one entry in LINGUAS file
      Updated Telugu Translations

miloc (2):
      Updated Italian translation by Francesco Marletta
      Updated Italian translation by Francesco Marletta

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