[gnote] Added Korean translation.

commit a601e77917f7ca9c97824e5484c5520886287597
Author: Changwoo Ryu <cwryu debian org>
Date:   Sun Jul 12 14:20:52 2009 +0900

    Added Korean translation.
    based on the Tomboy one.

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+# gnote korean translation.
+# This file is distributed under the same license as the gnote package.
+# Changwoo Ryu <cwryu debian org>, 2009.
+# Based on Tomboy translation.
+# Young-Ho Cha <ganadist gmail com>, 2006, 2007.
+# Changwoo Ryu <cwryu debian org>, 2007, 2008, 2009.
+# ì??ë¡? ë²?ì?­í??ì?  ë¶?ì?? ì??ë?? "translator-credits"ì?? ì¶?ê°?í??ì?¸ì??.
+# 주ì??:
+# - ì?´ í??ë¡?ê·¸ë?¨ì?? ì?´ë¦?ì?¸ Gnoteë?? "Gë?¸í?¸"ë¡? ì??ì?­.
+# - ì?´ í??ë¡?ê·¸ë?¨ì?? ì?´ë¦?ì?¸ Tomboyë?? "í?°ë³´ì?´"ë¡? ì??ì?­.
+msgid ""
+msgstr ""
+"Project-Id-Version: tomboy\n"
+"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2009-07-12 13:51+0900\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2009-07-12 14:19+0900\n"
+"Last-Translator: Changwoo Ryu <cwryu debian org>\n"
+"Language-Team: GNOME Korea <gnome-kr-hackers lists kldp net>\n"
+"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
+"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
+"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
+"Plural-Forms: nplurals=1; plural=0;\n"
+#: ../data/GNOME_GnoteApplet.server.in.in.h:1
+msgid "Accessories"
+msgstr "ë³´ì¡° í??ë¡?ê·¸ë?¨"
+#: ../data/GNOME_GnoteApplet.server.in.in.h:2 ../data/gnote.desktop.in.in.h:1
+msgid "Gnote"
+msgstr "G��"
+#: ../data/GNOME_GnoteApplet.server.in.in.h:3
+msgid "Gnote Applet Factory"
+msgstr "Gë?¸í?¸ ì? í??릿 í?©í? ë¦¬"
+#: ../data/GNOME_GnoteApplet.server.in.in.h:4
+msgid "Simple and easy to use note-taking"
+msgstr "ì?´ì?©í??기 ì?½ê³  ê°?ë?¨í?? 쪽ì§?"
+#: ../data/GNOME_GnoteApplet.xml.h:1 ../src/actionmanager.cpp:217
+msgid "_About"
+msgstr "ì ?ë³´(_A)"
+#: ../data/GNOME_GnoteApplet.xml.h:2 ../src/actionmanager.cpp:208
+#: ../src/tray.cpp:468
+msgid "_Help"
+msgstr "ë??ì??ë§?(_H)"
+#: ../data/GNOME_GnoteApplet.xml.h:3 ../src/actionmanager.cpp:205
+#: ../src/tray.cpp:463
+msgid "_Preferences"
+msgstr "기본 ��(_P)"
+#: ../data/gnote.desktop.in.in.h:2
+msgid "Note-taker"
+msgstr "쪽� ��기"
+#: ../data/gnote.desktop.in.in.h:3
+msgid "Take notes, link ideas, and stay organized"
+msgstr "쪽ì§?를 ì?°ê³ , ì??ì?´ë??ì?´ë¥¼ ì?°ê²°í??ê³ , ì ?리í?©ë??ë?¤"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:1
+msgid "Accept SSL Certificates"
+msgstr "SSL ì?¸ì¦?ì?? í??ì?©"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:2
+msgid "Create a new Note"
+msgstr "ì?? 쪽ì§? ë§?ë?¤ê¸°"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:3
+msgid "Custom Font Face"
+msgstr "ì?¬ì?©ì?? ê¸?ê¼´"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:4
+msgid "Determines X coordinate of Search window; stored on Gnote exit."
+msgstr "ê²?ì?? ì°½ì?? X ì¢?í??, Gë?¸í?¸ê°? ë??ë?  ë?? ì ?ì?¥í?©ë??ë?¤."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:5
+msgid "Determines Y coordinate of Search window; stored on Gnote exit."
+msgstr "ê²?ì?? ì°½ì?? Y ì¢?í??, Gë?¸í?¸ê°? ë??ë?  ë?? ì ?ì?¥í?©ë??ë?¤."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:6
+msgid "Determines pixel height of Search window; stored on Gnote exit."
+msgstr "ê²?ì?? ì°½ì?? í?½ì?? ë??ì?´, Gë?¸í?¸ê°? ë??ë?  ë?? ì ?ì?¥í?©ë??ë?¤."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:7
+msgid "Determines pixel width of Search window; stored on Gnote exit."
+msgstr "ê²?ì?? ì°½ì?? í?½ì?? ë??ë¹?, Gë?¸í?¸ê°? ë??ë?  ë?? ì ?ì?¥í?©ë??ë?¤."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:8
+msgid "Enable Auto bulleted lists"
+msgstr "ì??ë?? 목ë¡? ë§?ë?¤ê¸° ì?¬ì?©"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:9
+msgid "Enable Middle-Click Paste On Icon"
+msgstr "ì??ì?´ì½?ì?? ê°?ì?´ë?° ë?¨ì¶? ë¶?ì?¬ë?£ê¸° ì?¬ì?©"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:10
+msgid "Enable WikiWord highlighting"
+msgstr "ì??í?¤ë¬¸ë²? ê°?ì¡° ì?¬ì?©"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:11
+msgid "Enable closing notes with escape"
+msgstr "Esc �� 쪽� �기"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:12
+msgid "Enable custom font"
+msgstr "ì?¬ì?©ì?? ê¸?ê¼´ ì?¬ì?©"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:13
+msgid "Enable global keybindings"
+msgstr "ì ?ì²´ í?¤ë³´ë?? ë°?ë¡?ê°?기 ì?¬ì?©"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:14
+msgid "Enable spellchecking"
+msgstr "�춤��� �기"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:15
+msgid "Enable startup notes"
+msgstr "ì??ì?? 쪽ì§? ì?¬ì?©"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:16
+msgid ""
+"Enable this option if you want bulleted lists to be automatic when you place "
+"- or * at the beginning of a line."
+msgstr ""
+"ì?´ ì?µì??ì?? ì?¬ì?©í??ë©´ ì¤?ì?? ì??ì??í?  ë?? - í?¹ì?? * 문ì??를 ì?°ë©´ ì??ë??ì?¼ë¡? 목ë¡?ì?¼ë¡? ë°?ë??"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:17
+msgid ""
+"Enable this option if you want to be able to middle-click the Gnote icon to "
+"paste timestamped content into the Start Here note."
+msgstr "ì?´ ì?µì??ì?? ì?¬ì?©í??ë©´ Gë?¸í?¸ ì??ì?´ì½?ì?? ê°?ì?´ë?° ë?¨ì¶?를 ë??르면 ë³µì?¬í?? ë?´ì?©ì?? í??ì?¬ ì??ê°?ê³¼ ê°?ì?´ \"ì?¬ê¸°ì?? ì??ì??\" 쪽ì§?ì?? ë¶?ì?¬ë?£ì?µë??ë?¤."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:18
+msgid ""
+"Enable this option to highlight words ThatLookLikeThis. Clicking the word "
+"will create a note with that name."
+msgstr ""
+"ì?´ ì?µì??ì?? ì¼?ë©´ ThatLookLikeThis ê°?ì?? 문ì?¥ì?? ê°?ì¡°í?©ë??ë?¤. 문ì?¥ì?? ë??르면 ê·¸ ì?´ë¦?"
+"ì?? í?´ë?¹í??ë?? 쪽ì§?를 ë§?ë?¤ì?´ ì¤?ë??ë?¤."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:19
+msgid "FUSE Mounting Timeout (ms)"
+msgstr "FUSE ë§?ì?´í?¸ ì??ê°? ì ?í?? (ë°?리ì´?)"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:20
+msgid "HTML Export All Linked Notes"
+msgstr "HTML ë?´ë³´ë?´ê¸° - 모ë?  ì?°ê²°ë?? 쪽ì§?"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:21
+msgid "HTML Export Last Directory"
+msgstr "HTML ë?´ë³´ë?´ê¸° - ë§?ì§?ë§? ë??ë ?í?°ë¦¬"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:22
+msgid "HTML Export Linked Notes"
+msgstr "HTML ë?´ë³´ë?´ê¸° - ì?°ê²°ë?? 쪽ì§?"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:23
+msgid ""
+"If enable_custom_font is true, the font name set here will be used as the "
+"font when displaying notes."
+msgstr "enable_custom_fontì?´ ì°¸ì?´ë©´ ì?¬ê¸°ì?? ì?¤ì ?ë?? ê¸?ê¼´ë¡? 쪽ì§?를 ë??í??ë??ë??ë?¤."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:24
+msgid ""
+"If enabled, all notes that were open when Gnote quit will automatically be "
+"reopened at startup."
+msgstr "ì°¸ì?´ë©´ Gë?¸í?¸ê°? ë??ë? ë?? ì?´ë ¤ì??ë?? 모ë?  쪽ì§?ê°? ë?¤ì??ì?? ì??ì??í?  ë?? ì??ë??ì?¼ë¡? 모ë?? ì?´ë¦½ë??ë?¤."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:25
+msgid "If enabled, an opened note can be closed by hitting the escape key."
+msgstr "ì°¸ì?´ë©´ Esc í?¤ë¥¼ ë??ë ?ì?? ë?? ì?´ë ¤ ì??ë?? 쪽ì§?를 ë?«ì?µë??ë?¤."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:26
+msgid ""
+"If true, misspellings will be underlined in red, and correct spelling "
+"suggestions shown in the right-click menu."
+msgstr ""
+"ì°¸ì?´ë©´ ë§?춤ë²?ì?´ í??릴 ë?? 빨ê°?ì??ì?¼ë¡? ë³´ì?´ê³ , ì?¤ë¥¸ìª½ ë§?ì?°ì?¤ ë?¨ì¶?를 ë??르면 ì?¬ë°?"
+"른 ë§?춤ë²?ì?¼ë¡? ë?? ë?¨ì?´ê°? ë³´ì??ë??ë?¤."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:27
+msgid ""
+"If true, the desktop-global keybindings set in /apps/gnote/"
+"global_keybindings will be enabled, allowing for useful Gnote actions to be "
+"available from any application."
+msgstr "ì°¸ì?´ë©´ /apps/gnote/global_keybindingsì?´ ë?°ì?¤í?¬í?? ì ?ì²´ ë°?ë¡?ê°?기 í?¤ë¡? ì?¤ì ?ë??ë©° 모ë?  ì??ì?©í??ë¡?ê·¸ë?¨ì??ì?? Gë?¸í?¸ë¥¼ ì?¬ì?©í?  ì?? ì??ê²?ë?©ë??ë?¤."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:28
+msgid ""
+"If true, the font name set in custom_font_face will be used as the font when "
+"displaying notes. Otherwise the desktop default font will be used."
+msgstr ""
+"ì°¸ì?´ë©´ custom_font_faceì?? ì?¤ì ?ë?? ê¸?ê¼´ì?´ë¦?ì?´ 쪽ì§?를 ë³´ì?´ë?? 기본 ê¸?ê¼´ë¡? ë?©ë??"
+"ë?¤. ê·¸ë ?ì§? ì??ì?¼ë©´ ë?°ì?¤í?¬í?? 기본 ê¸?ê¼´ë¡? 쪽ì§?를 ë³´ì?¬ì¤?ë??ë?¤."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:29
+msgid ""
+"Integer determining the minimum number of notes to show in the Gnote note "
+msgstr "Gë?¸í?¸ 쪽ì§? ë©?ë?´ì?? í??ì??í?  쪽ì§?ì?? ìµ?ì?? ê°?ì??를 ê²°ì ?í??ë?? ì?«ì??."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:30
+msgid ""
+"Integer value indicating if there is a preference to always perform a "
+"specific behavior when a conflict is detected, instead of prompting the "
+"user. The values map to an internal enumeration. 0 indicates that the user "
+"wishes to be prompted when a conflict occurs, so that they may handle each "
+"conflict situation on a case-by-case basis."
+msgstr ""
+"충ë??ì?´ ë°?ì??í??ì?? ë?? ì?¬ì?©ì??ì??ê²? í??ì?¸í??ì§? ì??ê³  ì§?ì ?í?? ë°©ì??ë??ë¡? ì??í??í??ë?? ì§? ì?¬ë¶?"
+"를 ë??í??ë?´ë?? ì ?ì?? ê°?. ì?´ ê°?ì?? ë?´ë¶?ì?? ì?´ê±°í??ì?? ë??í??ë??ë??ë?¤. ê°?ì?´ 0ì?´ë©´ 충ë??ì?´ ë°?"
+"ì??í??ì?? ë?? ì?¬ì?©ì??ì??ê²? í??ì?¸í?´ì?? 충ë?? ì??í?©ì?? ë?°ë?¼ ê°?ë³?ì ?ì?¼ë¡? ì²?리í?  ì?? ì??ì?µë??ë?¤."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:31
+msgid "List of pinned notes"
+msgstr "ê³ ì ?í?? 쪽ì§? 목ë¡?"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:32
+msgid "Minimum number of notes to show in menu"
+msgstr "ë©?ë?´ì??ì?? í??ì??í?  쪽ì§? ìµ?ë?? ê°?ì??"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:33
+msgid "Note Synchronization Conflict Saved Behavior"
+msgstr "쪽ì§? ë??기í?? 충ë?? ì ?ì?¥ ë°©ì??"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:34
+msgid "Open Recent Changes"
+msgstr "ë§?ì§?ë§?ì?¼ë¡? ë°?ë?? ê²? ì?´ê¸°"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:35
+msgid "Open Search Dialog"
+msgstr "ê²?ì?? ë??í??ì??ì?? ì?´ê¸°"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:36
+msgid "Open Start Here"
+msgstr "'ì?¬ê¸°ì?? ì??ì??' ì?´ê¸°"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:37
+msgid "Path on SSH server to Gnote synchronization directory (optional)."
+msgstr "SSH ì??ë²?ì??ì?? Gë?¸í?¸ ë??기í?? ë??ë ?í?°ë¦¬ì?? ê²½ë¡? (ì?µì??)."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:38
+msgid ""
+"Path to the synchronization server when using the filesystem synchronization "
+"service addin."
+msgstr "í??ì?¼ ì??ì?¤í?? ë??기í?? ì??ë¹?ì?¤ ì¶?ê°?기ë?¥ì?? ì?¬ì?©í?  ë?? ë??기í?? ì??ë²?ì?? ê²½ë¡?."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:39
+msgid "SSHFS Remote Synchronization Folder"
+msgstr "SSHFS ì??격 ë??기í?? í?´ë??"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:40
+msgid "SSHFS Remote Synchronization User Name"
+msgstr "SSHFS ì??격 ë??기í?? ì?¬ì?©ì?? ì?´ë¦?"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:41
+msgid "SSHFS Synchronization Server Port"
+msgstr "SSHFS ë??기í?? ì??ë²? í?¬í?¸"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:42
+msgid "SSHFS Synchronization Server URL"
+msgstr "SSHFS ë??기í?? ì??ë²? URL"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:43
+msgid "Saved height of Search window"
+msgstr "ê²?ì?? ì°½ì?? ë??ì?´ ì ?ì?¥"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:44
+msgid "Saved horizontal position of Search window"
+msgstr "ê²?ì?? ì°½ì?? ê°?ë¡? ì??ì¹? ì ?ì?¥"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:45
+msgid "Saved vertical position of Search window"
+msgstr "ê²?ì?? ì°½ì?? ì?¸ë¡? ì??ì¹? ì ?ì?¥"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:46
+msgid "Saved width of Search window"
+msgstr "ê²?ì?? ì°½ì?? ë??ë¹? ì ?ì?¥"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:47
+msgid "Selected Synchronization Service Addin"
+msgstr "ì? í??í?? ë??기í?? ì??ë¹?ì?¤ ì¶?ê°?기ë?¥"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:48
+msgid "Set to TRUE to activate"
+msgstr "í??ì?±ì??í?¤ë ¤ë©´ ì°¸ì?¼ë¡? ì?¤ì ?"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:49
+msgid "Show applet menu"
+msgstr "ì? í??릿 ë©?ë?´ ë³´ì?´ê¸°"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:50
+msgid "Start Here Note"
+msgstr "ì?¬ê¸°ì?? ì??ì?? 쪽ì§?"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:51
+msgid "Synchronization Client ID"
+msgstr "ë??기í?? í?´ë?¼ì?´ì?¸í?¸ ID"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:52
+msgid "Synchronization Local Server Path"
+msgstr "ë??기í?? ë¡?컬 ì??ë²? ê²½ë¡?"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:53
+msgid ""
+"The date format that is used for the timestamp. It follows the format of "
+msgstr "í??ì??ì?¤í?¬í??ì?? ì?¬ì?©í?  ì??ê°? í??ì??. strftime(3) í??ì??ì?? ë?°ë¦?ë??ë?¤."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:54
+msgid ""
+"The global keybinding for creating and displaying a new Note. The format "
+"looks like \"&lt;Control&gt;a\" or \"&lt;Shift&gt;&lt;Alt&gt;F1\". The "
+"parser is fairly liberal and allows lower or upper case, and also "
+"abbreviations such as \"&lt;Ctl&gt;\" and \"&lt;Ctrl&gt;\". If you set the "
+"option to the special string \"disabled\", then there will be no keybinding "
+"for this action."
+msgstr "ì?? 쪽ì§?를 ë§?ë?¤ê³  ë³´ì?¬ì¤? ë?? ì?¸ ë°?ë¡?ê°?기 í?¤. \"&lt;Control&gt;a\" ë??ë?? \"&lt;Shift&gt;&lt;Alt&gt;F1\" ê°?ì?? í??ì??ì?? ì??ë??ë?¤. ë??ì??문ì??ë?? ê°?리ì§? ì??ì?¼ë©° \"&lt;Ctl&gt;\"ì?? \"&lt;Ctrl&gt;\"ê°?ì?? ì?½ì?´ë¥¼ ì?¸ ì??ë?? ì??ì?µë??ë?¤. \"disabled\"ë?¼ê³  ì?¤ì ?í??ë©´ ë°?ë¡?ê°?기 í?¤ë¥¼ ì?°ì§? ì??ì?µë??ë?¤."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:55
+msgid ""
+"The global keybinding for opening the \"Start Here\" note. The format looks "
+"like \"&lt;Control&gt;a\" or \"&lt;Shift&gt;&lt;Alt&gt;F1\". The parser is "
+"fairly liberal and allows lower or upper case, and also abbreviations such "
+"as \"&lt;Ctl&gt;\" and \"&lt;Ctrl&gt;\". If you set the option to the "
+"special string \"disabled\", then there will be no keybinding for this "
+msgstr "\"ì?¬ê¸°ì?? ì??ì??\"ì?? ì?¸ ë°?ë¡?ê°?기 í?¤. \"&lt;Control&gt;a\" ë??ë?? \"&lt;Shift&gt;&lt;Alt&gt;F1\" ê°?ì?? í??ì??ì?? ì??ë??ë?¤. ë??ì??문ì??ë?? ê°?리ì§? ì??ì?¼ë©° \"&lt;Ctl&gt;\"ì?? \"&lt;Ctrl&gt;\"ê°?ì?? ì?½ì?´ë¥¼ ì?¸ ì??ë?? ì??ì?µë??ë?¤. \"disabled\"ë?¼ê³  ì?¤ì ?í??ë©´ ë°?ë¡?ê°?기 í?¤ë¥¼ ì?°ì§? ì??ì?µë??ë?¤."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:56
+msgid ""
+"The global keybinding for opening the Note Search dialog. The format looks "
+"like \"&lt;Control&gt;a\" or \"&lt;Shift&gt;&lt;Alt&gt;F1\". The parser is "
+"fairly liberal and allows lower or upper case, and also abbreviations such "
+"as \"&lt;Ctl&gt;\" and \"&lt;Ctrl&gt;\". If you set the option to the "
+"special string \"disabled\", then there will be no keybinding for this "
+msgstr "쪽ì§? ê²?ì?? ì°½ì?? ì?´ ë?? ì?¸ ë°?ë¡?ê°?기 í?¤. \"&lt;Control&gt;a\" ë??ë?? \"&lt;Shift&gt;&lt;Alt&gt;F1\" ê°?ì?? í??ì??ì?? ì??ë??ë?¤. ë??ì??문ì??ë?? ê°?리ì§? ì??ì?¼ë©° \"&lt;Ctl&gt;\"ì?? \"&lt;Ctrl&gt;\"ê°?ì?? ì?½ì?´ë¥¼ ì?¸ ì??ë?? ì??ì?µë??ë?¤. \"disabled\"ë?¼ê³  ì?¤ì ?í??ë©´ ë°?ë¡?ê°?기 í?¤ë¥¼ ì?°ì§? ì??ì?µë??ë?¤."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:57
+msgid ""
+"The global keybinding for opening the Recent Changes dialog. The format "
+"looks like \"&lt;Control&gt;a\" or \"&lt;Shift&gt;&lt;Alt&gt;F1\". The "
+"parser is fairly liberal and allows lower or upper case, and also "
+"abbreviations such as \"&lt;Ctl&gt;\" and \"&lt;Ctrl&gt;\". If you set the "
+"option to the special string \"disabled\", then there will be no keybinding "
+"for this action."
+msgstr "ìµ?ê·¼ ë°?ë?? ì°½ì?? ì?´ ë?? ì?¸ ë°?ë¡?ê°?기 í?¤. \"&lt;Control&gt;a\" ë??ë?? \"&lt;Shift&gt;&lt;Alt&gt;F1\" ê°?ì?? í??ì??ì?? ì??ë??ë?¤. ë??ì??문ì??ë?? ê°?리ì§? ì??ì?¼ë©° \"&lt;Ctl&gt;\"ì?? \"&lt;Ctrl&gt;\"ê°?ì?? ì?½ì?´ë¥¼ ì?¸ ì??ë?? ì??ì?µë??ë?¤. \"disabled\"ë?¼ê³  ì?¤ì ?í??ë©´ ë°?ë¡?ê°?기 í?¤ë¥¼ ì?°ì§? ì??ì?µë??ë?¤."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:58
+msgid ""
+"The global keybinding for showing the Gnote applet's menu. The format looks "
+"like \"&lt;Control&gt;a\" or \"&lt;Shift&gt;&lt;Alt&gt;F1\". The parser is "
+"fairly liberal and allows lower or upper case, and also abbreviations such "
+"as \"&lt;Ctl&gt;\" and \"&lt;Ctrl&gt;\". If you set the option to the "
+"special string \"disabled\", then there will be no keybinding for this "
+msgstr "Gë?¸í?¸ ì? í??릿 ë©?ë?´ë¥¼ ë³¼ ë?? ì?¸ ë°?ë¡?ê°?기 í?¤. \"&lt;Control&gt;a\" ë??ë?? \"&lt;Shift&gt;&lt;Alt&gt;F1\" ê°?ì?? í??ì??ì?? ì??ë??ë?¤. ë??ì??문ì??ë?? ê°?리ì§? ì??ì?¼ë©° \"&lt;Ctl&gt;\"ì?? \"&lt;Ctrl&gt;\"ê°?ì?? ì?½ì?´ë¥¼ ì?¸ ì??ë?? ì??ì?µë??ë?¤. \"disabled\"ë?¼ê³  ì?¤ì ?í??ë©´ ë°?ë¡?ê°?기 í?¤ë¥¼ ì?°ì§? ì??ì?µë??ë?¤."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:59
+msgid "The handler for \"note://\" URLs"
+msgstr "\"note://\" URLì?? ì²?리 í??ë¡?ê·¸ë?¨"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:60
+msgid ""
+"The last directory a note was exported to using the Export To HTML plugin."
+msgstr "HTML ë?´ë³´ë?´ê¸° í??ë?¬ê·¸ì?¸ì?¼ë¡? 쪽ì§?를 ë?´ë³´ë?¸ ë§?ì§?ë§? ë??ë ?í?°ë¦¬."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:61
+msgid ""
+"The last setting for the 'Export linked notes' checkbox in the Export to "
+"HTML plugin."
+msgstr ""
+"HTML ë?´ë³´ë?´ê¸° í??ë?¬ê·¸ì?¸ì??ì?? 'ì?°ê²°ë?? 쪽ì§? ë?´ë³´ë?´ê¸°' ì²´í?¬ë°?ì?¤ì?? ë§?ì§?ë§? ì?¤ì ?."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:62
+msgid ""
+"The last setting for the 'Include all other linked notes' checkbox in the "
+"Export to HTML plugin. This setting is used in conjunction with the 'HTML "
+"Export Linked Notes' setting and is used to specify whether all notes (found "
+"recursively) should be included during an export to HTML."
+msgstr ""
+"HTML ë?´ë³´ë?´ê¸° í??ë?¬ê·¸ì?¸ì??ì?? '기í?? ì?°ê²°ë?? 쪽ì§? 모ë?? í?¬í?¨' ì²´í?¬ë°?ì?¤ì?? ë§?ì§?ë§? ì?¤"
+"ì ?. ì?´ ì?¤ì ?ì?? 'HTML ë?´ë³´ë?´ê¸° - ì?°ê²°ë?? 쪽ì§?' ì?¤ì ?ê³¼ í?¨ê»? ì?¬ì?©í?´ì?? (ì?¬ê·?ì ?ì?¼ë¡? "
+"ë°?견ë??ë??) 모ë?  쪽ì§?를 HTMLë¡? ë?´ë³´ë?¼ ë?? í?¬í?¨í?  ì§? ì?¬ë¶?를 ì§?ì ?í?©ë??ë?¤."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:63
+msgid ""
+"The note URI of the note that should be considered the \"Start Here\" note, "
+"which is always placed at the bottom of the Gnote note menu and also "
+"accessible by hotkey."
+msgstr "\"ì?¬ê¸°ì?? ì??ì??\" 쪽ì§?ë¡? ì·¨ê¸?í?  쪽ì§?ì?? URI. ì?´ 쪽ì§?ë?? í?­ì?? Gë?¸í?¸ 쪽ì§? ë©?ë?´ì?? 맨 ì??ë??ì?? ì??ê³  ë?¨ì¶? í?¤ë¡?ë?? ì ?ê·¼í?  ì?? ì??ì?µë??ë?¤."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:64
+msgid "The port to use when connecting to the synchronization server via SSH."
+msgstr "SSH를 í?µí?? ë??기í?? ì??ë²?ì?? ì?°ê²°í?  ë?? ì?¬ì?©í?  í?¬í?¸."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:65
+msgid ""
+"Time (in milliseconds) Gnote should wait for a response when using FUSE to "
+"mount a sync share."
+msgstr ""
+"FUSEë¡? ë??기í??í?  ì??ì¹?를 ì?°ê²°í?  ë?? ì??ë?µì?? 기ë?¤ë¦¬ë?? ì??ê°? ì ?í?? (ë°?리ì´? ë?¨ì??)."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:66
+msgid "Timestamp format"
+msgstr "ì??ê°? í??ì??"
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:67
+msgid "URL of SSH server containing Gnote synchronization directory."
+msgstr "SSH ì??ë²?ì??ì?? Gë?¸í?¸ ë??기í?? ë??ë ?í?°ë¦¬ì?? URL."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:68
+msgid ""
+"Unique identifier for the currently configured note synchronization service "
+msgstr "ë??기í?? ì??ë¹?ì?¤ ì¶?ê°?기ë?¥ì?? ì?¤ì ?ë?? ì? ì?¼í?? ì?¸ì??ì??."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:69
+msgid ""
+"Unique identifier for this Gnote client, used when communicating with a "
+"sychronization server."
+msgstr "ë??기í?? ì??ë²?ì?? í?µì? í?  ë?? ì?¬ì?©ë??ë?? Gë?¸í?¸ í?´ë?¼ì?´ì?¸í?¸ì?? ì? ì?¼í?? ID."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:70
+msgid ""
+"Use wdfs option \"-ac\" to accept SSL certificates without prompting the "
+msgstr "wdfsì?? \"-ac\" ì?µì??ì?? ì?¬ì?©í?´ 물ì?´ë³´ì§? ì??ê³  SSL ì?¸ì¦?ì??를 í??ì?©í?©ë??ë?¤."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:71
+msgid "User name to use when connecting to the synchronization server via SSH."
+msgstr "SSH를 í?µí?? ë??기í?? ì??ë²?ì?? ì?°ê²°í?  ë?? ì?¬ì?©í?  ì?¬ì?©ì?? ì?´ë¦?."
+#: ../data/gnote.schemas.in.h:72
+msgid ""
+"Whitespace-separated list of note URIs for notes that should always appear "
+"in the Gnote note menu."
+msgstr "Gë?¸í?¸ 쪽ì§? ë©?ë?´ì?? í?­ì?? ë??í??ë?  쪽ì§?ì?? URI 목ë¡?, 공백ì?¼ë¡? 구ë¶?."
+#: ../src/sharp/addinstreemodel.cpp:64
+msgid "Name"
+msgstr "��"
+#: ../src/sharp/addinstreemodel.cpp:65
+msgid "Description"
+msgstr "��"
+#: ../src/actionmanager.cpp:170
+msgid "_File"
+msgstr "í??ì?¼(_F)"
+#: ../src/actionmanager.cpp:174
+msgid "_New"
+msgstr "ì??ë¡? ë§?ë?¤ê¸°(_N)"
+#: ../src/actionmanager.cpp:175 ../src/actionmanager.cpp:226
+msgid "Create a new note"
+msgstr "ì?? 쪽ì§?를 ë§?ë?­ë??ë?¤"
+#: ../src/actionmanager.cpp:180
+msgid "_Open..."
+msgstr "�기(_O)..."
+#: ../src/actionmanager.cpp:180
+msgid "Open the selected note"
+msgstr "ì? í??í?? 쪽ì§?를 ì?½ë??ë?¤"
+#: ../src/actionmanager.cpp:186
+msgid "_Delete"
+msgstr "ì?­ì ?(_D)"
+#: ../src/actionmanager.cpp:186
+msgid "Delete the selected note"
+msgstr "ì? í??í?? 쪽ì§?를 ì?­ì ?í?©ë??ë?¤"
+#: ../src/actionmanager.cpp:192 ../src/notewindow.cpp:376
+msgid "_Close"
+msgstr "�기(_C)"
+#: ../src/actionmanager.cpp:192
+msgid "Close this window"
+msgstr "ì?´ ì°½ì?? ë?«ì?µë??ë?¤"
+#: ../src/actionmanager.cpp:197 ../src/tray.cpp:480
+msgid "_Quit"
+msgstr "ë??ë?´ê¸°(_Q)"
+#: ../src/actionmanager.cpp:197
+msgid "Quit Gnote"
+msgstr "Gë?¸í?¸ ë??ë?´ê¸°"
+#: ../src/actionmanager.cpp:200
+msgid "_Edit"
+msgstr "��(_E)"
+#: ../src/actionmanager.cpp:205 ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:86
+msgid "Gnote Preferences"
+msgstr "G�� 기본 ��"
+#: ../src/actionmanager.cpp:212
+msgid "_Contents"
+msgstr "차�(_C)"
+#: ../src/actionmanager.cpp:212
+msgid "Gnote Help"
+msgstr "Gë?¸í?¸ ë??ì??ë§?"
+#: ../src/actionmanager.cpp:217
+msgid "About Gnote"
+msgstr "G�� �보"
+#: ../src/actionmanager.cpp:221
+msgid "TrayIcon"
+msgstr "í?¸ë ?ì?´ ì??ì?´ì½?"
+#: ../src/actionmanager.cpp:226
+msgid "Create _New Note"
+msgstr "ì?? 쪽ì§? ë§?ë?¤ê¸°(_N)"
+#: ../src/actionmanager.cpp:231 ../src/notewindow.cpp:328
+msgid "_Search All Notes"
+msgstr "모ë?  쪽ì§? ê²?ì??(_S)"
+#: ../src/actionmanager.cpp:231
+msgid "Open the Search All Notes window"
+msgstr "모ë?  쪽ì§? ê²?ì?? ì°½ì?? ì?½ë??ë?¤"
+#: ../src/actionmanager.cpp:236
+msgid "S_ynchronize Notes"
+msgstr "쪽ì§? ë??기í??(_Y)"
+#: ../src/actionmanager.cpp:236
+msgid "Start synchronizing notes"
+msgstr "쪽ì§? ë??기í??를 ì??ì??í?©ë??ë?¤"
+#: ../src/gnote.cpp:244
+msgid "Cannot create new note"
+msgstr "ì?? 쪽ì§?를 ë§?ë?¤ ì?? ì??ì?µë??ë?¤"
+#: ../src/gnote.cpp:288
+msgid "and Tomboy original authors."
+msgstr "ë°? í?°ë³´ì?´ ê°?ë°?ì??."
+#: ../src/gnote.cpp:297
+msgid "translator-credits"
+msgstr ""
+"ì°¨ì??í?¸ <ganadist gmail com>, 2005-2007\n"
+"�창� <cwryu debian org>, 2007, 2008, 2009"
+#: ../src/gnote.cpp:305
+msgid "Copyright © 2009 Hubert Figuiere"
+msgstr "Copyright © 2009 Hubert Figuiere"
+#: ../src/gnote.cpp:306
+msgid "A simple and easy to use desktop note-taking application."
+msgstr "ì?¬ì?©í??기 ì?½ê³  ê°?ë?¨í?? ë?°ì?¤í?¬í?? 쪽ì§? í??ë¡?ê·¸ë?¨."
+#: ../src/gnote.cpp:317
+msgid "Homepage"
+msgstr "í??í??ì?´ì§?"
+#: ../src/gnote.cpp:357
+msgid "A note taking application"
+msgstr "쪽ì§? ì²?리 í??ë¡?ê·¸ë?¨"
+#: ../src/gnote.cpp:365
+msgid "Run Gnote as a GNOME panel applet."
+msgstr "Gë?¸í?¸ë¥¼ ê·¸ë?? í?¨ë?? ì? í??릿ì?¼ë¡? ì?¤í??í?©ë??ë?¤."
+#: ../src/gnote.cpp:370
+msgid "Specify the path of the directory containing the notes."
+msgstr "쪽ì§?ê°? ë?¤ì?´ ì??ë?? ë??ë ?í?°ë¦¬ ê²½ë¡?를 ì§?ì ?í?©ë??ë?¤."
+#: ../src/gnote.cpp:375
+msgid "Open the search all notes window with the search text."
+msgstr "ê²?ì??ì?´ì?? ë??í?? 모ë?  쪽ì§? ê²?ì?? ì°½ì?? ì?½ë??ë?¤."
+#: ../src/gnote.cpp:380
+msgid "Print version information."
+msgstr "ë²?ì ? ë²?í?¸ë¥¼ í??ì??í?©ë??ë?¤."
+#: ../src/gnote.cpp:413
+msgid "Version %1%"
+msgstr "ë²?ì ? %1%"
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:104
+msgid "Editing"
+msgstr "í?¸ì§?í??기"
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:106
+msgid "Hotkeys"
+msgstr "���"
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:111
+msgid "Add-ins"
+msgstr "�� 기�"
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:184
+msgid "_Spell check while typing"
+msgstr "ì??ë ¥í?  ë?? ë§?춤ë²? ê²?ì?¬(_S)"
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:190
+msgid ""
+"Misspellings will be underlined in red, with correct spelling suggestions "
+"shown in the context menu."
+msgstr ""
+"ë§?춤ë²?ì?´ í??리면 빨ê°? ë°?ì¤?ì?´ ì³?ì§?ê³ , ì?¤ë¥¸ìª½ ë§?ì?°ì?¤ ë?¨ì¶?를 ë??르면 ë??ì?¤ë?? ë©?ë?´"
+"ì?? ì?¬ë°?른 ë?¨ì?´ 목ë¡?ì?´ ë??ì?µë??ë?¤."
+#. WikiWords...
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:201
+msgid "Highlight _WikiWords"
+msgstr "ì??í?¤ë¬¸ë²? ê°?ì¡°(_W)"
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:207
+msgid ""
+"Enable this option to highlight words <b>ThatLookLikeThis</b>. Clicking the "
+"word will create a note with that name."
+msgstr ""
+"ì?´ ì?µì??ì?? ì¼?ë©´ <b>ThatLookLikeThis</b>ê°?ì?? ë?¨ì?´ë¥¼ ê°?ì¡°í?©ë??ë?¤. ë?¨ì?´ë¥¼ ë??르면 "
+"ê·¸ ì?´ë¦?ì?? í?´ë?¹í??ë?? 쪽ì§?를 ë§?ë?¤ì?´ ì¤?ë??ë?¤."
+#. Auto bulleted list
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:214
+msgid "Enable auto-_bulleted lists"
+msgstr "ì??ë?? 목ë¡? ë§?ë?¤ê¸° ì?¬ì?©(_B)"
+#. Custom font...
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:222
+msgid "Use custom _font"
+msgstr "ì?¬ì?©ì?? ê¸?ê¼´ ì?¬ì?©(_F)"
+#. New Note Template
+#. Translators: This is 'New Note' Template, not New 'Note Template'
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:240 ../src/notemanager.cpp:107
+msgid "New Note Template"
+msgstr "ì?? 쪽ì§? í??í??리í?¸"
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:243
+msgid ""
+"Use the new note template to specify the text that should be used when "
+"creating a new note."
+msgstr ""
+"ì?? 쪽ì§? í??í??리í?¸ë¥¼ ì?´ì?©í?´ ì?? 쪽ì§?를 ë§?ë?¤ ë?? ì?¬ì?©í?  í??ì?¤í?¸ë¥¼ ì§?ì ?í?©ë??ë?¤."
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:252
+msgid "Open New Note Template"
+msgstr "ì?? 쪽ì§? í??í??리í?¸ ì?´ê¸°"
+#. Hotkeys...
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:310
+msgid "Listen for _Hotkeys"
+msgstr "��� ��(_H)"
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:317
+msgid ""
+"Hotkeys allow you to quickly access your notes from anywhere with a "
+"keypress. Example Hotkeys: <b>&lt;Control&gt;&lt;Shift&gt;F11</b>, <b>&lt;"
+msgstr ""
+"ë?¨ì¶?í?¤ë¥¼ ì?´ì?©í??ë©´ ì?´ë??ì??ë?? í?¤ë¥¼ ë??ë?¬ì?? 쪽ì§?ì?? ì?¬ë¹¨ë¦¬ ì ?ê·¼í?  ì?? ì??ì?µë??ë?¤. ì??"
+"� ���: <b>&lt;Control&gt;&lt;Shift&gt;F11</b>, <b>&lt;Alt&gt;N</b>"
+#. Show notes menu keybinding...
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:337
+msgid "Show notes _menu"
+msgstr "쪽� �� 보기(_M)"
+#. Open Start Here keybinding...
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:353
+msgid "Open \"_Start Here\""
+msgstr "\"ì?¬ê¸°ì?? ì??ì??\" ì?´ê¸°(_S)"
+#. Create new note keybinding...
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:368
+msgid "Create _new note"
+msgstr "ì?? 쪽ì§? ë§?ë?¤ê¸°(_N)"
+#. Open Search All Notes window keybinding...
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:383
+msgid "Open \"Search _All Notes\""
+msgstr "\"모ë?  쪽ì§? ê²?ì??\" ì?´ê¸°(_A)"
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:409
+msgid "Ser_vice:"
+msgstr "ì??ë¹?ì?¤(_V):"
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:466
+msgid "Not configurable"
+msgstr "ì?¤ì ? ì??ì??"
+#. "Advanced..." button to bring up extra sync config dialog
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:486
+msgid "_Advanced..."
+msgstr "고�(_A)..."
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:533
+msgid "The following add-ins are installed"
+msgstr "ì??ë??ì?? ê°?ì?? ì¶?ê°? 기ë?¥ì?´ ì?¤ì¹?ë??ì??ì?µë??ë?¤"
+#. TODO: In a future version, add in an "Install Add-ins..." button
+#. TODO: In a future version, add in a "Repositories..." button
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:564
+msgid "_Enable"
+msgstr "��(_E)"
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:570
+msgid "_Disable"
+msgstr "ì?¬ì?©í??ì§? ì??ì??(_D)"
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:699
+msgid "Not Implemented"
+msgstr "구í??ë??ì§? ì??ì??"
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:713
+msgid "%1% Preferences"
+msgstr "%1% 기본 ��"
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:854
+msgid "Choose Note Font"
+msgstr "쪽� �꼴 고르기"
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:949
+msgid "Version:"
+msgstr "ë²?ì ?:"
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:954
+msgid "Author:"
+msgstr "���:"
+#: ../src/preferencesdialog.cpp:960
+msgid "Copyright:"
+msgstr "ì ?ì??ê¶?:"
+#: ../src/notemanager.cpp:237
+msgid ""
+"<note-content xmlns:link=\"http://beatniksoftware.com/tomboy/link\";>Start "
+"<bold>Welcome to Gnote!</bold>\n"
+"Use this \"Start Here\" note to begin organizing your ideas and thoughts.\n"
+"You can create new notes to hold your ideas by selecting the \"Create New "
+"Note\" item from the Gnote Notes menu in your GNOME Panel. Your note will be "
+"saved automatically.\n"
+"Then organize the notes you create by linking related notes and ideas "
+"We've created a note called <link:internal>Using Links in Gnote</link:"
+"internal>.  Notice how each time we type <link:internal>Using Links in "
+"Gnote</link:internal> it automatically gets underlined?  Click on the link "
+"to open the note.</note-content>"
+msgstr ""
+"<note-content xmlns:link=\\\"http://beatniksoftware.com/tomboy/link\\\";>ì?¬ê¸°ì?? ì??ì??\n"
+"<bold>Gë?¸í?¸ë¥¼ ì?¬ì?©í??ê²? ë??ì?  ê²?ì?? í??ì??í?©ë??ë?¤!</bold>\n"
+"ë°?ë¡? ì?´ \"ì?¬ê¸°ì?? ì??ì??\" 쪽ì§?ì??ì??ë¶?í?° ì??ì?´ë??ì?´ì?? ì??ê°?ë?¤ì?? ì ?리í?´ ë??ê°?ì?­ì??ì?¤.\n"
+"ê·¸ë?? í?¨ë??ì?? Gë?¸í?¸ 쪽ì§? ë©?ë?´ì??ì?? \"ì?? 쪽ì§? ë§?ë?¤ê¸°\"를 ì? í??í??ë©´ ì??ë¡?ì?´ 쪽ì§?를 ë§?ë?¤ì?´ì?? 거기ì?? ì??기 ì??ì?´ë??ì?´ë¥¼ ì ?ì?? ì?? ì??ì?µë??ë?¤. 쪽ì§?ì?? ë?´ì?©ì?? ì??ë??ì?¼ë¡? ì ?ì?¥ë?©ë??ë?¤.\n"
+"그리고 ê´?ë ¨ë?? 쪽ì§?ì?? ê´?ë ¨ë?? ì??ì?´ë??ì?´ ì?¬ì?´ì?? ì?°ê²°ì?? ë§?ë?¤ì?´ì?? ì ?리í?´ ë??ê°?ì?­ì??ì?¤!\n"
+"<link:internal>Gë?¸í?¸ì??ì?? ì?°ê²° ì?¬ì?©í??기</link:internal>ë?¼ë?? 쪽ì§?ê°? ì??ì?µë??ë?¤. <link:internal>Gë?¸í?¸ì??ì?? ì?°ê²° ì?¬ì?©í??기</link:internal>ë?¼ê³  ì??ë ¥í??기ë§? í??ë©´ ë°?ì¤?ì?´ ë§?ë?¤ì?´ì§?ë?? ê²?ì?? ë³´ì?¨ë??ì???  ì?´ 쪽ì§?를 ì?´ë ¤ë©´ í?´ë?¹ ì?°ê²°ì?? ë??르ì?­ì??ì?¤.</note-content>"
+#: ../src/notemanager.cpp:256
+msgid ""
+"<note-content>Using Links in Gnote\n"
+"Notes in Gnote can be linked together by highlighting text in the current "
+"note and clicking the <bold>Link</bold> button above in the toolbar.  Doing "
+"so will create a new note and also underline the note's title in the current "
+"Changing the title of a note will update links present in other notes.  This "
+"prevents broken links from occurring when a note is renamed.\n"
+"Also, if you type the name of another note in your current note, it will "
+"automatically be linked for you.</note-content>"
+msgstr ""
+"<note-content>Gë?¸í?¸ì??ì?? ì?°ê²° ì?¬ì?©í??기\n"
+"Gë?¸í?¸ì?? 쪽ì§?를 ì??ë¡? ì?°ê²°í?  ì?? ì??ì?µë??ë?¤. í??ì?¬ 쪽ì§?ì?? ê¸?ì?? ì? í??í?? ë?¤ì?? ë??구 모ì??ì?? ì??ë?? <bold>ì?°ê²°</bold> ë?¨ì¶?를 ë??르면 ë?©ë??ë?¤. ì?´ë ?ê²? í??ë©´ ì?? 쪽ì§?를 ë§?ë?¤ë©´ì?? í??ì?¬ 쪽ì§?ì?? ì??ë?? ì?? 쪽ì§?ì?? ì ?목ì?? ë°?ì¤?ì?? ë§?ë?­ë??ë?¤.\n"
+"쪽ì§?ì?? ì ?목ì?? ë°?꾸면 ì?´ 쪽ì§?를 ì?°ê²°í?? ë?¤ë¥¸ 쪽ì§?ë?? ì??ë?°ì?´í?¸ë?©ë??ë?¤. ì¦? 쪽ì§?ì?? ì?´ë¦?ì?? ë°?꾸ë??ë?¼ë?? ì?°ê²°ì?? 깨ì§?ì§? ì??ì?µë??ë?¤.\n"
+"ë?? í??ì?¬ 쪽ì§?ì??ì?? ë?¤ë¥¸ 쪽ì§?ì?? ì?´ë¦?ì?? ì??ë ¥í??ë©´, ì??ë??ì?¼ë¡? ì?°ê²°ì?´ ë§?ë?¤ì?´ ì§?ë??ë?¤.</note-content>"
+#. Attempt to find an existing Start Here note
+#: ../src/notemanager.cpp:271 ../src/notemanager.cpp:323
+msgid "Start Here"
+msgstr "ì?¬ê¸°ì?? ì??ì??"
+#: ../src/notemanager.cpp:276
+msgid "Using Links in Gnote"
+msgstr "Gë?¸í?¸ì??ì?? ì?°ê²° ì?¬ì?©í??기"
+#: ../src/notemanager.cpp:444
+msgid "New Note %1%"
+msgstr "ì?? 쪽ì§? %1%"
+#. Use a simple "Describe..." body and highlight
+#. it so it can be easily overwritten
+#: ../src/notemanager.cpp:544 ../src/notemanager.cpp:634
+msgid "Describe your new note here."
+msgstr "ì?? 쪽ì§?를 ì ?ì?¼ì?­ì??ì?¤."
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:72
+msgid "Find in This Note"
+msgstr "ì?´ 쪽ì§?ì??ì?? 찾기"
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:336
+msgid "_Link to New Note"
+msgstr "ì?? 쪽ì§?ë¡? ì?°ê²°(_L)"
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:344
+msgid "Te_xt"
+msgstr "í??ì?¤í?¸(_X)"
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:353
+msgid "_Find in This Note"
+msgstr "ì?´ 쪽ì§?ì??ì?? 찾기(_F)"
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:368
+msgid "Clos_e All Notes"
+msgstr "모� 쪽� �기(_E)"
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:403
+msgid "Search"
+msgstr "ê²?ì??"
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:407
+msgid "Search your notes (Ctrl-Shift-F)"
+msgstr "쪽ì§?ì??ì?? ê²?ì??í?©ë??ë?¤ (Ctrl-Shift-F)"
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:417
+msgid "Link"
+msgstr "ì?°ê²°"
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:423
+msgid "Link selected text to a new note (Ctrl-L)"
+msgstr "ì? í??í?? í??ì?¤í?¸ë¥¼ ì?? 쪽ì§?ë¡? ì?°ê²°í?©ë??ë?¤ (Ctrl-L)"
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:432
+msgid "_Text"
+msgstr "í??ì?¤í?¸(_T)"
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:438
+msgid "Set properties of text"
+msgstr "í??ì?¤í?¸ ë?±ë¡?ì ?ë³´ ì?¤ì ?"
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:442
+msgid "T_ools"
+msgstr "ë??구(_O)"
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:447
+msgid "Use tools on this note"
+msgstr "ì?´ 쪽ì§?ì?? ë??구를 ì??ë??ë?¤"
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:457
+msgid "Delete this note"
+msgstr "ì?´ 쪽ì§?를 ì?­ì ?í?©ë??ë?¤"
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:467
+msgid "Synchronize Notes"
+msgstr "쪽ì§? ë??기í??"
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:510
+msgid "_Find..."
+msgstr "찾기(_F)..."
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:518 ../src/notewindow.cpp:640
+msgid "Find _Next"
+msgstr "ë?¤ì?? 찾기(_N)"
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:528
+msgid "Find _Previous"
+msgstr "�� 찾기(_P)"
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:598
+msgid "Cannot create note"
+msgstr "ì?? 쪽ì§? ë§?ë?¤ ì?? ì??ì??"
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:641
+msgid "_Previous"
+msgstr "ì?´ì ?(_P)"
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:654
+msgid "_Find:"
+msgstr "찾기(_F):"
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:1092
+msgid "<b>_Bold</b>"
+msgstr "<b>굵�(_B)</b>"
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:1093
+msgid "<i>_Italic</i>"
+msgstr "<i>기ì?¸ì??(_I)</i>"
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:1094
+msgid "<s>_Strikeout</s>"
+msgstr "<s>ì·¨ì??ì? (_S)</s>"
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:1096
+msgid "_Highlight"
+msgstr "ê°?ì¡°(_H)"
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:1098
+msgid "_Normal"
+msgstr "ë³´í?µ(_N)"
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:1100
+msgid "Hu_ge"
+msgstr "ì??주 í?¬ê²?(_G)"
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:1102
+msgid "_Large"
+msgstr "��(_L)"
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:1104
+msgid "S_mall"
+msgstr "ì??ê²?(_M)"
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:1106
+msgid "Bullets"
+msgstr "목ë¡? í??ì??"
+#: ../src/notewindow.cpp:1179
+msgid "Font Size"
+msgstr "�꼴 �기"
+#. %1% is the number of note.
+#: ../src/note.cpp:67
+msgid "Really delete this note?"
+msgid_plural "Really delete these %1% notes?"
+msgstr[0] "ì ?ë§?ë¡? ì?´ 쪽ì§? %1%ê°?를 ì?­ì ?í??ì??ê² ì?µë??ê¹??"
+#: ../src/note.cpp:79
+msgid "If you delete a note it is permanently lost."
+msgstr "쪽ì§?를 ì?­ì ?í??ë©´ ë??ì?´ë¦´ ì?? ì??ì?µë??ë?¤."
+#: ../src/note.cpp:115
+msgid "Error saving note data."
+msgstr "쪽ì§? ë?°ì?´í?° ì ?ì?¥ì?? ì?¤ë¥?."
+#: ../src/note.cpp:116
+msgid ""
+"An error occurred while saving your notes. Please check that you have "
+"sufficient disk space, and that you have appropriate rights on ~/.gnote. "
+"Error details can be found in ~/.gnote.log."
+msgstr "쪽ì§?를 ì ?ì?¥í??ë??ë?° ì?¤ë¥?ê°? ë°?ì??í??ì?µë??ë?¤. ë??ì?¤í?¬ ê³µê°?ì?´ 충ë¶?í?? ì§? í??ì?¸í??ì??ê³ , ~/.gnoteì?? ê¶?í??ì?´ ì?¬ë°?른ì§? í??ì?¸í??ì?­ì??ì?¤. ì??ì?¸í?? ì?¤ë¥? ë?´ì?©ì?? ~/.gnote.log í??ì?¼ì?? ì??ì?µë??ë?¤."
+#: ../src/recentchanges.cpp:83
+msgid "Search All Notes"
+msgstr "모ë?  쪽ì§? ê²?ì??"
+#: ../src/recentchanges.cpp:88
+msgid "C_ase Sensitive"
+msgstr "ë??ì??문ì?? 구ë³?(_A)"
+#: ../src/recentchanges.cpp:106
+msgid "_Search:"
+msgstr "ê²?ì??(_S):"
+#: ../src/recentchanges.cpp:275
+#: ../src/notebooks/notebookapplicationaddin.cpp:118
+msgid "Notebooks"
+msgstr "쪽��"
+#: ../src/recentchanges.cpp:347
+msgid "Note"
+msgstr "쪽�"
+# ìµ?ê·¼ ë°?ë?? ë? ì§?를 í??ì??í??ë?? ë?° ì?°ì?¸ë?¤
+#: ../src/recentchanges.cpp:368
+msgid "Last Changed"
+msgstr "ìµ?ê·¼ ë°?ë??"
+#: ../src/recentchanges.cpp:512
+msgid "Matches"
+msgstr "��"
+#: ../src/recentchanges.cpp:566
+msgid "%1% match"
+msgid_plural "%1% matches"
+msgstr[0] "%1%� ��"
+#: ../src/recentchanges.cpp:580
+msgid "Total: %1% note"
+msgid_plural "Total: %1% notes"
+msgstr[0] "모ë??: %1%ê°? 쪽ì§?"
+#: ../src/recentchanges.cpp:594
+msgid "Matches: %1% note"
+msgid_plural "Matches: %1% notes"
+msgstr[0] "��: %1%� 쪽�"
+#: ../src/recentchanges.cpp:734
+msgid "Notes"
+msgstr "쪽�"
+#: ../src/tray.cpp:50
+msgid "Gnote Notes"
+msgstr "G�� 쪽�"
+#: ../src/tray.cpp:161
+msgid " (new)"
+msgstr " (ì?? 쪽ì§?)"
+#: ../src/tray.cpp:473
+msgid "_About Gnote"
+msgstr "G�� �보(_A)"
+#: ../src/utils.cpp:128
+msgid ""
+"The \"Gnote Manual\" could not be found.  Please verify that your "
+"installation has been completed successfully."
+msgstr "\"Gë?¸í?¸ ì?¤ëª?ì??\"를 ì°¾ì?? ì?? ì??ì?µë??ë?¤.  ì?¤ì¹?를 ì?±ê³µì ?ì?¼ë¡? ë§?쳤ë?? ì§? í??ì?¸í??ì?­ì??ì?¤."
+#: ../src/utils.cpp:136
+msgid "Help not found"
+msgstr "ë??ì??ë§?ì?? ì°¾ì§? 못í??ì?µë??ë?¤"
+#: ../src/utils.cpp:176
+msgid "Cannot open location"
+msgstr "ì??ì¹?를 ì?´ ì?? ì??ì??"
+#: ../src/utils.cpp:190
+msgid "Today, %1%"
+msgstr "ì?¤ë??, %1%"
+#: ../src/utils.cpp:191
+msgid "Today"
+msgstr "ì?¤ë??"
+#: ../src/utils.cpp:196
+msgid "Yesterday, %1%"
+msgstr "ì?´ì ?, %1%"
+#: ../src/utils.cpp:197
+msgid "Yesterday"
+msgstr "ì?´ì ?"
+#: ../src/utils.cpp:204
+msgid "%1% day ago, %2%"
+msgid_plural "%1% days ago, %2%"
+msgstr[0] "%1%ì?¼ ì ?, %2%"
+#: ../src/utils.cpp:208
+msgid "%1% day ago"
+msgid_plural "%1% days ago"
+msgstr[0] "%1%ì?¼ ì ?"
+#: ../src/utils.cpp:215
+msgid "Tomorrow, %1%"
+msgstr "ë?´ì?¼, %1%"
+#: ../src/utils.cpp:216
+msgid "Tomorrow"
+msgstr "ë?´ì?¼"
+#: ../src/utils.cpp:223
+msgid "In %1% day, %2%"
+msgid_plural "In %1% days, %2%"
+msgstr[0] "%1%ì?¼ ë?´, %2%"
+#: ../src/utils.cpp:227
+msgid "In %1% day"
+msgid_plural "In %1% days"
+msgstr[0] "%1%ì?¼ ë?´"
+#: ../src/utils.cpp:238
+msgid "No Date"
+msgstr "ë? ì§? ì??ì??"
+#: ../src/watchers.cpp:207
+msgid "(Untitled %1%)"
+msgstr "(ì ?목 ì??ì?? %1%)"
+#: ../src/watchers.cpp:242
+msgid ""
+"A note with the title <b>%1%</b> already exists. Please choose another name "
+"for this note before continuing."
+msgstr "ì ?목ì?´ <b>%1%</b>ì?¸ 쪽ì§?ê°? ì?´ë¯¸ ì??ì?µë??ë?¤. ê³?ì??í??려면 쪽ì§?ì?? ì?´ë¦?ì?? ë?¤ë¥´ê²? í?´ì£¼ì?­ì??ì?¤."
+#: ../src/watchers.cpp:256
+msgid "Note title taken"
+msgstr "�져� 쪽� �목"
+#: ../src/watchers.cpp:579
+msgid "_Copy Link Address"
+msgstr "ì?°ê²° 주ì?? ë³µì?¬(_C)"
+#: ../src/watchers.cpp:585
+msgid "_Open Link"
+msgstr "�결 �기(_O)"
+#: ../src/notebooks/createnotebookdialog.cpp:38
+#: ../src/notebooks/notebookapplicationaddin.cpp:99
+msgid "Create a new notebook"
+msgstr "ì?? 쪽ì§?í?¨ì?? ë§?ë?­ë??ë?¤"
+#: ../src/notebooks/createnotebookdialog.cpp:39
+msgid "Type the name of the notebook you'd like to create."
+msgstr "ë§?ë??ë ¤ë?? 쪽ì§?í?¨ ì?´ë¦?ì?? ì??ë ¥í??ì?­ì??ì?¤."
+#: ../src/notebooks/createnotebookdialog.cpp:47
+msgid "N_otebook name:"
+msgstr "쪽�� ��(_O):"
+#: ../src/notebooks/createnotebookdialog.cpp:60
+msgid "Name already taken"
+msgstr "ì?´ë¦?ì?? ì?´ë¯¸ ì?¬ì?© ì¤?ì??ë??ë?¤"
+#. Translation note: This is the Create button in the Create
+#. New Note Dialog.
+#: ../src/notebooks/createnotebookdialog.cpp:73
+msgid "C_reate"
+msgstr "��기(_R)"
+#. The templateNoteTite should show the name of the
+#. notebook.  For example, if the name of the notebooks
+#. "Meetings", the templateNoteTitle should be "Meetings
+#. Notebook Template".  Translators should place the
+#. name of the notebook accordingly using "%1%".
+#: ../src/notebooks/notebook.cpp:86
+msgid "%1% Notebook Template"
+msgstr "%1% 쪽ì§?í?¨ ì??ì??"
+#: ../src/notebooks/notebook.cpp:169
+msgid "All Notes"
+msgstr "모� 쪽�"
+#: ../src/notebooks/notebook.cpp:181
+msgid "Unfiled Notes"
+msgstr "ë¶?ë¥?í??ì§? ì??ì?? 쪽ì§?"
+#: ../src/notebooks/notebookapplicationaddin.cpp:93
+msgid "Note_books"
+msgstr "쪽��(_B)"
+#: ../src/notebooks/notebookapplicationaddin.cpp:94
+#: ../src/notebooks/notebookapplicationaddin.cpp:119
+msgid "Create a new note in a notebook"
+msgstr "쪽ì§?í?¨ì??ì?? ì?? 쪽ì§?를 ë§?ë?­ë??ë?¤"
+#: ../src/notebooks/notebookapplicationaddin.cpp:98
+#: ../src/notebooks/notebookapplicationaddin.cpp:253
+msgid "New Note_book..."
+msgstr "ì?? 쪽ì§?í?¨(_B)..."
+#: ../src/notebooks/notebookapplicationaddin.cpp:103
+msgid "_New Note"
+msgstr "ì?? 쪽ì§?(_N)"
+#: ../src/notebooks/notebookapplicationaddin.cpp:104
+msgid "Create a new note in this notebook"
+msgstr "ì?´ 쪽ì§?í?¨ì??ì?? ì?? 쪽ì§?를 ë§?ë?­ë??ë?¤"
+#: ../src/notebooks/notebookapplicationaddin.cpp:108
+msgid "_Open Template Note"
+msgstr "í??í??리í?¸ 쪽ì§? ì?´ê¸°(_O)"
+#: ../src/notebooks/notebookapplicationaddin.cpp:109
+msgid "Open this notebook's template note"
+msgstr "ì?´ 쪽ì§?í?¨ì?? í??í??리í?¸ 쪽ì§?를 ì?½ë??ë?¤"
+#: ../src/notebooks/notebookapplicationaddin.cpp:113
+msgid "Delete Note_book"
+msgstr "쪽ì§?í?¨ì?? ì?­ì ?(_B)"
+#: ../src/notebooks/notebookapplicationaddin.cpp:114
+msgid "Delete the selected notebook"
+msgstr "ì? í??í?? 쪽ì§?í?¨ì?? ì?­ì ?í?©ë??ë?¤"
+#: ../src/notebooks/notebookmanager.cpp:332
+msgid "Really delete this notebook?"
+msgstr "ì?´ 쪽ì§?í?¨ì?? ì ?ë§?ë¡? ì?­ì ?í??ì??ê² ì?µë??ê¹??"
+#: ../src/notebooks/notebookmanager.cpp:333
+msgid ""
+"The notes that belong to this notebook will not be deleted, but they will no "
+"longer be associated with this notebook.  This action cannot be undone."
+msgstr ""
+"ì?´ 쪽ì§?í?¨ì?? ë?¤ì?´ ì??ë?? 쪽ì§?ë?? ì?­ì ?í??ì§? ì??ì?µë??ë?¤. í??ì§?ë§? ê·¸ 쪽ì§?ë?? ì?´ì ? ì?´ 쪽ì§?"
+"í?¨ê³¼ ì?°ê²°ë??ì?´ ì??ì§? ì??ì?µë??ë?¤. ì?´ ë??ì??ì?? ì·¨ì??í?  ì?? ì??ì?µë??ë?¤."
+#: ../src/notebooks/notebooknewnotemenuitem.cpp:38
+msgid "New \"%1%\" Note"
+msgstr "ì?? \"%1%\" 쪽ì§?"
+#: ../src/notebooks/notebookmenuitem.cpp:34
+msgid "No notebook"
+msgstr "쪽ì§?í?¨ ì??ì??"
+#: ../src/notebooks/notebooknoteaddin.cpp:81
+msgid "Place this note into a notebook"
+msgstr "ì?´ 쪽ì§?를 쪽ì§?í?¨ì?? ë??ì?µë??ë?¤"
+#: ../src/notebooks/notebooknoteaddin.cpp:168
+msgid "Notebook"
+msgstr "쪽��"
+#: ../src/notebooks/notebooknoteaddin.cpp:193
+msgid "_New notebook..."
+msgstr "ì?? 쪽ì§?í?¨(_N)..."
+#: ../src/addins/backlinks/backlinksnoteaddin.cpp:42
+msgid "Backlinks"
+msgstr "���"
+#: ../src/addins/backlinks/backlinksnoteaddin.cpp:46
+msgid "See which notes link to the one you're currently viewing."
+msgstr "ì?´ë?¤ 쪽ì§?ê°? í??ì?¬ 쪽ì§?ì?? ì?°ê²°ì?? 걸ì??ë??ì§? ë´?ë??ë?¤."
+#: ../src/addins/backlinks/backlinksnoteaddin.cpp:50
+#: ../src/addins/inserttimestamp/inserttimestampnoteaddin.cpp:53
+msgid "Hubert Figuiere and Tomboy Project"
+msgstr "Hubert Figuiere ë°? í?°ë³´ì?´ í??ë¡?ì ?í?¸"
+#: ../src/addins/backlinks/backlinksnoteaddin.cpp:88
+msgid "What links here?"
+msgstr "ì?¬ê¸°ë¡? ì?°ê²°ë??ë?? 쪽ì§??"
+#: ../src/addins/backlinks/backlinksnoteaddin.cpp:144
+msgid "(none)"
+msgstr "(ì??ì??)"
+#: ../src/addins/bugzilla/bugzillanoteaddin.cpp:51
+msgid "Bugzilla Links"
+msgstr "�그�� ��"
+#: ../src/addins/bugzilla/bugzillanoteaddin.cpp:55
+msgid ""
+"Allows you to drag a Bugzilla URL from your browser directly into a Gnote "
+"note.  The bug number is inserted as a link with a little bug icon next to "
+msgstr "ë¸?ë?¼ì?°ì ?ì??ì?? ë²?ê·¸ì§?ë?¼ URLì?? Gë?¸í?¸ 쪽ì§?ë¡? ë??ì?´ì?µë??ë?¤. ê·¸ë?¬ë©´ ë²?ê·¸ ë²?í?¸ê°? ë§?í?¬ë¡? ì??ë ¥ë??ê³  ì??ì?? ì??ì?? ë²?ë ? ì??ì?´ì½?ì?´ ì??ê¹?ë??ë?¤."
+#: ../src/addins/bugzilla/bugzillanoteaddin.cpp:59
+#: ../src/addins/exporttohtml/exporttohtmlnoteaddin.cpp:71
+#: ../src/addins/printnotes/printnotesnoteaddin.cpp:55
+#: ../src/addins/stickynoteimport/stickynoteimportnoteaddin.cpp:66
+msgid "Hubert Figuiere and the Tomboy Project"
+msgstr "Hubert Figuiere ë°? í?°ë³´ì?´ í??ë¡?ì ?í?¸"
+#: ../src/addins/bugzilla/bugzillapreferences.cpp:58
+msgid ""
+"You can use any bugzilla just by dragging links into notes.  If you want a "
+"special icon for certain hosts, add them here."
+msgstr ""
+"ë?¸í?¸ì?? ë²?ê·¸ì§?ë?¼ ë§?í?¬ë¥¼ ë??ì?´ë??ì??ì?? ì?¬ì?©í?  ì?? ì??ì?µë??ë?¤. í?¹ì ? í?¸ì?¤í?¸ì?? ë??í?´ ì??ì?´"
+"ì½?ì?? ë?£ê³  ì?¶ë?¤ë©´ ì?¬ê¸°ì?? ë??í??ì?­ì??ì?¤."
+#: ../src/addins/bugzilla/bugzillapreferences.cpp:75
+msgid "Host Name"
+msgstr "��� ��"
+#: ../src/addins/bugzilla/bugzillapreferences.cpp:88
+msgid "Icon"
+msgstr "ì??ì?´ì½?"
+#: ../src/addins/bugzilla/bugzillapreferences.cpp:222
+msgid "Select an icon..."
+msgstr "ì??ì?´ì½? ì? í??..."
+#. Extra Widget
+#: ../src/addins/bugzilla/bugzillapreferences.cpp:237
+msgid "_Host name:"
+msgstr "��� ��(_H):"
+#: ../src/addins/bugzilla/bugzillapreferences.cpp:269
+msgid "Host name invalid"
+msgstr "í?¸ì?¤í?¸ ì?´ë¦?ì?´ ì??못ë??ì??ì?µë??ë?¤"
+#: ../src/addins/bugzilla/bugzillapreferences.cpp:270
+msgid "You must specify a valid Bugzilla host name to use with this icon."
+msgstr "ì?´ ì??ì?´ì½?ì?? ì?¬ì?©í??려면 ì?¬ë°?른 ë²?ê·¸ì§?ë?¼ í?¸ì?¤í?¸ ì?´ë¦?ì?? ì§?ì ?í?´ì?¼ í?©ë??ë?¤."
+#: ../src/addins/bugzilla/bugzillapreferences.cpp:289
+msgid "Error saving icon"
+msgstr "ì??ì?´ì½? ì ?ì?¥ì?? ì?¤ë¥?"
+#: ../src/addins/bugzilla/bugzillapreferences.cpp:290
+msgid "Could not save the icon file."
+msgstr "ì??ì?´ì½? í??ì?¼ì?? ì ?ì?¥í?  ì?? ì??ì?µë??ë?¤."
+#: ../src/addins/bugzilla/bugzillapreferences.cpp:362
+msgid "Really remove this icon?"
+msgstr "ì?´ ì??ì?´ì½?ì?? ì ?ë§?ë¡? ì ?ê±°í??ì??ê² ì?µë??ê¹??"
+#: ../src/addins/bugzilla/bugzillapreferences.cpp:363
+msgid "If you remove an icon it is permanently lost."
+msgstr "ì??ì?´ì½?ì?? ì ?ê±°í??ë©´ ë??ì?´ë¦´ ì?? ì??ì?µë??ë?¤."
+#: ../src/addins/exporttohtml/exporttohtmldialog.cpp:36
+msgid "Destination for HTML Export"
+msgstr "HTMLë¡? ë³´ë?¼ ì??ì¹?"
+#: ../src/addins/exporttohtml/exporttohtmldialog.cpp:38
+msgid "Export linked notes"
+msgstr "ì?°ê²°ë?? 쪽ì§? ë?´ë³´ë?´ê¸°"
+#: ../src/addins/exporttohtml/exporttohtmldialog.cpp:39
+msgid "Include all other linked notes"
+msgstr "기í?? ì?°ê²°ë?? 쪽ì§? 모ë?? í?¬í?¨"
+#: ../src/addins/exporttohtml/exporttohtmlnoteaddin.cpp:63
+#: ../src/addins/exporttohtml/exporttohtmlnoteaddin.cpp:98
+msgid "Export to HTML"
+msgstr "HTML� �보�기"
+#: ../src/addins/exporttohtml/exporttohtmlnoteaddin.cpp:67
+msgid "Exports individual notes to HTML."
+msgstr "ê°?ë³? 쪽ì§?를 HTMLë¡? ë?´ë³´ë??ë??ë?¤."
+#: ../src/addins/exporttohtml/exporttohtmlnoteaddin.cpp:150
+msgid "Your note was exported to \"%1%\"."
+msgstr "쪽ì§?를 \"%1%\"ì?? ë?´ë³´ë??ì?µë??ë?¤."
+#: ../src/addins/exporttohtml/exporttohtmlnoteaddin.cpp:159
+msgid "Note exported successfully"
+msgstr "쪽ì§?를 ì?±ê³µì ?ì?¼ë¡? ë?´ë³´ë??ì?µë??ë?¤."
+#: ../src/addins/exporttohtml/exporttohtmlnoteaddin.cpp:184
+#, c-format
+msgid "Could not save the file \"%s\""
+msgstr "\"%s\" í??ì?¼ì?? ì ?ì?¥í?  ì?? ì??ì?µë??ë?¤"
+#: ../src/addins/fixedwidth/fixedwidthmenuitem.cpp:34
+msgid "_Fixed Width"
+msgstr "ê³ ì ?í?­(_F)"
+#. this is the name of the plugin.
+#: ../src/addins/fixedwidth/fixedwidthnoteaddin.cpp:48
+msgid "Fixed Width"
+msgstr "ê³ ì ?í?­"
+#: ../src/addins/fixedwidth/fixedwidthnoteaddin.cpp:52
+msgid "Adds fixed-width font style."
+msgstr "ê³ ì ?í?­ ê¸?ê¼´ ì?¤í??ì?¼ì?? ì¶?ê°?í?©ë??ë?¤."
+#. Add the menu item when the window is created
+#: ../src/addins/inserttimestamp/inserttimestampnoteaddin.cpp:45
+#: ../src/addins/inserttimestamp/inserttimestampnoteaddin.cpp:78
+msgid "Insert Timestamp"
+msgstr "ì??ê°? ì??ë ¥"
+#: ../src/addins/inserttimestamp/inserttimestampnoteaddin.cpp:49
+msgid "Inserts current date and time at the cursor position."
+msgstr "커ì?? ì??ì¹?ì?? í??ì?¬ ë? ì§?ì?? ì??ê°?ì?? ì??ë ¥í?©ë??ë?¤."
+#. Label
+#: ../src/addins/inserttimestamp/inserttimestamppreferences.cpp:63
+msgid "Choose one of the predefined formats or use your own."
+msgstr "미리 ì§?ì ?ë?? í??ì??ì?´ë?? ì§?ì ? ì?¬ì?©ì?? ì ?ì??í?? í??ì??ì?? ì? í??í??ì?­ì??ì?¤."
+#: ../src/addins/inserttimestamp/inserttimestamppreferences.cpp:71
+msgid "Use _Selected Format"
+msgstr "ì? í??í?? í??ì?? ì?¬ì?©(_S)"
+#: ../src/addins/inserttimestamp/inserttimestamppreferences.cpp:100
+msgid "_Use Custom Format"
+msgstr "ì?¬ì?©ì?? ì ?ì?? í??ì?? ì?¬ì?©(_U)"
+#: ../src/addins/printnotes/printnotesnoteaddin.cpp:47
+msgid "Printing Support"
+msgstr "ì?¸ì?? 기ë?¥"
+#: ../src/addins/printnotes/printnotesnoteaddin.cpp:51
+msgid "Allows you to print a note."
+msgstr "쪽ì§?를 ì?¸ì??í?©ë??ë?¤."
+#: ../src/addins/printnotes/printnotesnoteaddin.cpp:78
+msgid "Print"
+msgstr "ì?¸ì??"
+#: ../src/addins/printnotes/printnotesnoteaddin.cpp:133
+msgid "Error printing note"
+msgstr "쪽ì§? ì?¸ì??ì?? ì?¤ë¥?"
+#. %1% is the page number, %2% is the total number of pages
+#: ../src/addins/printnotes/printnotesnoteaddin.cpp:293
+msgid "Page %1% of %2%"
+msgstr "í??ì?´ì§? %1% (ì ?ì²´ %2%)"
+#: ../src/addins/stickynoteimport/stickynoteimportnoteaddin.cpp:58
+msgid "Sticky Notes Importer"
+msgstr "�모� �져�기"
+#: ../src/addins/stickynoteimport/stickynoteimportnoteaddin.cpp:62
+msgid "Import your notes from the Sticky Notes applet."
+msgstr "ë©?모ì§? ì? í??릿ì??ì?? 쪽ì§?를 ê°?ì ¸ì?µë??ë?¤."
+#: ../src/addins/stickynoteimport/stickynoteimportnoteaddin.cpp:111
+msgid "Import from Sticky Notes"
+msgstr "ë©?모ì§?ì??ì?? ê°?ì ¸ì?¤ê¸°"
+#: ../src/addins/stickynoteimport/stickynoteimportnoteaddin.cpp:241
+msgid "No Sticky Notes found"
+msgstr "ë©?모를 ì°¾ì§? 못í??ì?µë??ë?¤"
+#. %1% is a the file name
+#: ../src/addins/stickynoteimport/stickynoteimportnoteaddin.cpp:243
+msgid "No suitable Sticky Notes file was found at \"%1%\"."
+msgstr "\"%1%\"ì??ì?? ë©?모ì§? ì? í??릿 í??ì?¼ì?? ì°¾ì§? 못í??ì?µë??ë?¤."
+#: ../src/addins/stickynoteimport/stickynoteimportnoteaddin.cpp:251
+msgid "Sticky Notes import completed"
+msgstr "ë©?모ì§?ì??ì?? 모ë?? ê°?ì ¸ì??ì?µë??ë?¤"
+#. here %1% is the number of notes imported, %2% the total number of notes.
+#: ../src/addins/stickynoteimport/stickynoteimportnoteaddin.cpp:253
+msgid "<b>%1%</b> of <b>%2%</b> Sticky Notes were successfully imported."
+msgstr "<b>%2%</b>ê°? ì¤? <b>%1%</b>ê°?ì?? ë©?모ì§?를 ê°?ì ¸ì??ì?µë??ë?¤."
+#: ../src/addins/stickynoteimport/stickynoteimportnoteaddin.cpp:272
+msgid "Untitled"
+msgstr "ì ?목 ì??ì??"
+#: ../src/addins/stickynoteimport/stickynoteimportnoteaddin.cpp:319
+msgid "Sticky Note: "
+msgstr "�모�:"
+#: ../src/addins/tomboyimport/tomboyimportaddin.cpp:47
+msgid "Tomboy Importer"
+msgstr "�보� �져�기"
+#: ../src/addins/tomboyimport/tomboyimportaddin.cpp:51
+msgid "Import your notes from Tomboy."
+msgstr "í?°ë³´ì?´ì??ì?? 쪽ì§?를 ê°?ì ¸ì?µë??ë?¤."
+#: ../src/addins/tomboyimport/tomboyimportaddin.cpp:55
+msgid "Hubert Figuiere"
+msgstr "Hubert Figuiere"

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