[librsvgmm] Created tag librsvgmm-2.25.0

The signed tag 'librsvgmm-2.25.0' was created.

Tagger: Daniel Elstner <daniel kitta gmail com>
Date: Sat Jul 11 22:27:28 2009 +0200

    Release: librsvgmm 2.25.0 "Just in case"


Daniel Elstner (27):
      Create skeleton librsvgmm module
      Wrap types and functions from librsvg/rsvg.h
      Wrap the Cairo rendering methods
      Remove redundant g_type_init() call
      Reference libtool documentation on versioning
      Improve build behavior with maintainer-mode off
      Merge extracted C API documentation
      Document hand-coded API functions
      Add init() and term() functions
      Rename render_cairo() to render()
      Auto-generate ChangeLog on make dist
      Explicitly require libtool >= 2.2.0
      Get rid of more cruft in source build rules
      Integrate reference documentation into build
      Add .gitignore for the documentation build
      Tweak sed program indenting the ChangeLog entries
      Use pkg-config variable gmmprocdir to find gmmproc
      Fix docs install with maintainer mode disabled
      Quote substituted paths in the generated Doxyfile
      Refactor documentation build rules
      Add category to DOAP file
      Fix typo: 'filename' to 'file_name'
      Revamp build system and documentation generation
      Enable .DELETE_ON_ERROR mode of GNU make
      Rename tools/ directory to codegen/
      Stop distributing generated documentation
      Prepare NEWS for initial release

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