[java-atk-wrapper] Created tag JAVA_ATK_WRAPPER_0_27_3

The unsigned tag 'JAVA_ATK_WRAPPER_0_27_3' was created.

Tagger: Ke Wang <ke wang sun com>
Date: Mon Jul 6 17:39:04 2009 +0800

    tag for release 0.27.3

Changes since the last tag 'JAVA_ATK_WRAPPER_0_27_2a':

Ke Wang (14):
      Fixed build dependency problem
      Fixed conflict with GTK look and feel
      Added code to check whether accessibility technology is switched on
      Added code to get more accurate application name
      Fixed a dependency problem
      Added code to determine whether to load 32 or 64-bit version of atk-bridge
      Add method to auto-detect JAVA_HOME
      Revert "Add method to auto-detect JAVA_HOME"
      Revert "Revert "Add method to auto-detect JAVA_HOME""
      add JavaInfo.java to EXTRA_DIST
      remove dependency on gtk+-2.0
      Use xprop instead of gconftool-2 to check whether accessibility technology is on
      Add AtkWrapper.java.in to EXTRA_DIST
      Release 0.27.3

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