[gegl] Created tag GEGL_0_1_0

The unsigned tag 'GEGL_0_1_0' was created.

Tagger: Martin Nordholts <martinn src gnome org>
Date: Wed Jul 1 19:46:50 2009 +0200

    Tag for the GEGL 0.1.0 release

Changes since the last tag 'GEGL_0_0_16':

Fryderyk Dziarmagowski (1):
      Add DESTDIR expansion to operations install-exec-local target

Henrik Akesson (2):
      operations: Add gegl:ppm-load and gegl:ppm-save
      bin: Add ppm output file format support

Hubert Figuiere (12):
      Made gio an optional dependency and revert to standard posix
      missing changelog for that last commit :-(
      Fix ensure_exist() to really create the file (posix). Use dup() for the
      Fix typo in my first name. And add accent in the last.
      RAW loader using libopenraw. Libopenraw is now an optional dependency.
      remove trailing ',' for strict compilation options.
      include graph/gegl-node.h for a missing prototype.
      require libopenraw 0.0.5 or later.
      Surround by G_BEGIN_DECLS and G_END_DECLS.
      Surround the header by G_BEGIN_DECLS/G_END_DECLS
      Add G_BEGIN_DECLS and G_END_DECLS to gegl-buffer.h
      Use a typedef for the prototype of the function passed to gegl_path_add_flattener(). Fix bug #582805.

James Legg (1):
      Bug 578932 â?? Alpha weighted blend composting operation

João S. O. Bueno (1):
      Updated operation names for fractal-explorer and screen

Kevin Cozens (8):
      Fix for problem when building on a Mac.
      Removed -T option from install line for devhelp.css file. Fixes bug
      Use m4_define to set required version of libopenraw.
      Added checks for the spiro library.
      The configure.ac file still needs changes related to building
      Fixes for compile problems due to changes in BABL 390 and GEGL 2851.
      Applied patch from Chris Wang that fixes possible portability issue when
      Added AM_CFLAGS to list of CFLAGS for the ff-save op. Fixes build when

Manish Singh (11):
      remove GTHREAD_CFLAGS/LIBS references, since configure no longer generates
      Generate code that builds with the non-USE_SSE case too.
      the display op isn't really needed, remove.
      the display op isn't really needed, remove. Also, update for
      added reference to new examples/data directory.
      delete duplicate references to gegl-operation-filter.h.html.
      typo fix: destory->destroy
      follow gegl-spiro -> gegl-path-spiro rename here too.
      samples/render-test.py samples/subgraph.py updated samples to use the
      Remove gegl_color_get_rgba4f binding, it doesn't make any sense to wrap
      Adapt ruby binding to current babl and gegl api

Martin Nordholts (240):
      Modify to make the DUMP_DB-define work.
      Decouple from the operation-switcher code, i.e. the code that knows about
      s/greatly// in my most recent ChangeLog entry
      Make cleaner by making the function only have a single point of return.
      Some cleanup.
      Aligned static function prototypes.
      Function definition cleanups.
      Made the processing rectangle accessible as a GObject property.
      Formating. Adjusted newlines, added brackets around single-lined ifs, and
      Prefix local functions with gegl_processor_.
      Move the extra initialization code to the constructor so that this is a
      Further general cleanup.
      Organize #includes.
      Refactor away return:s in the middle of these functions.
      Refactor away return in-the-middle and update warning message.
      Describe the needs_full class variable.
      Revert change that moved initilaization stuff from _new to _constructor.
      bin/gegl.c Copy --g-fatal-warnings from GIMP so that one can pass control
      Adapt it so that it is attachable to the GEGL bin graph without crashing
      Update docs for GeglOperationClass::process(), the 'result_rect' parameter
      Clarified the documenation of GeglOperationClass::process().
      Remove fixed FIXME.
      Simplified by putting duplicated code in one place.
      Address valid compiler warning.
      Update warning given when subclasses does not override this method.
      Pull in #include <locale.h> to get LC_ALL.
      Adapt to new babl API, mostly
      Also commit gegl-sampler-sharp.c, and reformat ChangeLog entry.
      Set correct date on ChangeLog entry...
      Complete my previous commit.
      Adjust to babl API adjustment by doing
      #include <stdlib.h>
      Adapt to the new babl API, use babl_format_get_bytes_per_pixel(),
      Add .gitignore files generated with git svn create-ignore.
      Add support for backwards compatibility names of ops
      Rename gegl:load-buffer to gegl:buffer-source
      Add gegl:load-buffer as a compatibility name for gegl:buffer-source
      Rename gegl:save-buffer to gegl:buffer-sink
      Add gegl:save-buffer as a compatibility name for gegl:buffer-sink
      Update ChangeLog with the 5 latest commits
      Fix compiler warning about set_property() type
      Remove unused variable 'result'
      change_notification -> gegl_eval_mgr_change_notification
      Namespace static functions in gegl-node.c
      Namespace GeglVisitor::visit_node() vfuncs
      Namespace static functions in gegl-buffer.c
      Update ChangeLog with the 6 last commits
      Don't panic if gegl_node_get_context() returns NULL
      When node changes, set GeglOperationContext::cached FALSE
      Update ChangeLog with 2 commits
      Add a 'format' property to gegl:buffer-sink
      Namespace static functions in gegl-node.c
      Include gegl-dot.h in gegl-dot.c
      Have accurate arguments for gegl_eval_mgr_change_notification()
      Revert incomplete and ugly gegl:introspect commit
      Namespace static functions in operation introspect.c
      Rewrite gegl:introspect to work like gegl:magick-load
      Update ChangeLog with 4 commits
      Fix compilation warnings in operation introspect.c
      Remove unused variable in gegl_operation_context_set_object()
      Break out GEGL version API from gegl.h into gegl-version.h
      Fix prevoius comit
      Integrate gegl-version.h into the generated docs
      Rename gegl-types.h to gegl-types-internal.h
      Fix previous commit, update include guards
      Add GeglConfig to the API
      Move types in gegl.h to gegl-types.h
      Remove the GEGL_INTERNAL define
      Move includes in gegl.h to the top
      Clean up gegl-types.h
      Fix ChangeLog
      Add a GEGL_BUFFER_DEBUG_ALLOCATIONS define to GeglBuffer
      Also free what backtrace_symbolse () returns...
      Fix GEGL_BUFFER_DEBUG_ALLOCATIONS code switching
      Use g_printerr() to print the GeglBuffer stacks
      Don't hardcode gegl:introspect output pad
      Always set "output" in gegl:introspect process()
      Decrease scope of 'value' in gegl_operation_context_set_object()
      Improve formating of gegl_operation_context_set_object()
      Update ChangeLog with 4 commits
      Do not use the GeglCache hack in gegl:introspect
      Avoid using a destroyed GeglNode parent in GeglCache
      Rename gegl_add_graph() to gegl_dot_add_graph()
      Refactor gegl_dot_add_graph() to use utility functions
      Improve formating of graphviz nodes
      Improve gegl_node_get_debug_name() formating slightly
      Print the GeglNode pointer at the end of the op in graphviz nodes
      Add a simple tests case to ensure processing and caching sanity
      Perform a third test processing without any changes at all
      Simplify test case result checking
      Memset result buffer before each processing in the test case
      Consciously consider a well specified space valid for processing
      Clarify my most recent ChangeLog entry
      Namespace static functions in gegl:color
      Add utility functions for GeglRectangles representing infinite planes
      Add a few test cases for GeglRectangle
      Make formating consistent in tests/Makefile.am
      Remove GeglVisitableClass::needs_visiting()
      Add documentation in form of comments
      Turn GeglEvalMgr::state into an enum
      Collapse .c .h into .[ch] in ChangeLog
      Make the tests run against the build and not the installation
      Clean up members and comments in the GeglTileBackendFile struct
      Don't mix declarations and code in buffer tests
      Include <stdlib.h> for system() in buffer-test.c
      Port buffer tests to automake
      Remove the 'sub buffer inherits parent size on -1,-1 size' test case
      Make buffer test report depend on references
      Refer to the file "buffer-tests-report" when buffer tests fail.
      Correct iterator[124]sub buffer test references
      Add a .buf extension to buffer output files
      make dist-ribute buffer tests and references
      Handle builddir != srcdir for buffer tests
      Format and reindent gegl-tile-backend-file.c
      Namespace functions in gegl:crop
      Namespace functions in gegl-tile-backend-file.c
      config.h needs to be included at the top of every .c file
      Older aix and irix compilers choke on trailing commas in enum decls
      Enum values must be less than INT_MAX (sign bit is illegal)
      Some vendor C compilers choke on C++ comments
      Some vendor compilers can't compile non-constant elements of compound struct initializers
      Some vendor compilers choke on compound declaration casts
      Bug 576885 â?? Compilation of operations/external/path.c fails
      Add initial how-to-hack-on-GEGL documentation
      Rename pset/get() to gegl_buffer_pixel_set/get()
      Handle variadic macros in a portable way
      NULL-statements caused by trailing commas are non-portable
      Support hpux use of shl load/unload and dsos with .sl suffixes
      Don't use depecrated features or reduntant declarations in Makefile.am
      Rewrite xml-insert.sh in portable bourne-shell
      don't try to pass gcc flags to vendor compilers
      unsized arrays are not supported by many vendor compilers
      don't try to return a value from a void function
      use G_STRFUNC everywhere
      don't use GNU specific options in buffer test commands
      introduce gegl_buffer_in_abyss()
      Make an initial update of the NEWS file for the 0.1.0 release
      Don't linebreak within names in NEWS..
      workshop: Fix compilation
      Bug 534288 â?? GEGL need to export the _valist version of the variadic arg functions
      Remove unused GeglNode::is_root member
      Remove unused GeglNode::enabled member
      Reformat GeglNode member comments
      Document GeglNode members
      Remove unused GeglNode::mutex member
      Remove gegl_node_lock() and gegl_node_unlock() prototypes
      tests: Make all tests run during make check
      Rename gegl_operation_context_set_object() to _take_object()
      gegl: Make build lib dependency tracking work
      gegl: Simplify gegl_operation_context_take_object()
      Add a test case for the gegl:color op
      Make gegl:color announce an infinite bounding box
      gegl: Don't use node cache if out of bounds
      gegl: Handle infinite planes in gegl_rectangle_expand()
      Fix make distcheck
      Do not dodge corrupt pad connections
      Only accept pad connections when the sink pad is unconnected
      Remove most of the special treatment of input/output graph proxies
      Remove gegl_pad_get_internal_connected_to()
      Make GeglNode `sources' and `sinks' private
      No need to init GeglNodePrivate pointers to NULL, they are malloc0ed
      GeglNode sinks -> sink_connections and sources -> source_connections
      Implicitly connect to input and output proxies of graph nodes
      Remove param checks in gegl_node_connect_to()
      Remove ugly cache-refresh code in gegl_eval_visitor_visit_pad()
      When using a cache, make sure the operation context has a reference
      Input pads can only depend on one pad, simplify code
      Update ChangeLog with 12 commits
      Make gegl-dot.c utility functions part of the internal interface
      Add gegl_dot_util_add_connection()
      Add a GeglVisitor for constructing graphviz dot files
      Allow node + dependencies when constructing the graphviz dot-file
      Fix compile warnings
      Update ChangeLog with 5 commits
      gegl: Access GeglNode::priv members directly
      gegl: Also add edges to dependency based graphviz dot output
      gegl: Add gegl_dot_node_to_png()
      Default gegl:text color to black
      gegl:layer: Use a better load op placeholder text
      gegl: Meta-op quickfix
      Also update ChangeLog ...
      gegl:affine: Lazy initialization of sampler
      gegl: Remove seemingly accidentally commited debug output
      gegl: Handle sinks in gegl_dot_add_node_and_dependencies()
      gegl: Include stdlib.h for system() in gegl-dot.c
      operations: Remove unused variables in gegl:weighted-blend
      gegl: Add gegl_dot_node_to_png_default()
      gegl: Do breadth first traversal in gegl-dot.c
      tests: Add test for implicit connection to graph output proxy
      Obsolete ChangeLog
      gegl: Add gegl_operation_get_name()
      gegl: Improve gegl_operation_context_take_object() warning message
      gegl: Namespace functions in gegl-operation-sink.c
      operations: Namespace most static functions in affine.c
      gegl: Add GeglNode pointer address to gegl_node_get_debug_name()
      gegl: Add gegl_region_dump() for debugging purposes
      gegl: Add gegl_rectangle_dump() for debugging purposes
      gegl: Add gegl_eval_visitor_visit_pad() debug output
      gegl: Also debug gegl_eval_visitor_visit_pad() cache usage
      gegl: Add more GEGL_DEBUG_PROCESS output
      gegl: Rename source_region to need_rect
      gegl: Rename gegl-cr-visitor.[ch] to gegl-need-visitor.[ch]
      gegl: Rename GeglCRVisitor to GeglNeedVisitor
      gegl: Add gegl_operation_context_set_object()
      gegl: Set the cache on the operation context during evaluation
      gegl: Don't assume cache is always used
      gegl: Implicitly use graph proxy nodes in gegl_node_disconnect()
      gegl: Use more generic proxynop node naming
      gegl: Use 10 point font size on nodes in graphviz
      gegl: Handle NULL in gegl_node_new_processor() debug output
      gegl: Properly handle pad names on proxynops
      gegl: Add gegl_node_dump_depends_on()
      operations: Add DESTDIR to Makefile-operations.am uninstall-local
      gegl: Add GEGL_DEBUG_INVALIDATION to GeglDebugFlag
      gegl: Remove dead code
      bin: Remove unused gegl option --delay
      Remove ifdeffed away code that has been dead for years
      gegl: Remove GeglProcessor queued_region member
      gegl: Processor input depends on node, not object construction
      gegl: Always use valid_region of GeglProcessor
      gegl: Remove unimportant FIXME in GeglProcessor
      gegl: Do not have logic in gegl_node_new_processor()
      gegl: Require an operation to be set on in gegl_processor_set_node()
      tests: Add test case for changing GeglProcessor rect
      gegl: Assume GeglProcessor clients keep track of dirty regions
      Add gegl.doap
      Update Subversion references to git
      operations: Explicitly specify op sources
      Remove the 'portability' item in NEWS
      Update AUTHORS and 'Contributions from' for 0.1.0
      Update ChangeLog with all git commits up until now
      operations: Explicitly specify op sources (cont.)
      docs: Delete unused images
      docs: Add missing files to EXTRA_DIST
      Bump required babl version to 0.1.0
      Bump version to 0.1.0
      Update ChangeLog
      Release 0.1.0

Michael Natterer (6):
      comment out V4L section until there is a proper configure check.
      use G_DISABLE_DEPRECATED for glib < 2.17, add G_DISABLE_SINGLE_INCLUDES to
      set the adjustment's page size to 0 and not to page_inc.
      operations/affine/chant.h operations/common/*.c operations/core/*.c
      always take the "value" property into account even if there is an aux mask
      Fix last commit...

Michael Schumacher (2):
      added Microsoft Windows version of this function.
      Add LIBADD to ppm_load and ppm_save

Mukund Sivaraman (1):
      Close FILEs before returning

Ozan Caglayan (1):
      Bug 583951 â?? Patch to replace deprecated img_convert function

Ruben Vermeersch (12):
      Completely revamp the Gegl# bindings, to make sure they work again.
      Directly call the native method, instead of using the overload.
      Add Gabriel back.
      Remove empty directories, git-svn is really crap at handling these.
      Make sure BUILD_DOCS is set.
      Removed gegl from the requirements, as it caused the flags in pkg-config
      Change ParamSpecPath to ParamSpecFilePath in order to get it building
      Remove and ignore some build related files that shouldn't be in the tree.
      Add a note about having to build GEGL first, add myself as a contributor.
      Add a private constructor to the Gegl.Global class, shouldn't be
      Update monodocs.
      Ignore generated documentation files.

Sam Hocevar (2):
      do not try to assign a va_list variable to NULL, it's opaque and gcc will
      don't declare variables after code blocks. remove unused variable.

Sven Neumann (45):
      added GEGL_DETECT_CFLAGS() macro.
      added a prototype for gegl_swap_dir().
      made internal functions static.
      require glib >= 2.16.1.
      unref the file monitor.
      added 'const' to the GeglRectangle* roi argument in process().
      removed misleading comments. These files are not auto-generated. At least
      forgot to commit ChangeLog entry ...
      tried to fix confusion with public and internal header files. Install
      plugged memory leak. Moved filename-related code to the code path where it
      plugged a memory leak. (set_property): use g_value_dup_string (value)
      always unref self->file, not only when the file existed.
      renamed properties to not abbreviate 'temperature'. Some minor cleanups.
      minor coding style changes
      cache the coefficients that depend on the temperature properties instead
      operations/common/layer.c operations/common/load-buffer.c
      renamed chant_parent_class to gegl_chant_parent_class. Removed
      removed debug output
      gegl/operation/gegl-operation-composer3.c formatting.
      restored alignment of configure status output.
      removed G_DISABLE_SINGLE_INCLUDES from compiler flags as this breaks the
      minor cleanups.
      fix include path for avformat.h. The pkg-config file will pull in the
      added --without-libavformat option to disable build of the FFmpeg video
      test for the presence of avformat.h in the expected location.
      gegl_swap_dir() may return NULL,
      test different ways to include avformat.h and define
      fixed string and avoid an unnecessary strdup.
      fixed compiler warnings.
      we actually need GLib 2.16.
      don't unref a NULL object.
      fix compiler warning "format not a string literal and no format
      fix compilation with newer versions of FFmpeg.
      updated glib version in Dependencies section.
      depend on babl 0.0.23. Compile with G_DISABLE_DEPRECATED for glib <= 2.19.
      no need to call gtk_init() here.
      follow API change in babl.
      applied patch from Henrik Akesson. Cleans up the code and comments it.
      bumped GLib version for deprecated symbols.
      some cleanups. Always build the tests; this helps to catch compile
      added a check for 'dot'.
      spelling fixes

Tobias Mueller (1):
      Update FSF's address

Ã?tienne Bersac (12):
      Includes gegl-plugin.h rather than private gegl-types.h
      Include needed glib-object.h.
      Added $(top_srcdir)/gegl/buffer to include dirs.
      Fix black image bug by explicitly copying input to output in
      Added Vala binding.
      Set Gegl.Buffer extent constructor parameter nullable.
      Add a check on parameters of gegl_buffer_set_extent().
      Drop COPYING automake symlink.
      publishing under LGPL
      Added gegl-vala webpage.
      Added ChangeLog entry for previous commit.
      Clean local .svn?

�yvind Kolås (512):
      Added a mutex being used when writing to tiles.
      Added a mutex being used when writing to tiles.
      Added a big buffer lock that is a recursive static mutex for the multi
      merged buffered and unbuffered code paths.
      removed temporary buffer.
      set GEGL_SWAP=RAM when using gegl during build of docs / gallery to avoid
      removed unused static variable tprovider (spotted by Mark Czubin).
      modified to not generate as many warnings about not priorly declared
      added AC_PROG_CXX, spotted by skejoe irc
      made configuration summary use two columns.
      Stripped of lingering _STORE suffix that should have been removed in
      do not include gegl-plugins.h, move a couple of internal function
      Added a new tile backend that stores individual tiles as files using
      reverted to a single column summary.
      back out accidental change.
      added new gegl_handler_chain_up method to abstract away the chain up call
      added a data structure to keep track of reusable unique integer ids for
      #include "editor-optype.h" remove cruft. add some protoypes for the DOM
      Changed the tile message/manipulation bus to return a gpointer instead
      s/Message/Command/g s/message/command/g, added some macros to
      s/Provider/Source/g s/provider/source/g s/PROVIDER/SOURCE/g
      removed accidental scrap changelog entry accidentally added
      removed unused function.
      do not use the experimental GIO swap backend by default.
      use g_input_stream_read_all and g_output_stream_write_all.
      remove idle swapper in finalize.
      remove idle swapper in finalize.
      fixed code to nuke buffer dir and tile files.
      Made the tile caching in GeglBuffer work more correctly, earlier
      Mass rename and typename refactoring.
      s/ramcpy/memcpy/g updated api hooks that use internal GeglBuffer API for
      split out bits of functionality to the two files below:
      fixed mistake made in mass rename
      Added infrastructure to support multiple process implementations in
      added mmx and cpu detection.
      added mmx and cpu detection.
      added convenience macros for one, zero, half as well as an on stack
      added gcc-vectorized versions of the src-over aliases 'over' and 'normal'
      make use of stack allocated vector constants.
      added new more general function for runtime overriding of perclass vfuncs,
      ported to GIO
      moved instance struct .. .. to c file since it is all private and we do
      start looking for free marker one byte in front of allocation.
      modified custom aligned malloc to reserve allocation + align +
      renamed to:
      forgot in rename session.
      forgot .h's in makefile when renaming, probably too tired to commit
      new file with structures for on disk serialization of indexes for tiles in
      ported to GIO
      removed properties popup when entering a new op through the "location
      invoke the flush command for the tile infrastructure. include guards, and
      make compiles with multiprocessors work again (it still doesn't work
      pass --enable-debug when autogen is used. added check for --enable-debug
      added debug notes.
      removed mutex. added asserts. indentation, added revision, reduced size of
      enable Gegl4float type when compiling with gcc, added more macros for
      made USE_GCC_VECTORS define possible to check with both #if and #ifdef.
      removed accidentally prepared-ChangeLog.pl entry
      Removed/disabled misc bits of broken mp code that snuck into svn.
      examples do not exist
      removed unused static declarations.
      added gegl_buffer_read_header and gegl_buffer_read_index declarations.
      Make GeglBuffer able to use a serialized buffer directly as swap, as
      fix the component access macros. store the dimensions in the header of the
      tell that we're going to --enable-debug. fix warning about size group by
      renamed gegl4float to g4float. code simplification and cleanup. Migrated
      added a color reduction operation from Hans Petter Jansson <hpj at
      New files for configuration object, that stores the settings that GEGL
      roughly obey requested cache size. added CACHE debuging domain.
      read GEGL_CACHE_SIZE from environment. made the default cache size 256mb.
      removed padding from tile struct, since the loader is fault tolerant and
      add back accidentally removed gegl_get_version.
      Fixes that makes it possible to reopen a buffer with the same path
      treat the swap locations RAM and ram specially (this means that GEGL
      treat the swap locations RAM and ram specially (this means that GEGL
      Added a diff based test suite for tracking the stability of GeglBuffer's
      moved the logic of selecting an implementation to use to method
      added a manual white balance corrector that computes the adjustment based
      indentation and dead code removal.
      removed storage_x, storage_y and storage_z bits since tiles themselves
      made the revisions of tiles on the mipmap levels also get tile->rev++,
      fixed typo in changelog
      removed flags from tile, as well as the only user the for now deprecated
      make the trimming in the previous commit actually compile.
      Create actual file and input/output streams on demand, also added
      store more verbose ascii information about the buffer in the padding zone.
      some code cleanup.
      added gegl_buffer_set_extent. moved here from gegl-buffer.c
      only perform voiding if a tile_storage is attached to the tile.
      added new operation for opening an existing GeglBuffer on disk.
      added rev to header and tiles, added sketch of collaborative
      close comment properly
      accidentally commited with define for hacked gio
      added signal "changed" which is relaying for the storage's changed signal.
      removed debug printf.
      added operation that allows writing to an already existing GeglBuffer (as
      only add a monitor when opening an already existing file.
      Made on disk-buffers opened on disk perform locking when invoking
      added v4l source operation from gggl. added v4lutils from effectv.
      added gegl-debug.h added gegl-buffer-load.h
      added missing documentation.
      added new public API to GeglBuffer gegl_buffer_load, gegl_buffer_write and
      make documentation for operations appear in devhelp.
      removed unused structs and improved documentation. mended docs.
      check GeglBufferHeader and GeglBufferBlock struct sizes for sanity at
      Commited new version of op from Jan Heller that replaces large lookup
      expanded the drawing commands set to be more complete, also added
      added utility accessor function (might be removed again).
      Added some documentation to internal tile level interface to
      expanded room for function arguments.
      added new operation that renders a rectangle of a solid color.
      ported to use floating point instead of fixedpoint/integer for
      added new method gegl_buffer_clear()
      update GeglVector's binding for new chanting.
      improved docs. return TRUE if work was done.
      Improved indentation/argument naming/docs.
      allocate some extra space for the brush, to include potential rounding
      detailed most new changes.
      do not include rbgeglversion.h since gegl provides its own version macros
      do not assume that input buffer == output buffer.
      added gegl_buffer_scan_iterator. added iterator data structures for tiles
      added gegl_buffer_lock which is blocking, as well as made all the
      avoid unneeded mallocs.
      code reorganization. (dispatch): cache the found codepath for a given
      fixed buggy loop. and another one.
      added a node_caches property. added a GEGL_NO_NODE_CACHES
      added operation that renders a stroked path, using the path object, the
      fix unportable use of realpath (bug #525050) spotted by
      applied patch from Sven Anders that avoids some crashes when some ops do
      removed GeglView from list of types. made it less dependent on the rest of
      added examples subdir. added examples/Makefile.am new dir. added a make
      updated directory overview with examples and tests directories also tagged
      moved here from docs.
      added a "dont-cache" property to make a GeglNode (and it's children) avoid
      tool to convert image files to native GeglBuffers. test/toy to write the
      improved launcher script with a monitor using the gegl binary that has
      moved GeglOptions typedef to .h file. removed.
      Removed initial broken thread enabled processing from GEGL,
      synced up NEWS and AUTHORS.
      removed deprecated includes.
      Removed no-node-caches configuration option, since this is now handled
      added Hubert Figuiere.
      renamed to:
      removed warnings about use of deprecated "class" virtual property for the
      made the construction call to create the gegl buffer to fill with data
      Add the ability to configure the default chunk size used during
      fixed initialization of private data.
      copy the alpha component from input to output.
      removed g_warning used for temporary development debug printf.
      bail out early and do not touch the var_args if first_property == NULL.
      added gegl_buffer_scan_iterator_get_rectangle to get the coordinates of
      incremented ABI version. added roi as an argument for the point filter
      Add point-render operation that does as few as possible copies when
      base the color op on gegl-operation-point-render insteal of
      modified to make the roi for the scan iterator reported be correct.
      ported to be a subclass of GeglOperationPointRender.
      quieten gcc.
      removed unused variable.
      Made the process functions contain the full prefix of the class to
      re-enabled fast paths when roi makes compositing unnecesary for over op.
      fixed off by one in simd loop. fixed off by one in simd loop.
      Enable scan iteration for compositing.
      s/FractalEXplorer/fractal-explorer/ s/FractalEXplorer/fractal-explorer/
      s/FractalExplorer/fractal-explorer/ s/FractalExplorer/fractal-explorer/
      made the locking of the buffer when using the scan iterator for write
      added roi to scan iterator struct, removed accesor macro. handle roi of
      depend on gegl_config()'s tile_width and tile_height for default values.
      removed debug printf.
      synced up with changelog.
      removed reference removed file gegl-bin-types.h
      added gegl-buffer-iterator.[ch] moved iterator logic .. .. here. moved
      trimmed down GeglBufferIterator to a tiny babl powered API. ported to new
      report the intersection of crop with request.
      made the minimum chunk size 1pixel.
      added gegl_buffer_get_format accessor.
      made each iterated buffer have it's own roi argument. Updated the
      incremented ABI version.
      Added four new gegl_buffer_copy (buffer iteration) tests with
      cadded const to argument.
      Added a new temporal base class, to be used as a base class for
      improved test making more cases succeed. (gegl_buffer_iterator_add),
      added missing gegl-operation-temporal.h
      create a temporary sub buffer the size of the roi for each buffer iterated
      added 'const' to the GeglRectangle *roi argument in process().
      removed FALSE statement that caused conversions on all subsequently added
      Made GeglBufferIterator potentially able of handling different pyramid
      refer to GeglOperationTemporal correctly. include
      quieten gcc.
      Reverted commit with message 'Made GeglBufferIterator potentially able of
      removed unneeded include. changed the range of CHUNK_SIZE to 1-max int.
      Added more buffer tests and their associated reference images.
      updated environment section, rearranged sidebar menu a bit, updated babl
      ported to use GeglBufferIterator.
      added gegl-buffer-linear.c new functions for dealing with linear buffers
      added three new tests.
      made all operation base classes link to enscripted versions of themselves.
      migrated innerloop to user iterator.
      Made GeglBuffer be the object setting it's default tile-width and
      rearranged the menu items and improved the links available for navigation
      fixed link to glossary.
      move compile command above hello-world example, refer to more examples to
      moved the babl directory overview to babl.
      removed accidentally added invert-simd target.
      depend on the newest released babl, version 0.0.22.
      moved gegl_operation_calc_source_regions here.
      fixed access to data in iterator.
      added call to retrieve the default color from a color paramspec. pass
      added call to retrieve the default color from a color paramspec. pass
      show the structure view when a new operation has been added. (need now
      reverted migration to buffer iterators since it seems like it has caused a
      ensure that the operations get installed with devhelp when parallell
      added descriptive label in front of top operation entry, also changed the
      Made the stroke operation only emit and draw changes around the region
      modified the default stroke to be thicker, and black. fixed rendering by
      Applied patch from Bug #360888 - Adapt cubic and lanczos samplers for
      changes that should have been included in previous commit.
      s/helpdir/help_dir/ to make sure additional generated html files get
      remove gegl.devhelp upon make clean.
      commited new splash with updated list of contributors.
      Bug 360888 â?? Adapt cubic and lanczos samplers for new framework
      rearranged dependencies so ruby is a bullet (with a note).
      remove change to quieten gcc, the variable is not used but we need
      fixed typo in splash. do not add to size gorup if it doesn't exist.
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=2454
      0.0.18 released
      bumped version to 0.0.19.
      indentation. migrated to use GeglBufferIterator for efficiency (patch from
      added rowstride parameter, (gegl_buffer_linear_close): added the linear
      do not install gegl-config.c as if it was a header.
      renamed GeglNodeContext GeglOperation context and replaced the node
      added gegl-simd.h moved g4float macros and typedef .. here
      made operation contexts be stored in a hash table.
      replaced x,y,width,height arguments with a GeglRectangle.
      Made it possible to create linear buffers from existing data that have a
      Extended the gegl-chanting and the build system to easily allow
      added format parameter, which might be NULL to use the buffers format and
      Reverted: Extended the gegl-chanting and the build system to easily allow
      updated tests according to API.
      moved the linear API .. into it's own header. added gegl-buffer-linear.h
      moved the tests into individual .c files in the tests subdir. updated to
      modified to fetch a 64x64 buffer of data around the requested pixel (when
      added update of GeglSampler that should have gone in with the previous
      fetch the 64x64 context buffer based on the specific requested pixel and
      reset the valid rectangle when prepare is called. reset the valid
      added a function used to prime a linear buffer with all needed samples for
      added comment about section that can be moved from the sampler function to
      applied change from Peter gib_mir_mehl at gmx.net.
      Documentation improvements (mostly orthographic) from Peter
      replaced with new logo, designed with help and hints for improvements from
      change acidentaly left out of commit.
      Made the linear buffer access API of GeglBuffer public.
      commited reworked bits of patch from Geert Jordaens that adds gcc vector
      added support for node editors using spinbuttons ito allow wasy
      commited patch from yahvuu at gmail.com fixing shift and adding new
      applied patch from Marianne Gagnon fixing make install on Mac OS X (Bug
      stray file left over from a bugzilla commit
      do not display the first heading. use GEGL logo as main title. added a png
      updated minimal glib requirement to 2.14.0 Fixing (bug #545331).
      updated listed glib dependency to 2.14.0
      Applied slightly modified patch from Luidnel Maignan that adds
      Added YAFR sampler from Nicolas Robidoux from bug #550569, this
      added Sam Hocevar and Nicolas Robidoux. summarized changes from changelog
      mention optional libopenraw dependency.
      clarify licenseing difference between gegl binary and the library.
      Applied patch witch cosmetic improvements from  Nicolas Robidoux
      Removed redundant clearing of newval, spotted by Nicolas Robidoux (bug
      Applied patches from  yahvuu at gmail.com for bug #307195 that
      added yahvuu at gmail.com. added item about strings marked for
      removed g_warn_if_reached to avoid having to bump glib requirement yet.
      install operations.html updated contents.
      only check the in_abyss if in is defined.
      parse properties that are GeglVectors as SVG paths. added SVG path parser
      improved handling of vectors. new operation to fill a vector.
      include config.h and gi18n-lib.h
      releases GEGL-0.0.20
      post release versuon bump to 0.0.21
      replace splash with the real GEGL logo, currently to aliased to serve as
      tidied up typos in ChangeLog
      do vertical antialiasing on spans by accumulating subscanlines. (5
      accumulate horizontal contribution to do AA, the supersampling grid now in
      updated logo with simplified SVG paths and hand trimmed SVG. Path
      updated artists sectoin.
      bezier curve interpretation rework. The path is now stored non-flattened,
      fix typo in changelog
      make a line_to to the final control point at the end of flatttening bezier
      use new more compact beizer paths for the characters of the GEGL logo.
      restricted to the absolute subset of svg path commands for now (M, L and
      Duplicated the string handling to also work for vectors.
      use the KnotInfo data structure to determine the number of coordinate
      keep an internal cached flattened path.
      integrated relative paths with the new flattened cache framework.
      fixed horizontal anti aliasaing, re-added GeglVectorKnot and Point
      do not add a gegl- prefix to the op names for the devhelp index as they
      when failing to find an op create a 'gegl:nop' op instead of 'nop'.
      bail out on NULL vector arguments.
      revert accidental commit of a rather limited bounding box.
      cache the bounding box of the fill, this forces a re-render of the
      special case clone elements and make them generate gegl:clone ops.
      special case layer elements and make them generate gegl:layer ops.
      added a detected event which is emitted when the hit detection in GEGL
      Do not insert an extra newline at the start of serialized path data.
      simplified and made more robust. Added the following API:
      moved .. here and made it render using cairo. added fill.c's dependencies.
      refactored and made it possible to add external path flatteneres. Making
      use slice allocator when allocating new chain alements for a path.
      clear region being invalidated in the cache (the cache is being used as
      use cairo for hit detection.
      build gegl-spiro if spiro is available. file to initialize GeglVector with
      replaced hint in entry with one that hopefully is more gramatically
      allow registering multiple path flattening algorithms, algorithms can be
      added a new knot type '*' used for a simpler all control points on curve
      made perser tolerant of skipped path instructions (doesn't do M->L)
      beginnings of an ad-hoc generic path manipulation gui.
      depending on HAVE_SPIRO not HAVE_GTK (doh!).
      new API call replacing move_to, line_to etc. (gegl_vector_add): new API
      renamed this .. .. and this to .. .. this and .. .. this. These files
      renamed from gegl_path_replace_knot.
      missed in s/Vector/Path/ replace. updated to work with new path api.
      used s/"vector"/"path"/ update chant to file_path.
      updated to gegl: prefix. (this was the only missed file, (as well as this
      added lists of key/value pairs for auxiliary information for positions
      make the paths of strokes editable.
      Reduce memory usage by making the information kept about each control
      turn of forced blanking of regions that are invalidated.
      Initial steps aiming towards more tile aligned access for the chunks that
      changed the path change singaling behavior, ops having a GeglPath property
      removed ad-hoc code for path changes, special cased the damaged rectangle
      made pointer events when the selected node is a gegl:stroke append to the
      Moved static globals for interaction code into a struct
      added gegl-path-smooth.[ch]
      moded .. .. here and added cairo based hitdetection (for fixed/max
      added a boolean argument as a final argument, if TRUE the op requests that
      added a new call to quickly determine if there are any control points in
      initialize the smooth path (used for stroking)
      quiten gcc about variable that really is only accessed when set.
      fix slice allocation to only allocate enough memory for stored
      refactored cairo code that shows on screen drawings and pointer
      do zoom on middle mouse, since the editor now uses right mouse button for
      removed unused winding parameter. added an empty stroke op on top of the
      cleaned up header and made it possible to query a path if it has any
      Make changes to subpaths cause a full invalidation of the parent path
      when stroking make the linewidth and opacity parameter paths act as
      cache length of path, and incrementally updated it on line_to's.
      added rules to build commands for pie menu. reorganized
      disable use of dynamics by default (it slows things down too much for
      move unused variable inside #if 0 block.
      #include "gegl-path-smooth.h" removed unusded variables. fix whitespace
      do not intersect with the incoming rectangle with the bounding box of the
      use RaGaBaA float.
      added FIXME that gegl_buffer_create_sub_buffer needs optimizing (It uses
      refactored code to get away from a temporary buffer needed for most
      Only send pyramid void messages for tile storages where the zoom
      add scan compatible and format compatible as bitmask flags on the
      Modified code to only pass accesses spans the full tile width as direct
      avoid unneeded sub buffer. refactored away the scan iterator sitting in
      temporary disabled this test, since it throws GEGL into some infinite
      treat gegl_config() as a singleton that initializes its own base, this
      updated splash, fixed utf8 encodings of names and removed reference to
      Made GEGL clean up the swap dir on launch for all swap files belonging to
      added instrumentation code (disabled by default) that counts how many of
      cache in "RaGaBaA float" assuming multiple rerenders.
      made moving the default action (instead of just selecting).
      increased the default chunk-size (number of output pixels computed
      created draft NEWS from ChangeLog entries.
      keep an 0x0 sized buffer around that is shared by all needs for such a
      made the output boundingbox of src-in op be the bounding box of input
      changed tile size to 64x128 do not cache results of point filters. clear
      added a function to remove a node from the tree programatically. hooked
      added raise/lower commands to the menu when in move mode.
      renamed raise command to raise_item to avoid collision with system
      replace test for dir in /proc with posix compliant (kill (pid, 0) == 0).
      made pie menu remain visible on right mouse button release. After it is
      made the pie menu a bit more friendly.
      expand invalidated regions to be align with coordinates divisible by 8 in
      Made the use of the stroke tool a bit saner. The properties now reflect
      fix expansion for negative x,y coordinates.
      cache the result of fills. (ping ponging changes).
      add a very simple, rather broken, slow, path smoothener.
      added freeze and thaw functions to the path, the full extent of the path
      install gegl-path.h
      include gegl-path.h Clean up includes,. .. . .
      use the same approach as the stroker when computing the values.
      use the same approach as the stroker when computing the values. Added
      made gegl_tile_source_command be a macro instead of a function.
      Gave the command functions names reflecting the file they live in to
      made gegl_tile_handler_chain_up a macro.
      improved naming of command callback for backtraces.
      enclose definition of counters for direct access in the DEBUG_DIRECT
      made functions inline. removed unneeded cast.
      store the max z value seen instead of whether we've seen != 0. bail out at
      replaced for loop with memset.
      replaced for loop with memset. (gegl_buffer_iterator_next): avoid
      avoid gegl_buffer_get for the non-direct case when reading has not been
      made gegl_tile_offset, gegl_tile_indice and gegl_tile_get_data macros.
      added a small pool of buffers to be used for intermediate copies.
      keep track of whether we have a valid computed have_rect in the node or
      unrolled and optimized the inner loop a bit.
      flipped operation_class->no_cache to FALSE. Inserting an opacity op with
      if the requested sub-buffer is equal to the buffers extent or is NULL,
      replace gegl_buffer_lock() and gegl_buffer_unlock() with dummy defines for
      folded logic of need visitor into this visitor pass. removed called to
      removed unused variable.
      keep a cached eval_mgr with the node. made the eval mgr keep track of the
      added method to make a visitor ready for reuse.
      made the operation context bail out early if the same property is added
      reuse the visitors between runs, avoid recomputing some of the static
      made GeglOperationContext be a struct the is slice allocated instead of a
      added accessor method. use accesor methods/macros instead of g_object_get
      avoid using g_object_set.
      added gegl_buffer_new_ram. added gegl_buffer_new_ram an internal method
      use gegl_buffer_new_ram for temporary buffers passed in the graph.
      removed debug printf.
      create a dummy gegl_path when requested if it is NULL.
      add an initial move-to command at the beginning of new paths.
      added a "block" property that makes GeglView not blit dirt cache data but
      added a simple radial gradient renderer center/edge points and the end
      added a linear gradient renderer.
      updated samples to use the gegl: prefixed op names.
      don't put trailing spaces at the end of strings from serialized GeglPaths.
      fix removing of first node. (gegl_path_closest_point): added out_param
      do both fill and stroke in this op. (needs better logic for hit detection
      make spiro curves be closed when the initial node is "O".
      commit to kind of make spiros work, probably breaking other stuff :d
      made the active status of end nodes sticky (you need to click another node
      allow splitting segments by click-dragging when end nodes are active.
      Made clicking on the opposite end of the path close it. Indicate closed
      fix invalid free. enlarged splash, making it a canvas.
      skip '0' typed nodes when traversing.
      Made a 'z' instruction (shared with normal mixed bezier/linear paths)
      always insert the same node type as the selected node when subdividing.
      Made dragging inside closed shapes move the shape itself.
      do not include 'z' instructions when computing the bounding box of paths.
      made -1 mean the last node of the path.
      Create the default value of color properties in in the constructor if they
      added entry for "none" color which is fully transparent.
      made the v4l source able to auto-update.
      removed debug printf.
      added new op that takes over the roles of gegl:fill and gegl:stroke, it
      Updated code to refer to new gegl:path op.
      allow NULL inputs.
      added an op that makes an affine op from a string (like <g> in svg).
      initialize correct superclass' process() vfunc.
      fix broken \ at end of line.
      improved API consistency. synced up with above.
      only copy the number of points relevant for the instruction.
      do not default to cache the full result of a source renderer.
      only unref input buffer if there was one.
      only cause detects inside the path if opacity is > 0.8
      do not reference potential NULL property on operation, "notify" property
      moved these,.. .. .. here, and made it be GeglMatrix3 instead of just
      made the affine op not cache it's results, also make it pass the data
      make gegl_node_add_child and gegl_node_remove_child public API.
      allow forcing the bitdepth down to 8bit.
      added a utility for slicing images into subcomponents based on
      include more headers for API-doc scanning.
      warn when using the shift operation.
      Added a transform property to the path op, that allows specifying a
      gegl_path_parameter_get_names, made count argument be a pointer. Made an
      Restore exr-load to behave like before the source op base class no longer
      re-enable export dialog and menu item.
      added mention of irc channel.
      updated draft NEWS.
      Simplified code for functions returning a dereferenced on stack
      output the parsed and reformmated XML using g_printf instead of g_print to
      call setlocale (LC_ALL, "")
      removed unused variable.
      make these ops request a cache the size of the bounding box of the file
      Released GEGL 0.22 updated to 0.22
      set version to 0.0.23. the next released tarball will be 0.1.0.
      Removed path parameters API. removed path parameters implemented as child
      documented the path API. include the declaration for gegl_path_stroke here
      fix which extra files are parsed for documentation strings (make the
      include own declaration of gegl_path_stroke()
      reset state machine for each header file parsed.
      Added documentation of public methods of GeglColor and GeglCurve.
      document GeglMatrix.
      do not print (void) arglist if there is not return type. modified docs
      add gegl-utils.h documented. do not document the GeglRectangle struct here
      treat input and output buffers separately. (levels assumed that it could
      Made GeglColor primarily operate on double arguments, (internals
      use newer GeglColor API.
      Stripped away most of the GTK+ GUI code originally ripped out of
      get rid of more remnants from the GUI code.
      Re-added the GeglView class in a subdirectory of the examples code
      do not generate api.html in autogen.sh (the attempt to do so is out of
      add GeglView widget to extra-dist.
      REMOVED op, its functionality is replaced by a fast path in the affine
      removed gegl_node_adopt_child()
      Applied patch from Nicolas Robidoux that adds a new sampler
      Forgot these files in the previous commit.
      removed empty directory
      made (gegl_path_add_type): register the number of floats not the number of
      bail out of there are no cache_queues.
      removed stray http://
      improved handling of paramspec not found and made warning clearer.
      expand warning on ABI mismatch.
      modified to deal correctly with HDR. trim and document parameters. trim
      removed strength parameter since this is equivalent to combining the
      moved some function calls out of the innerloops.
      Applied patch from Elrond <elrond+gegl org samba tng org> that

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