hotssh r28 - trunk

Author: walters
Date: Thu Jul 24 11:16:20 2008
New Revision: 28

Bug 544516: Add README


Added: trunk/README
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+++ trunk/README	Thu Jul 24 11:16:20 2008
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+On the web:
+= Installation =
+HotSSH is currently built using WAF.  This is a bit of an experiment, but
+it's what we use for now.  
+If you want to run HotSSH straight from Subversion, just do:
+python bin/hotssh
+That's it, no setup/install.
+If you want to install to the system (complete with sh/csh aliases for 'ssh'), do:
+python ./waf configure --prefix=/usr
+python ./waf
+python ./waf install
+Hint for packagers: the waf usage of DESTDIR looks like this:
+python ./waf install --destdir=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT
\ No newline at end of file

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