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+=== libsoylent ===
+libsoylent provides a convinient way to manage people and information associated
+with them. Features are a system-wide addressbook, arbitrary people and group
+attributes, static (e.g. name) and dynamic (e.g. online-status) information etc.
+This comes in the form of a clean object-orientated API.
+More information is available at:
+--- State ---
+v0.0.*: libsoylent is work-in-progress. Addressbook, people and group management
+consist mostly of stubs and are thus nearly unusable at the moment.
+Even if it's unlikely that libsoylent will cause any damage you are encouraged
+(as with any work-in-progress software) to backup your system (or at least
+your ~/.evolution directory) before using libsoylent.
+--- Dependencies ---
+To run libsoylent the following packages must be present on your system:
+ * Glib
+ * Telepathy, Mission Control, libempathy
+ * E-D-S
+--- Contact ---
+Bugs, feature requests, questions and related discussion go to the Soylent
+mailinglist. You can join at:

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