gtk+ r20819 - in trunk/docs/reference: . gtk/tmpl

Author: matthiasc
Date: Sat Jul 12 00:36:35 2008
New Revision: 20819

Improve docs


Modified: trunk/docs/reference/gtk/tmpl/gtklabel.sgml
--- trunk/docs/reference/gtk/tmpl/gtklabel.sgml	(original)
+++ trunk/docs/reference/gtk/tmpl/gtklabel.sgml	Sat Jul 12 00:36:35 2008
@@ -17,18 +17,25 @@
 The GtkLabel implementation of the GtkBuildable interface supports a 
 custom <attributes> element, which supports any number of <attribute>
 elements. the <attribute> element has attributes named name, value,
-start and end and allows you to specify #PangoAttributs for this label.
+start and end and allows you to specify #PangoAttribute values for this label.
-<title>A UI definition fragment specifying pango attributes</title>
+<title>A UI definition fragment specifying Pango attributes</title>
 <object class="GtkLabel">
-    <attribute name=\"weight\" value=\"PANGO_WEIGHT_BOLD\"/>
+    <attribute name="weight" value="PANGO_WEIGHT_BOLD"/>
+    <attribute name="background" value="red" start="5" end="10"/>"
+The start and end attributes specify the range of characters to which the
+Pango attribute applies. If start and end are not specified, the attribute is
+applied to the whole text. Note that specifying ranges does not make much
+sense with translatable attributes. Use markup embedded in the translatable
+content instead.

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