gnomemm r1921 - in libgdamm/trunk: . libgda/src

Author: jhs
Date: Sat Dec 27 23:36:31 2008
New Revision: 1921

2008-12-27  Johannes Schmid <jschmid openismus com>

	* libgda/src/libgda_docs.xml:
	Regenerated from latest gda (and slightly edited to fix build)


Modified: libgdamm/trunk/libgda/src/libgda_docs.xml
--- libgdamm/trunk/libgda/src/libgda_docs.xml	(original)
+++ libgdamm/trunk/libgda/src/libgda_docs.xml	Sat Dec 27 23:36:31 2008
@@ -32,30 +32,6 @@
-<function name="gda_quark_list_new_from_string">
-Creates a new #GdaQuarkList given a string.
- string must be a semi-colon separated list of &quot;&amp;lt;key&amp;gt;=&amp;lt;value&amp;gt;&quot; strings (for example
-&quot;DB_NAME=notes;USERNAME=alfred&quot;). Each key and value must respect the RFC 1738 recommendations: the
-&amp;lt;constant&amp;gt;&amp;lt;&amp;gt;&amp;quot;#%{}|\^~[]&amp;apos;`;/?:@=&amp;amp;&amp;lt;/constant&amp;gt; and space characters are replaced by 
-&amp;lt;constant&amp;gt;&amp;quot;%%ab&amp;quot;&amp;lt;/constant&amp;gt; where
-&amp;lt;constant&amp;gt;ab&amp;lt;/constant&amp;gt; is the hexadecimal number corresponding to the character (for example the
-&quot;DB_NAME=notes;USERNAME=al%%20fred&quot; string will specify a username as &quot;al fred&quot;). If this formalism
-is not respected, then some unexpected results may occur.
-<parameter name="string">
-<parameter_description> a string.
-<return> the newly created #GdaQuarkList.
 <function name="gda_connection_get_prepared_statement">
 Retreives a pointer to an object representing a prepared statement for @gda_stmt within @cnc. The

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