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Author: sragavan
Date: Tue Dec 16 13:36:26 2008
New Revision: 36907
URL: http://svn.gnome.org/viewvc/evolution?rev=36907&view=rev

2008-12-15  Srinivasa Ragavan  <sragavan novell com>

	* NEWS: Evolution release


Modified: trunk/NEWS
--- trunk/NEWS	(original)
+++ trunk/NEWS	Tue Dec 16 13:36:26 2008
@@ -1,3 +1,38 @@
+Evolution 2.25.3 2008-12-15
+Bug Fixes:
+	#332629: New helper function to be used in FilterOption (Milan Crha)
+	#332629: Use dynamically created list of categories in the option's widget (Milan Crha)
+	#333224: Fix a crash when changing the time of an exchange appointment (Milan Crha)
+	#337082: Do not set we finished with loading until we are really done with it. The previous behavior can cause duplicate nodes in tree for subscribed folders (Milan Crha)
+	#348299: Use category completion in the Categories field. Fix some reference count leaks (Matthew Barnes)
+	#350725: Copy/Paste support in day/week views (Hiroyuki Ikezoe)
+	#352287: Draw top icons in full detail/color depth (Milan Crha)
+	#549964: Fix for an errorneous string (Jennifer Newman)
+	#551599: Do not fallback to default 15 minutes alarm offset if alarm is triggered at start (or end) of appointment (Paul Bolle)
+	#552357: Function prototype (Milan Crha)
+	#552583: Extending Sankar's fix of account checking logic a bit, to be more consistent (Milan Crha)
+	#552583: For the purpose of matching a URL to an EAccount, only compare the protocol, user, host and port and disregard the rest. Fix the errors in the account checking logic (Matthew Barnes,Sankar P)
+	#555371: Added print menu option to task, memo and event editors (Jennifer Newman)
+	#555663: Do not overwrite signal id (Milan Crha)
+	#556303: Check whether attachment has a body already before accessing it (Milan Crha)
+	#558498: Check for the offline status before setting up the Exchange settings (Bharath Acharya)
+	#560420: spamc and spamassassin use error codes >= 64 to denote execution errors. Positive error codes < 64 means the message was identified as Spam (hp syntomax com)
+	#562228: Make it clearer then mailbox entry is optional (Milan Crha)
+	#562990: Use 'username' property to read/write user name, not the url (Milan Crha)
+	#563077: Fixes a crash if the gnome-settings-daemon is not running. Observed on SUN Solaris (Jeff Cai)
+	#563250: Load on startup and save on shutdown, custom keyboard accelerators (Matthew Barnes)
+	#563369: Translate "Templates" folder name (Milan Crha)
+	#563633: SUN compiler doesn't understand an empty structure (Jeff Cai)
+	#563669: Use zero GtkSpinButton's Pagesize, as Gtk+ requires (Milan Crha)
+	#563870: Drop unused header include (Milan Crha)
+	#564351: Fix single header include issue for GdkPixbuf (Tal Benavidor)
+Updated Translations:
+	Ilkka Tuohela (fi)
+	Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle (pt_BR)
 Evolution 2.25.2 2008-12-01

Modified: trunk/configure.in
--- trunk/configure.in	(original)
+++ trunk/configure.in	Tue Dec 16 13:36:26 2008
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
 m4_define([evo_major_version], [2])
 m4_define([evo_minor_version], [25])
-m4_define([evo_micro_version], [3])
+m4_define([evo_micro_version], [4])

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