ooo-build r14734 - trunk/patches/dev300

Author: kyoshida
Date: Thu Dec  4 00:31:31 2008
New Revision: 14734

2008-12-03  Kohei Yoshida  <kyoshida novell com>

	* patches/dev300/apply: added an IZ number.


Modified: trunk/patches/dev300/apply
--- trunk/patches/dev300/apply	(original)
+++ trunk/patches/dev300/apply	Thu Dec  4 00:31:31 2008
@@ -781,7 +781,7 @@
 sc-cellformat-icon-toggle.diff, n#358548, i#86377, kohei
 # overwrite character level font attributes when changing them at cell level.
-sc-overwrite-char-font-attrs.diff, n#374580, i#53545, kohei
+sc-overwrite-char-font-attrs.diff, n#374580, i#53545, i#96853, kohei
 # ignore manual breaks when the "fit to x pages wide and x pages tall" option
 # is used, for Excel interoperability.

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