vte r2306 - trunk

Author: behdad
Date: Tue Dec  2 15:43:43 2008
New Revision: 2306
URL: http://svn.gnome.org/viewvc/vte?rev=2306&view=rev

2008-12-02  Behdad Esfahbod  <behdad gnome org>

        * HACKING: Update.


Modified: trunk/HACKING
--- trunk/HACKING	(original)
+++ trunk/HACKING	Tue Dec  2 15:43:43 2008
@@ -2,3 +2,17 @@
 cleaning it as fast as possible and aiming for a 1.0 release "next year".
 Please contact people listed in filed MAINTAINERS if you intend to hack
 on it, especially if you want to commit stuff.
+Vte is different from other terminal emulators in that instead of hard
+coding behavior of a few select terminals, it can emulate any terminal
+simply by reading its terminfo capabilities file.  The idea being that
+if applications can communicate with any terminal by reading its
+capabilities, the emulation widget can also behave like any terminal by
+reading that file.  Well, that's just the idea :).
+This is the most useful resource in understanding various internal states
+as well as control sequences:
+	http://invisible-island.net/xterm/ctlseqs/ctlseqs.html
+And to understand termcap, terminfo, etc, "make terminfo" is a great start.

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