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Author: szalaik
Date: Thu Apr 17 10:29:51 2008
New Revision: 12194

2008-04-17  Kalman Szalai - KAMI <kamihir freemail hu>

	* doc/extra-templates-and-cliparts-and-fonts.txt: Adding documentation about
	--with-extra-* configure switches. So everybody can get to know more.


Added: trunk/doc/extra-templates-and-cliparts-and-fonts.txt
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+I merged all extras from OxygenOffice to ooo-build system. Hence OxygenOffice Professional is based
+on ooo-build system from version 2.4. This document describe how to enable such good features and
+what packages will be available after the successful build.
+You can easily select the desired extras with configure switches in your distro-config:
+--with-extra-gallery -- Adds extra clipart gallery to the current gallery. All draws are vector image,
+	all picture stored in jpeg format. The gallery is very rich because it contains more than 3000
+	elements in various themes. The gallery is under development, so we release new cliparts,
+	pictures constantly. Tha gallery names are localizable. We have several localized titles here
+	(from: src/sdf/<langcode>-gallery.sdf).
+	If you can contribute here, please drop me a line.
+	The licenese of files are found here:
+--with-extra-template -- Add several templates in eight category of We have several fully
+	supported labguages, but here there is a room to improvement. The collection is based on collected
+	templates, and self made (and translated) templates.
+	Shortly we will introduce a new category - Labels to support this kind of printables. The ooo-build
+	already has support for it, so we only have to fill with cool label templates.
+	You can also contribute here with new templates and translated templates.
+	The licenese of files are found here:
+--with-extra-sample -- Sample documents, documentations (these cabe be called by a script in accessory
+	integrated into Help menu) and adverisements comes here.
+--with-extra-font -- Lots of high quality free to use or libre fonts comes from here. Worth to try.
+--with-extra-accessory -- This enables an help extension that opens book for and a WikiPedia
+	tool (for Writer).
+	Notes: Help extension is requires enabling samples because documentations is located in it.
+All configure switches have ./download dependancy, so you have to run it to download the required zip files.
+During the creating of packages you will find a new packages:
+<version> - for extra fonts
+<version> - for extra gallery
+<lang>-extra-templates_<version> - for extra templates
+<lang>-extra-advertisement_<version> - advertisement comes from samples<lang>-extra-documentations_<version> - documentations comes from samples<lang>-extra-samples_<version> - for extra samples
+Have a nice day!
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