ooo-build r9406 - in trunk: . bin

Author: noelpwer
Date: 2007-05-14 18:24:03 +0100 (Mon, 14 May 2007)
New Revision: 9406
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2007-05-14  Noel Power <noel power novell com>
        * bin/cvsclean: tweaked to cater for files that have the same
        rcsid type info
        * bin/cvs-tags-normalize: small script to normalise ( e.g.  convert 
        rcsid info to be like that produced with 'cvs -kk'  ) ( needed for 
        handling removal of files in cws-npower8.diff patch )
        * scratch/sc-vba/*: lots of minor mods ( and lots of license info ) 
        added to prepare for cws-npower8.diff patch
        * scratch/offapi-vba/*: ditto

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