gdm2 r5011 - in trunk: . config daemon

Author: bcameron
Date: 2007-06-21 13:15:31 +0100 (Thu, 21 Jun 2007)
New Revision: 5011
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2007-06-21  Brian Cameron  <brian cameron sun com>

        * daemon/slave.[ch]: Add functions to support utmp and
          wtmp processing.  Modified the gdm_window_path
          function to use the new gdm_get_current_vtnum
          funtion.  This fixes enhancement request #347871.
          I did modify the patch provided by Ray Strode
          <rstrode redhat com> quite a bit.  Biggest changes were
          to make it use utmpx rather than utmp functions,
          add utmp handling in addition to wtmp/btmp which was
          in his original patch, move function from verify-pam.c
          to slave.c so it also works when PAM isn't being used.
          Other changes include using the device name for ut_line
          on Solaris instead of DISPLAY, setting ut_type to
          DEAD_PROCESS on logout, and adding better error
          handling and debugging messages.
        * daemon/getvt.[ch]: Add function gdm_get_current_vtnum
          which checks the XFree86_VT atom and returns the
          VT number used by current display.  This function used
          to be a part of the windowpath code.  Also added the
          gdm_get_vt_device and gdm_get_current_vt_device
          access functions to get the right VT device name.
        * daemon/verify-pam.[ch]: Now Solaris audit, PAM_TTY, and
          di_devperm functions pass proper VT device names, not
          just hardcoded to /dev/console.
        * daemon/verify-pam.c, daemon/verify-crypt.c,
          daemon-verify-shadow.c  Cleaned up the gdm_verify_user
          and gdm_verify_setup_user functions so they don't take
          the display and local arguments.  Since these values
          are already in the GdmDisplay structure that is passed
          in, the code is cleaner just to access the values
          directly from the GdmDisplay structure.
        * daemon/gdm.c: If gdm_get_current_vt returns -1, return
          error message, not OK.
        * daemon/gdm.c, daemon/slave.c: No longer use di_devperm
          functions to set device ownership to the gdm user.
          Instead use setfacl to do the same with ACL.  This
          is cleaner and now that VT's are working on Solaris,
          the di_devperm functions are not an appropriate way
          to get this behavior.

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