libwnck r1350 - in trunk: . libwnck

Author: vuntz
Date: 2007-06-20 16:05:50 +0100 (Wed, 20 Jun 2007)
New Revision: 1350
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2007-06-20  Vincent Untz  <vuntz gnome org>

	Stop the glowing effect in the tasklist for urgent windows after a
	while. This fixes bug #327870.
	Also, a new fade-max-loops controls the number of loops before this
	stops. If set to 0, then the effect is nearly disabled. This is
	hopefully okay for bug #356452.

	This also adds a needs_attention_time field to WnckWindow. This could
	be useful for other stuff, but it's private for now.

	* libwnck/window.c: (wnck_window_init): init new field
	(_wnck_window_get_needs_attention_time): new
	(transient_needs_attention): changed to return a WnckWindow
	(_wnck_window_or_transient_get_needs_attention_time): new
	(wnck_window_or_transient_needs_attention): updated
	(update_state): correctly set needs_attention_time
	(update_wmhints): ditto
	* libwnck/private.h: updated
	* libwnck/tasklist.c: (wnck_task_init): init new field
	(wnck_task_button_glow): get the fade-max-loops setting, and stop the
	glowing effect if we're past the number of loops
	(wnck_task_stop_glow): just do g_source_remove() since there's a
	destroy handler for the source
	(wnck_tasklist_class_init): add new fade-max-loops property
	(wnck_task_get_needs_attention): get the time when the task started
	needing attention
	(wnck_task_expose): updated a bit, and add missing

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