gtk+ r18111 - in trunk: . gtk

Author: kristian
Date: 2007-06-12 10:19:26 +0100 (Tue, 12 Jun 2007)
New Revision: 18111
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2007-06-12  Kristian Rietveld  <kris imendio com>

	Fix #410815, reported by Lucas Rocha.

	* gtk/gtkiconview.c (gtk_icon_view_layout): determine a suitable
	wrap-width with the first icon, if it exists,
	(adjust_wrap_width): try to use icon_view->priv->item_width
	if available,
	(gtk_icon_view_set_cell_data): don't call adjust_wrap_width here,
	which caused changes in wrap-width during the layouting process and
	resulted in layouting artefacts,
	(update_text_cell): don't set the wrap-width property, this should
	be handled by adjust_wrap_width.

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