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Author: tml
Date: 2007-02-27 09:08:07 +0000 (Tue, 27 Feb 2007)
New Revision: 2204
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2007-02-26  Tor Lillqvist  <tml novell com>

	This change was supposed to go in the trunk before 1.16.0, but it
	didn't quite get there in time. So, to have a clear cut for this
	somewhat fundamental change in underlying workings (although there
	should be no user-visible changes), I will build and distribute
	Win32 binaries only starting from 1.16.1.

	Use wide character API for fonts on Windows. Rename functions and
	variables that deal with LOGFONTW structs to emphasize
	this. (#407315)

	* pango/pangowin32.c
	* pango/pangowin32-fontcache.c
	* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c: Use LOGFONTW all over the place
	instead of LOGFONT, and adapt code accordingly. Use wide character
	Win32 API.

	* pango/pangowin32.c (pango_win32_font_neww): Renamed from
	pango_win32_font_new(), as it now takes a LOGFONTW pointer. This
	is a private function and can be renamed though it is exported as
	it is used from the pangocairo DLL.
	(pango_win32_font_logfont): Mention explicitly in doc comment that
	it returns a LOGFONTA, and recommend to use
	pango_win32_font_logfontw() instead.
	(pango_win32_font_logfontw): New function.

	* pango/pangowin32-fontcache.c
	(pango_win32_font_cache_load): Must keep this function that takes
	a LOGFONTA pointer as it is declared in the public header.
	(pango_win32_font_cache_loadw): New public function that takes a
	LOGFONTW pointer.

	* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c
	(pango_win32_font_description_from_logfont): Mention explicitly in
	the doc comment that it takes a LOGFONTA pointer.
	(pango_win32_font_description_from_logfontw): New public function
	that takes a LOGFONTW pointer.
	(pango_win32_make_matching_logfontw): Rename from
	pango_win32_make_matching_logfont() to emphasize it takes a
	LOGFONTW pointer.

	* pango/pangowin32.h: Declare new public functions.

	* pango/pangowin32-private.h: Declare new private functions, drop
	removed ones.

	* pango/pangocairo-win32font.c (_pango_cairo_win32_font_new):
	Simplify now that we call pango_win32_make_matching_logfontw().

	* pango/pangowin32.def: Add new functions, rename internal
	functions that now use LOGFONTW.

2007-02-26  Tor Lillqvist  <tml novell com>

	Fix brokenness in the code that tries to ensure that all fonts
	also have italic variants. Now the code hopefully actually does
	what it was supposed to. (Which is not necessarily the right thing
	to do, though. It can be argued that we should not list
	synthesized italic font styles, we should just silently generate
	them if asked for. We don't want synthesized italic (or synthesized
	bold) styles showing up in the font selector. They don't show up
	when using a fontconfig-based Pango backend either.) (#110521)
	* pango/pangowin32-fontmap.c
	(logfont_nosize_hash, logfont_nosize_equal): Don't use the
	lfItalic field as such, just its nonzeroness. When being
	enumerated, italic fonts show up with lfItalic=255, but our code
	looks up italic versions of fonts by passing a key LOGFONT with
	(first_match): Not needed any more, see below.
	(ensure_italic): This is now called on the entries in the
	size_infos hash table, not families. The code used to randomly
	look for the first matching font in size_infoswith the family name
	being handled.
	(pango_win32_font_map_init): Iterate through the size_infos hash
	table with ensure_italic, not through the families table.

	* pango/pangowin32-fontcache.c
	(logfontw_hash, logfontw_equal): Look at just nonzeroness of
	lfItalic here, too.

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